What is this newfangled Wood Pellet Products contraption that I agreed to review? Is it a grill? Is it a stove? Is it a patio heater? How about all of the above? Initially I was a bit perplexed having to deal with something other than a traditional grill or smoker. Then I remembered we’re also The Cookin’ Fools. Please join me while I share my experience with this unique outdoor cooker.

In terms of assembly, it should be noted that the directions were simple and assembly was easy and that the unit is sturdy and well constructed.

***Helpful hint: When assembling place the unit on a portable table top or workbench, you’ll be glad you did***

Here’s a pic of the assembled Gravity Grill Cascade Cookstove and Patio Heater along with the fuel and starter:


A break-in cook is required so let’s get that hopper filled:


This unit requires no electricity or propane, that’s right! No extension cords, no outlets, and no fuel tanks necessary. It is gravity fed with wood pellets to both heat and cook. Check out the trap door that permits the pellets to feed into the heat chamber:


Add a couple tablespoons of starter gel then hit it with a lighter or match and we have ignition!


The wood pellets are not food grade, we’re not smoking meat with them just heating the cooktop and oven. Note: Any food on or in this cooker does not come in contact with smoke or fumes from the pellets. In fact, the pellets burn 97.8% efficient and any fumes are vented out the stovepipe. We experienced a brief amount of smoke during the break in cook as the directions indicated but nothing in subsequent fires.

Check out the “The Flame!” It’s a rather wimpy Cheap Trick reference but the cost of operating this device is rather cheap compared to propane and other cookers or heaters. I picked up a 40 lb. bag of pellets for under $4 at a local big box store and only used approximately 10 lbs. during our afternoon hijinks.


If you’re like me, whenever you hang out around a campfire you become a magnet for smoke and ash heading straight for your eyes. That’s not going to happen with this heater. What you’ll get is 68,000 BTU’s of radiant wood heat in a 10 ft. radius around the heater, that’s 400 sq. ft.! The weather was still warm when we tested the unit but Grillin’ Fool Tom will check it out further during hunting season.

Now a closer look at the fire and the vent control:


During the break in cook the oven reached 375 in less than 30 minutes:


Enough of that perfunctory stuff let’s throw some food on this bad boy. When outdoors, whether camping, tailgating (it actually fits on a tailgate perfectly), hunting, or poolside, breakfast is always a welcome meal. Food just seems to taste better cooked outdoors and this Gravity Grill and Cookstove is perfect for preparing meals outside. We’re breaking out the cast iron and frying some potatoes, bacon, and fresh eggs:


Whether cooking in the woods or poolside, the Gravity Grill gets it done:


How about the toast? When you’re as flaky (groan) as me you roll with biscuits. Biscuits into the oven:


25 minutes later, biscuits done:


Breakfast is served:


How about some dinner while we’re at it? Steak and potatoes work for me. First let’s season some taters with EVOO (thanks Rachel), salt, and pepper:


Naked Baked:


Recipe for a great steak? Cast iron, beef, butter, salt, and pepper:


When the butter bubbles, add steak:


We have fire:


Butter basted steak:


I don’t know about you but I like taters with my steak. Well how does that look?


Grillin’ Fool Tom and I fiddled with this great little device for 5-6 hours and burned through about 10 lbs of pellets. This was the total ash residue:


A note of thanks to Grillin’ Fool Tom and his lovely wife, Grillin’ Foolette Tracy, for permitting me to invade their new pool area accompanied by butter and bacon drippings. You’d think he could get the girl some new jeans wouldn’t ya?

Tom and Tracy

***Editor’s Note ~ Probably because he spent all that money on that thick slab of beef. Oh, wait. Between the two of you, neither of you had anything even a half inch thick?!?***

In the spirit of fairness, let’s look at the Pro’s and Con’s:


  • No electricity needed! Eco-friendly
  • Simple instructions made for easy assembly. Screws were stainless steel
  • No parts leftover! How does this happen?
  • Easy to transport. Sturdy handles for secure lifting and metal casters for easy loading
  • Heats quickly and efficiently
  • It has an oven! Bake, roast, and even smoke (toss in a smoker box or foil pouch full of unsoaked wood chips)
  • Stores well, chimney pipes break down for easy storage
  • Guaranteed to never fail. Heads up preppers!
  • Fuel is inexpensive


  • The Gravity Grill is built low to the ground and could use a stand to elevate it to a more comfortable height for the chef. It does, however, fit perfectly on a truck tailgate. ***Editors note ~ a new version was just released with a leg kit to raise the device up***
  • Vent control needs tightening to better control temperature. Think we discovered this after the fire began so it is likely on us and not the manufacturer.
  • The cook surface closest to the chimney (that cooked the bacon and over the oven) needed to be rotated to achieve even cooking. The side over the heat chamber was a higher temp. Not a big deal and something any cook should be aware of and could also be a pro as a pan can be slid over from the higher temp side to lower to slow down cooking and vice versa

Summing up this episode I’d say that this Gravity Grill was simply fun! Tom and I had a blast cooking on this unit. It certainly performed as advertised. For all the technical stuff and a video about this amazing device go here. Tom will give the Gravity Grill another field trial in a few weeks when he takes it to “deer (drinking) camp” and I’ll attempt to add any relevant photos from his experience. Get a Wood Pellet Products Gravity Grill Cascade Cookstove and Patio Heater and create this for your next outdoor breakfast:


If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below or send them to me in an email.

Wood Pellet Products compensated me for this post

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When is Tom getting grass in that yard? Wouldn’t that wonderful looking pool and surround patio look amazing with some green turf?
I am glad there is a leg option now. I remember a few electric smokers that were painful to use because of how low the controls were to the ground.
Do you recall how long the box took to cool down before you could move it? I was thinking about a tailgating situation where it has to go into the truck afterwards.


About a 15 minutes cool down period once fire has burned out if you open the doors empty ash pan and remove stove pipe.

Thanks, photos are making me hungry!! =)

Are there any “food grade” pellets available? Are there any concerns with using non-food grade pellets?


Food grade pellets are available from many sources but are not required for this unit as the smoke does not come in direct contact with food. Food is cooked on the heated top and inside an enclosed oven. All gases are vented from the firebox through the chimney stack. Also, food grade pellets usually cost 5 times what the non-food grade pellets cost.

Can firewood be used with this unit as well as pellets? Thanks…



Sorry, no, firewood will not work. It has to be pellets.

will it boil 15 gallons of water?



I’m not sure. That’s 120 lbs on there. I would reach out to them directly to make sure.

Looks great I’ve been a pellet head for 10 years now and I’ve been waiting for one of these forever so were do we buy one, direct can you give me a clue thank you


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