Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich? No, the sandwiches are not grilled three times. The triple refers to the number of cheese treatments. Again, no, the sandwiches don’t simply have triple loads of cheese between the slices of bread. No, these grilled cheese sandwiches have cheese between the bread and a layer on the outside of each slice of bread. Huh? I’ll splain it in a minute.

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Also, before we go any further, realize this recipe was done inside, in a frying pan. Technically it’s not grilling despite the name. I have no idea why fried cheese sandwiches are called grilled cheese, but they are. And while I prefer my grilled cheese actually grilled on a grill, I’m not sure this method would work on a grill, but I plan on trying it soon. If you want to grill your grilled cheese actually on a grill, let me show you how to make grilled cheese sandwiches on the grill.

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich Ingredients:

  • sour dough bread
  • butter (or margarine)
  • slices of your favorite cheese
  • shredded cheese (this is where we get the triple grilled cheese)

Everyone knows how to make grilled cheese. Butter one side of the bread, place a couple slices of cheese on the other side and set it butter side down in a frying pan over medium heat. Butter another slice of cheese and place it butter side up on top:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Here’s where I throw a most wonderful monkey wrench into the works. Only toast it on the bottom side partway. Once the bottom is browned just a little, flip it over:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Now layer the top with some shredded cheese. I used shredded colby jack for this:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Now as the bottom side is browning just a little bit, the cheese on the top is melting into the top slice so that very little of the shredded cheese will be lost when flipping the sandwich over. Once the bottom is slightly browned, flip the grilled cheese sandwich over and hit the now top side with some shredded cheese. In only a minute or so, the cheesed side that is now facing down will be done. Flip it over and check out the toasty, crunchy, cheesy bread:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Oh, my! I’m going to tell you, once I tried this for the first time, I’ve not made a grilled cheese the old way since. This is sooooo good! Think about it. We love grilled, we love cheese. This amps up both. It basically rocks every level of the old, boring grilled cheese.

Serve up the Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich with some pickles and chips:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Here is a close up of that melting cheese oozing out the side of the Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

In St. Louis, it’s something of a tradition to eat red hot, ripple potato chips with grilled cheese. At least my wife tells me so, because I’d never heard of that until we were married. But she swears by it and I’ve grown to like it:

Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Don’t try this method of making grilled cheese sandwiches unless you’re ready to commit to it for the rest of your life, because one bite and you will never go back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Interested in taking it to the next level? Try wrapping your sandwich in bacon

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Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The absolute best way to make grilled cheese sandwiches, no matter what the ingredients. Once you go Triple Grilled Cheese Sandwich, you'll never go back.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time5 mins
Total Time10 mins
Course: Entree
Cuisine: Traditional American


  • sour dough bread
  • salted butter or margarine
  • slice your favorite cheese
  • shredded cheese this is where we get the triple grilled cheese


  • Butter one side of the bread and place a couple slices of cheese on the other side
  • Put the bread and cheese in a frying pan over medium heat, butter side down
  • Butter the side of another slice of bread and place it butter side up on top
  • Brown the bottom just a little and flip the sandwich over
  • Layer the top of the sandwich with shredded cheese
  • In the time it takes for the bottom to brown a little, the cheese on top will melt in a bit and keep the cheese stuck to the top when flipping
  • Flip the grilled cheese sandwich over and hit the new top with shredded cheese
  • Once the bottom is browned, flip it over and brown the other side
  • Once both sides are browned, remove from the frying pan, plate and serve


Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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That kind of reminds me of the cheese toast my mother made us as kids, only if you made a grilled cheese out of it. Now you got me thinking this for breakfast with a fried egg on top and a side of bacon. I’d better go run a few laps first.


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