The BEST way to clean mushrooms? Did I really need to go all caps there? Yes I did because this is THE best way to clean mushrooms. We all know that mushrooms should never be washed in water. They’re sponges. They will soak up the water and dilute the flavor. You can wipe them off with a paper towel or a soft bristle brush, but that rarely gets all the dirt off. With this method every piece of dirt will be removed. Every last speck. Keep reading to learn how to make the mushroom on the right look like the one on the left:

The Best Way to Clean Mushrooms 1

First, pop the step

The Best Way to Clean Mushrooms 2

Peel the outer skin

Then reach inside the hole made by the removal of the stem, and pinch the soft flap of the outer skin and peel it toward the top of the mushroom:

Collage of Cleaning Mushrooms

As clean as clean can be

OK, so maybe it’s more like skinning mushrooms than cleaning them, but in the end they come out uber clean. Like baby lamb clean. Like fresh fallen snow clean. Like newborn skin just after a bath clean. OK, you get the idea. Not a speck of dirt remains and the flavor is not diluted at all:

The Best Way to Clean Mushrooms 7

And now that you have clean mushrooms, feel free to chop away:

The Best Way to Clean Mushrooms 8

Some of you are thinking that if you need to clean a big batch of mushrooms that this will take forever. I didn’t say this was the fastest way to clean mushrooms. This is the BEST way to clean mushrooms. I want to give dad a shout out for teaching me this trick and taking these pictures for his Grilled Shrimp Quesadillas post. And it doesn’t take forever to do it this way. With just a little practice big swaths of that skin will come gliding off and that big batch of mushrooms will be clean in short order.

Here are some mushroom recipes

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