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It appears that everyone has a slider recipe these days and sometimes simple things become increasingly complex.  Here is a method employing the KISS (keep it simple stupid!) philosophy to creating a lot of sliders easily and efficiently.  This would be extremely beneficial for those large family gatherings or holiday barbecues and still be practical for two people.  How is that possible?  You’ll see as we progress through this post of Simply Simpler Sliders.  Yeah, try to say that three times fast!

Simply Simpler Sliders Ingredients:

3 lbs. ground chuck
24 Hawaiian rolls
Salt and pepper to taste
Condiments and garnish of your preference.
1 onion, chopped
¼ stick of butter

Why use ground chuck or 80/20 ground beef?  I believe burger has more flavor with a bit of fat in it.  Very lean grinds tend to dry out easily leaving a tasteless burger.

Place burger on wax paper on top of a cutting board:

simply simpler sliders 1

Then cover with wax paper and use a rolling pin to spread the meat into an even rectangular shape slightly larger than 24 Hawaiian rolls:

simply simpler sliders 2

Cut into squares slightly larger than the 4 roll section.  I used a very sharp knife but a pizza cutter could be employed instead.  I wanted to be sure to cut through the wax paper to make easier to work with the patties later.

simply simpler sliders 3 simply simpler sliders 4 simply simpler sliders 5

Next trick for a successful grilling experience is place the patties into the freezer for 30-40 minutes so they will be easier to handle when first applied to the grill.

simply simpler sliders 6

Caramelized grilled onions are always a sweet treat so into the cast-iron skillet they go with the butter.

simply simpler sliders 7

The kamado is fired up and the extra half-rack is added.  I had 2 uses for the half-rack but only used one. Not sure how I missed it. I guess I should’ve checked the adult beverage meter about this time.  I’ll fill you in on the missed stage later.

simply simpler sliders 8

I’ll grab the onions and cheeses and head to the patio.  Onions will be cooked a bit first then I’ll retrieve the patties from the freezer and toss ‘em on also.

simply simpler sliders 11 simply simpler sliders 9

Patties are on. I’m only grilling 2 this time because there are only 2 of us for dinner.  I know Mimi and I are hungry but 24 sliders?  These rascals freeze well. They’re already shaped and papered, making advance preparation an easy proposition.  Store them in the serving size you desire and pull them out for a quick thaw as they’re rather thin. The buns freeze well also.

Wow!  The patty on the left came up a bit short, well I didn’t get an ‘A’ in rolling pin class.

simply simpler sliders 10

Onions are moved to the upper rack while the patties experience the maillaird  effect or the browning of the meat that caramelizes the proteins.  Don’t be in a rush to turn the patties or tinker with them.  Leave them alone until they release themselves from the grill then turn and no meat will be left behind on the grates or your utensil.

simply simpler sliders 12

Patties are turned, no meat left behind!

simply simpler sliders 13

Take a closer look:

simply simpler sliders 14

Once patties are turned it is time to apply the caramelized onions. Yummm!

simply simpler sliders 16 simply simpler sliders 17

Then the cheeses, Havarti and cheddar on one, colby-jack on the other:

simply simpler sliders 18

Time to prepare the Hawaiian buns, sliced through the middle, and so sweet!  I’ve used them for pork tenderloin sliders previously.  Ok, time to fess up. This is where I missed a step.  The Hawaiian buns were supposed to be buttered, warmed, and lightly toasted on the half-rack.  The Grillin’ Fools share their mistakes so you will, hopefully, not be a victim yourself:

simply simpler sliders 19 simply simpler sliders 20

Cheese has melted. Right about now I’m thinking, “Who needs a bun!”

simply simpler sliders 21

Patties are removed from the grill and placed on the 4-bun bottom.  Remember earlier in the post when I mentioned to cut the raw patties a bit larger than the buns?  Here’s why, take a look at the meat versus the bun…to the edge baby!  That’s what I’m talkin’ about!  The ground meat will incur shrinkage (I’m not too fond of that word either!) so even though the burgers are thin they do cover edge-to-edge for a very tasty experience.

simply simpler sliders 22

Take a closer look:

simply simpler sliders 23

Now I’m thinking, “who needs anything else on this?”

simply simpler sliders 24

Mimi was inside preparing this simple platter to dress up the sliders a bit while I remained outdoors slaving over a hot grill, taking photos, taking notes, and consuming an adult beverage…or two.

simply simpler sliders 33

The 4-bun is dressed and ready to be cut into 4 sliders…how cool is that?

simply simpler sliders 27 simply simpler sliders 28

Two simple cuts and viola!  Four (4) that’s f-o-u-r sliders or mini-burgers if you prefer!

simply simpler sliders 29 simply simpler sliders 30

Two more simple cuts and eight (8) simple sliders are created!

simply simpler sliders 31

There it is, in all its simplicity, Simply Simpler Sliders.  Hey! Is simpler even a word?  Guess I could’ve titled this Simon’s Simple Sliders or Super Simple Sliders, perhaps we could vote on it.  I hope many of you will give this method a try.  It is soooo cool, and it will impress your guests with how innovative you are.  On a recent trip to a local club store I noticed the Hawaiian buns sold as a 24-pack, how convenient for your next gathering around the grill.  Consider you’ll be grilling 6 patties, toasting 6 buns of 4, and producing twenty-four (24) burgers.  Does it get any simpler than that?

If you have any questions or comments about this grilling recipe, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

If you are looking for other burger recipes we can help. 

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Very cool and easy. I’m trying it tonight. Thanks


What a great idea.. I wish I would have seen this last week, I was thinking about doing sliders for my sons 5th b-day party on Saturday but decided against it because of all the obvious logistics that doing 30-40+ slider would have entailed.. this makes it a lot more “doable” – I will definitely be trying it out, maybe for the 4th of July..

thank you


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