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A few months ago, the folks at Saber Grills contacted me and asked if I would like to do a review of one of their grills (the Saber Cast 500 to be exact). Uh, abso-flippin-lutely! They delivered the grill and it sat in the garage for a few months while many a project was completed before baby number three arrived and then when he did, the review got pushed back further still. Looking back, I’m trying to figure out why I didn’t build this thing sooner! It is a fantastic piece of grilling equipment.

I won’t go into the building of the actual grill, other than it was a breeze. I mean, I didn’t snap on the logo plate and connect it to a propane tank. It required about an hours worth of work, but I’ve put together a lot of grills, and this one was a pretty simple. Really intuitive and pretty well done.

The first thing I noticed after assembling it is it is really heavy. It weighs in at over 200 pounds for a four burner grill (one of the burners is a side burner). The steel is heavier gauge than most stainless grills. The lid seems more like that  of a Big Green Egg in terms of weight than a gas grill which shows the quality of this cooker.

Saber Grill - 229
Lots of moving parts, but all well made moving parts!

Look at that pristine grill grate! Can’t wait to spark this bad boy up and get some grease on it:

Saber Grill - 001
500 glorious square inches of cooking surface!

And that’s not the only grill grate. It has a secondary cooking area on a rear upper rack that I feel every grill ever made should have:

Saber Grill - 055
That’s another 175 sq inches of grilling space

But I can’t slap any meat on just yet. After assembly, it is recommended to coat the grates with grape seed oil and give it a high burn for about an hour to season the grates and cook off all the remnants of the manufacturing process. Don’t forget the second part of the two piece grill grates:

Saber Grill - 080
Oil both pieces of the each grill grate

After an hour, the grates turn a light copper color with a little oil yet to burn off in the corner:

Saber Grill - 107
Now it’s ready for the meat

Don’t sweat the little bit of grape seed oil that didn’t burn off. It will burn off after a few more cooks. Now time to put some meat on the grill. It was national Filet Mignon day, so I felt that was the perfect inaugural cookout:

Saber Grill - 127

Oh, my are those some fantastic grill marks! Infrared grills do something magical for steaks. Not only are the grill marks outstanding, but infrared grills produce juicier meat over standard gas grills. If you are a steak fiend like myself, then an infrared grill is a must. Some will argue that all these grills can do is steaks and burgers. I would disagree. Because I tossed on some roma tomatoes as well as that steak:

Saber Grill - 128
Well rounded meal!

When the tomatoes were done, I tossed them on that upper rack and pulled my steaks to rest:

Saber Grill - 148
Grill Marks aren’t just for Meat

That first steak was lonely, so I had to have a few of his friends over to cheer it up:

Saber Grill - 181
Is that heaven?

And just what is that on the grill? That can’t possibly be lettuce, right? Oh, but yes it can:

Saber Grill - 178
Grilled Salad

This is starting to turn into a well rounded meal despite gas grills only being good for steaks and burgers. And if you have never tried grilled lettuce, I can’t stress enough how great it is! Here is a link to the most popular post on our site, the Grilled Romaine Salad.

And here we have  nice char on that romaine:

Saber Grill - 189
Char is also great for Romaine

But you can’t smoke on a gas grill, right? Absolutely. I’ve smoked pork tenderloin, ribs and even pulled pork on a gas grill. And while giving this Saber a run through I did some planked salmon:

How do you make Cedar Plank Salmon - 109
Smoking on a gas grill? Don’t mind if I do!

Oh, and don’t forget the white asparagus I did with it:

How do you make Cedar Plank Salmon - 118
Salmon and white asparagus

To sum up the good:

  1. Outstanding quality
  2. Grills everything wonderfully from steaks and salmon to asparagus and tomatoes
  3. Perfect sear marks
  4. Ability to smoke on it
  5. Last, by no means least, the meat is juicier than regular gas grills

Now to the bad, and the list is very short.

Don’t touch this part of the handle when the grill is hot:

Saber Grill - 043
Nice reflection. I’m the one with the camera, dad’s off to the side

It didn’t give me blisters, but it wasn’t pleasant. I will say, after touching that end piece of the handle a second time, I never touched it again. Something about pain shooting up the palm that conditions the pitmaster rather quickly.

Now the other bad part of this grill and just about any grill with the under grate thermometers like these:

Saber Grill - 213
Under burner thermometers

That burner is set to low and it is showing as 600 on the thermometer. When it is on high, it goes above 700. Seems like there is little difference between low and high, except when I had all the burners on low, my Thermapen showed a much different temperature inside the cooking chamber:

Saber Grill - 217
Accurate reading

If you don’t have a Thermapen, I don’t know why. I mean it is a must have for any serious griller. You can see all the cool specs on these things here. Oh, and remember the blue ones read the fastest! Now back to the review.

The under grate thermometers are too close to the burners and give a false high temperature. I thought they were really cool, but when they show 700 degrees in 10 seconds yet I can hold my hand over the grill for another 10 seconds, there is something not right there.

To sum up the bad:

  1. The brackets for the handle get pretty hot
  2. The under grate thermometers look cool but are not very accurate

Now on to the ugly. Just because Saber sent me a free grill, there is no way I’m not going find something wrong with it. No grill is perfect. Albeit, this one had much fewer flaws than the vast majority of grills out there. The ugly consists of two things. One is a small dent on the side burner shelf that could only be seen from this angle:

Saber Grill - 018

From the other side, I couldn’t even see the dent. These things happen in shipping. It’s a small dent or warp of the steel. It will not impact the food it makes whatsoever.

The other part of ugly won’t rear its, well, ugly head for a while. It’s the two piece grill grate system. Cleaning them is kind of a pain and there is no way to do it without getting really dirty. So wear some latex gloves and an apron. Trust me.

So basically, I found four things I don’t like with this grill. That’s an incredibly small list. Is it worth the $999 suggested retail price? With the prices high end grills bring in these days, absolutely. Fantastic grill!

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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If you’re going to use gas, it sounds like this is the grill to get. I like the grate system but can understand the cleaning issue.


Great review. What is the best way to clean the grill grate system?


Honestly, I don’t know. I got rid of it shortly after I did the review. My wife put her foot down. No more grills. And since I write for Char-Broil, I had to keep that one…

I have the same issue with the temperature gauges being wildly inaccurate, and there are few other drawbacks to the grill you didn’t mention. It smokes, A LOT, if there is any grease on the grates (which of course there will be) it looks like there’s a fire in my yard whenever we start it up. It’s a little embarrassing if you have neighbors close by you.


Elaine, can I recommend hitting the grill grates with a brush as the grill warms up to remove that flammable gunk and cut down on the fires?

No fires… just smoke… lots and lots and lots of smoke… clean or dirty.

Sorry to hear that. I didn’t have it that long to see that happen. I did have another Infrared grill with the same grill grate system but don’t remember it being that bad. But then I would fire it up and head inside and let it get good and hot. By the time I came back out, the smoke was mostly burned off.

Good review. I’ve had the grill as a built in since it came out. Love how it cooks but have one major complaint. If there is even a small amount of wind the burners will blow out. This mainly occurs when first starting, but it’s very dangerous. Forget using it with a medium wind because there is no chance. I have the natural gas version, but am probably going to replace it with something higher-end.


After having this grill for a few years, we’re going to be getting a different grill. The wind issue has become a major problem, but in addition we’ve found the grill has too man hot spots and only things in the very middle of each section cook properly. Any overhang to another section doesn’t quick quite right.

On the wind issue. Because we’re using natural gas and the wind tends to blow out the flame, we have had issues were people have tried to get reignite the grill and there’s a loud bang. The gas buildup is dangerous and I fear my kids using it or anyone but myself for that matter.

Thanks for the info Peter and update…very helpful when considering a $1100 purchase!…I am considering the 2017 model 500 L 3 burner and now am reconsidering…it looks great but not sure based on your review as I have heard this from others. Wonder if the 2017 model is better with this issue!?

I have been using one of these for almost 2 years and I (mostly) love it. The best feature is that it is almost impossible to get it to flare up – you can pour oil on things being cooked and all you get is smoke. The grill marks are, as you say, great, but the one thing I miss is being able to do a quick blackening sear. As for Elaine’s concern about the smoking, that does happen – I think it is the flip side of no flare as I mentioned – but it can be reduced by a high heat cleaning as they recommend. Turn all the burners on full and let her rip until the smoke clears.


I am going to “get me one of these thanks to your review. All grills smoke after some use and particularly if you do not thoroughly clean the grates by turning up the heat after you cook. Some folks wait until the next cooking/grilling session not to waste gas, just turn up the heat for 15 minutes to clean the previous cooked on burned residue. Thanks for your review.


Bought the same grill this past year. I’m finding it very hard to adjust the temp – probably just practice. The only issue I’ve had has been the rotisserie. I opened and installed it for the first time the other day and the motor didn’t work. They sent me a replacement motor with little fuss AND THE SAME THING HAPPENED – THE SECOND ROTISSERIE MOTOR (made in Taiwan) DOES NOT WORK. I’ve called the company and am waiting to hear back directly from them, not their call center. This is insane.



Sorry to hear that. I wasn’t given a rotisserie to review. As for the grill itself, it was extremely well built. It was a treat to grill on it…


I bought a supposedly stainless steel Brinkmann grill, and the screws and knobs rusted. I know you gave the grill back, but do you know if the knobs and screws are truly stainless? I’ve had my eye on a Saber that’s about $1,700. I’d be a very unhappy camper if it rusted out.



I did not have to give it back after I used it. I gave it to a friend of mine. I’m checking with him to see if there are any rust issues. I’ll get back to you on it…



I just checked with my buddy who has the grill now and he said that for the most part it stays under a cover, but he’s left it uncovered a few times and so far, he’s not seen any rust. Hope this helps…


I bought this grill in May 2014 as a retirement present to myself. Planned to grill for my bride who cooked for me during my working years. This grill was very expensive, and has been a total disappointment. Right out of the box, it would not get up to temp even in the mildest of winds. I called the dealer and they sent a technician out to see what was wrong. He replaced the regulator. It worked for a while, but then went back to its old tricks. Any wind at all and it will not stay lit, let alone get to a cooking temp. I have cleaned it, swabbed out the gas tubes, and it still is not reliable. So much for a $1,000 + grill. Stick with the big box grills for 1/3 the price. You may have to replace them every 3 years or so, but at least they are reliable. Total junk, and I do not recommend it.



I’m sorry to hear that you are having issues. Mine has been a dream to own. I would suggest reaching out to them again to get the issue resolved. If you don’t have any luck, I’ll send your info over to my contact there and see what we can do to get your issue resolved…


Hunter, i can assure you there is something wrong with the gas supply. Have you tried changing tanks? Sometimes the valve on the tank will give problems. Tank might be air locked. Turn tank off, disconnect the line, reconnect the line then turn gas on. Do not turn grill valves on till gas is on at the tank. It talks about this situation in the owners manual. I hope it works. It really is a superior grill and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I have had a less pleasant experience with saber. I am experiencing poor customer service for warranty work that I was told would be covered. I can not recommend buying from a company that lies no matter how good the product is


Hunter, there are two circular holes on either side of the grille where u can light it manually. I have placed tape across most of the hole area leaving just a small area open. This solved my wind issue. Also, I have found I need to reconnect the regulator to the tank every so often is it doesn’t get very hot. Hope that helps



Thanks for that info. I appreciate you sharing…


I bought my saber 500 SS in the spring of 2013 and I must say this is the best grill I have ever seen or used and I have used a lot of them. I gave my last grill away and it wasn’t 6 months old but now I have a premium gas grill that does exactly what it says it will do. I see a lot of people complaining about the temp gauges. Let me say once you get used to cooking on the grill you will be more inclined to look at the dial position than the temp gauge. Indirect cooking is superior and searing the meat is a snap with out over cooking. Yes it does smoke when first lit but that goes away after it’s heated. To me it’s not an embarrassing smoke it tells the neighbors that I’m grilling again and they know our dinner will be done just right and damn good, as I tell everyone about it. Cleaning is just part of owning an IR grill. Not a big deal and not hard to do as the grates come out very easily so they can be cleaned. Let me tell a quick story of what I did with my grill. I entered a chicken cooking contest last summer and our task was to cook 200 lbs of wings, yes that’s 200 lbs. It took me about 10 hours to do it with this grill but it performed like any other grill that was there and there were some big grillers there. I would recommend this grill to anyone. It looks great on the back porch, it cooks great and customer service has been superior when I’ve called. Incidentally I called them because one of my temp gauges quit. They immediately sent replacements for the gauges. If you can afford this grill, then don’t hesitate and buy one. In my mind it is the best IR gas grill on the market.


Darrin I totally agree with you/ Have had mine since 2012. I am 65 and have been “grillin” since I was 20. This is the best grill I have ever used or owned. You cannot help but grill perfect every time unless you take a nap while you are grillin. Smoke is not a problem-mounted two small fans above and turn on when I light up. Cleaning is a breeze compared to any others-if that is an issue then you need to cook in oven. Wind has never been a problem but I always check the burners to make sure they are lit just for safety as all should do because it does not matter what grill you use-its gas. There is nothing better than a perfectly grilled steak. In fact this has inspired me-Going to grill see ya!

Hey Darrin, I am reading your review from about 2 years ago…curious if you were still happy with your Saber…I am considering the 2017 500 L 43 burner but have concerns about flame going out from other reviews. Thank you for any 411!

Hi Scott…thanks for your review and all the replies…very helpful…I am condisering the 2017 500 L 3 burner model….do you have any feedback on this model? Thank you

We just bought ours and tried it out. What is the best way to clean the grids? On between seems to be difficult.

Could you purchase temp gauges and place them about halfway up on the lid to get a truer temp reading without screwing up the grill? Other than the temp gauges I love my Saber.


Tom, you could absolutely do that…


I put an oven thermometer on the upper rack to keep track of the internal temperature. It has worked pretty well so far.

I’m on the fence between a Saber and a TEC. Any thoughts?
I’m looking for a gas grill that hot enough to cook on in the winter (this is the issue with my current Jenn-Air gas grill). I’m a year round griller several times a week! Steaks, burgers, brats, ribs, chicken, veggies… you name it I cook it!
Easy to clean and maintain is also a plus.


De Force,

I wish I could give you any more information than what is in that article. I’ve never used a TEC and sold the Saber before Winter. It’s not that I wanted to sell it, but my wife will only allow me to have so many grills and I get paid to write for Char-Broil so I had to let the Saber go. A buddy of mine bought it and absolutely loves it, if that helps at all…


By the saber. I too am a year round griller. I have cooked on mine while it was -2 deg, yes that’s negative 2. It worked like a champ. You won’t regret it.

What grill would you recommend to someone that’s us looking to spend about 1000.00 dollars. I was looking at this one but the reviews seem mixed..



This grill has held up well. I don’t own it anymore, but I sold it to a friend and I check up on the grill from time to time. He really loves it. I will tell you this. That grill was HEAVY! The steel is thick. Maybe check the shipping weights on the ones you are interested in…


One more thing, you can find companies online who ship for free.

Chris, you won’t go wrong if you buy this grill. I love it, I don’t have to sori about flare ups it cooks evenly and quickly. You will find this grill does not use much gas. I took mine to a chicken wing cooking contest and i cooked 200lbs of wings the grill ran for 10 hours straight and never ran out of gas. It’s heavy and durable. It is built like it should be. You won’t be disappointed. Like i said in am earlier post I grill yr round and is a pleasure to cook on. Hope this helps. Don’t spend the money on the saber cover. Buy a good one from walmart it will work just fine. Good luck. Please post your choice of grill when you buy one. Again you won’t be dissatisfied with a saber.


Hey Darrin,

I’m thinking of buying a Saber SS500, how is your grill going at this point? Have there been any issues with it since you bought it years ago? Any major parts you’ve had to replace? Rust issues? How has customer service been? I want this grill to last at least 10 years like my old Weber.

Love the grill but can’t use it at my condo due to too much smoke. Dang it!!!It works well otherwise.


It won’t smoke to bad if you keep it clean. The smoke is from the food that’s being burned off. Clean it after each use and it won’t smoke to bad. Better yet tell your neighbors to go to hell. Your cooking on one of the finest grills. If they don’t like it then go inside. Better yet invite them over show them what all the smoke is about. They will learn to love it too. It is a great rotisserie cooker too.

I’m thinking about getting a Saber but get some significant winds at times. Should I be concerned and consider something else?



I didn’t experience any of the wind issues others have mentioned. Not because mine held up well in the wind, but that I didn’t have it long enough to test it on a really windy day. I wish I had a better answer for you…


My wind issue could be because I bought the built in version and I’m using natural gas, not propane. The problem is rather severe as the wind blows out the flame and then the chamber fills with gas and if you try to turn the gas off sometimes the sitting gas ignites and causes a small gas explosion. Perhaps the built in wasn’t done properly, but it’s similar to the one in our last home and we never had that issue. To remedy the issue we leave the hood open until it gets really hot and then it doesn’t seem to blowout as easily.

One thing you can do on this grill is cook bacon and it won’t flame-up, but it does smoke a lot.

Originally I was going to get rid of this grill, but now we’re going to landscape our yard and move it to our walkout basement level and get a standalone unit for our deck with propane.

I have high winds in my area and i haven’t had any problems with it being blown out. Buy the saber. You’ll love it.

I was just in my grill shop looking at the Weber Genesis 330, which from my research is one of the highest recommended gas grills there are, however the sales guy couldn’t stop gushing over this Saber.. Does anyone have experience with both?



I would lift the lid on each and see which is heavier and that will tell you a lot about which one is made with better materials. Also, pretty sure the Weber is not Infrared which means the meat won’t be as juicy…


See my posts above about the saber. You won’t go wrong buying one.

Wow, I am truly surprised by some of the issues people are having with these grills.

Coles Notes version:

-this is 304 food grade non magnetic stainless – weber is 430 which is more susceptible to rust
-The wind issue? I have NG and bbq year round in the Pacific North West. I have not had a single “blow out”
-temp gauge? anyone in this price range should either have a proper digital thermometer like this: . It won’t matter where you place it, a hood mounted thermometer isn’t the way to judge a cook
-cleaning? crank it, this thin goes so hot it leaves behind carbon. scrape it with a good brush and let it cool. suck up the debris with shop vac
-to the guy re hot spots, put white bread across the surface and crank it. let it go for a few minutes then flip the bread over. You will see where it is hot. I find my saber is the most consistent grill I have ever owned
-smoke – um it is BBQ, it is supposed to smoke. I am usually adding all sorts of things to get it to smoke more. Thats like going skiing and complaining that the snow is cold?

I am an avid outdoor cook and have many bbqs ranging from a 22″ charcoal weber kettle right up to a trailer mounted wood smoker made from a 500gal propane bullet. 3 years ago I got tired of using cheap big box bbq for my day to day cooks. I looked for a long time and had experience with the weber genisis line. in the end it came down to the Saber 670 and the weber summit S-620. When I asked about the saber, the salesman gushed. complete IR surface, full stainless grills, no flare ups, interior lights that actually work, each burner with it’s own chamber to make zone cooking a breeze, double lined lid to help hold in the heat, and 304 stainless steel (thats non magnetic food grade which means it actually doesn’t rust). On and on. So I said “what about the weber?” the salesman smiled and said “well, its a weber!” ME:ok, what about IR? SM:well there is an extra burner in the middle to “simulate” IR. ME: Simulate? Ok what about flare ups? SM:The depth of the flavour bars practically eliminate flare ups. I can attest to my experience with the genisis that the depth of grill does limit flare ups, but practically is not all. ME: Um, lights? SM:Yeah on the handle! ME:The handle? Well zone cooking is out with the giant open chamber, but I can see it is stainless right? SM: You bet! Most of it! but is is 430, so you know magnetic, more susceptible to rust. But it has a built in smoker box! ME: wow that is cool, how does it work? SM: well it is right at the side so you will find most of the smoke goes out the side rather than across the grill, plus it is a pain to refill during a cook and empty after you are done. you can just throw wood on the saber if you want (true but not advised, the ash gets in your food, use an ash box on top of the grill) Me:? so I am having a hard time seeing why I would choose the weber over the saber? SM:easy, its a weber! sigh……

So is it perfect? Nope, perfect doesn’t exist. I haven’t noticed the hot handle, but the drip tray is a low point. it is less than a 1/2 inch deep. While the design actually prevents most of the grease from even getting there, the back vent allows rain to fill it in tiniest downpour. this overflows into the cupboard which can make a mess depending on what you keep in there. So it is important to keep it covered if you aren’t using it. Besides it comes with the sweetest form fitting cover ever. 2nd issue, the only part that is exposed to the outdoors that isn’t stainless are the castor wheels. I found them rusting, so I replaced them with similar castors made of stainless from Acklands Grainger. Beyond these two issues, this thing is unbelievable and I highly recommend it.

We have had our Saber NG BBQ since 2012…love it. We BBQ year round and it heats up nicely even in the cold Canadian winters. I completely agree that the thermometer gauges are inaccurate. I have always tested the temp of our meat directly for doneness so not really a big issue for us. I really don’t find it that hard to clean and had never had the smoke issues that others do. We do get a lot of steam that could be seen as smoke from a distance. To clean , turn on high, cover the grill with a sheet of aluminum foil. Close lid and leave on 15 minutes then shut off…..don’t open the lid. Leave until cool. When you remove the foil you should be left with a bit of ash. I use a shop vac to get rid of this. If you use a lot of sauces I’d recommend doing this more often…apart from that you can probably get away with doing it twice in the summer season. We too, on occasion have had it blow out in the wind. Someone mentioned covering over the vent holes….is that safe? My only other complaint is our neighborhood chipmunk likes to store his nuts in the drip tray. Not sure if he thinks we will roast them for…lol


This grill is known as the ‘Titan’ in the UK and is sold by Char-Broil. Had this grill just over a year and wow best one I have ever owned. I use propane and have never encountered a problem with blowout. To keep the wind at bay I have mine under a lean to on my decking and fitted side curtains to keep the wind out. As I use a lot of sauces it does smoke a bit throughout the cooking process , but hay that’s half the fun of BBQing. I agree with others on the guages but this does not bother me as I generally know how long it takes to cook the items based on the use it gets. Have used it a few times through the winter with no problems and have used it every since end of May. Does not matter if it rains or shines, I’m in the dry. As for cleaning, yes this can be a pain. The cleaners you can buy over here are useless so I generally give it a quick wipe over when I have finished grilling and scrape off remaining old food particles the following day when its warming up. I also use a long handled wire brush and find that this method is ok for daily cleans. I’m going to try enclosing the grills in a sealed container with ammonia and leave it overnight. I’m told this is a good way to clean, so will see soon enough.


I cannot tell you how disappointed I am in this grill…… Built into a beautiful granite countertop. The thermometers are useless. They run to. 700 and back again for no apparent reason. The burners blow out repeatedly even after replacing the regulator…….we have it hooked up to natural gas. It is worse than useless.


I’ve owned the Saber Grill for about 2 months and feel like an idiot because I cant figure out how to *not* burn the food! And I’ve grilled dinners for many years on a Holland Grill without a problem. With the new grill, cut potatoes or sliced veggies slip into the grate and are impossible to get out. so they burn. Thicker foods like burgers or salmon burn on the bottom but are not cooked on top. If I put the food in a dish it just simmers and cooking a whole chicken took about as long as cooking a turkey on my old grill. At high cleaning temp it produces so much smoke that I worry the fire department will show up at my door, we are in a densely populated area. So really cant use that all that much. And why bother with 3 burners if the temperature ends up being high no matter what the settings are? If its such a different kind of grilling, I wish they’d send some real sample recipes to learn how to use this thing. I want to like it but really need some help getting there…


Elva, try leaving one or two of the burners off entirely and set the other 1 or 2 to low and see how that works…


Hi Elva,

It makes sense that you are experiencing difficulty adjusting to the Saber Grill after years of using a Holland Grill. They are radically different types of grill’s.

The Holland is more of a low temperature outside oven that has a small hole mesh for a cooking surface. The heat is low, indirect, and you cook with the top down. You bake with a Holland, not grill.

The Saber, on the other hand, can easily reach high temperatures, hot enough to sear meat and it has a more traditional grilling surface of parallel bars. The heat is high, direct (infrared), and you often cook with the top open. With a Saber, you grill, not bake.

When you cook a burger or a steak on a Saber, you cook it hot and fast. Four minutes or so, flip it, and then four more. To keep your veggies from falling into the grate, I recommend a stainless steel grill basket.

I hope this helps! The Saber is a great grill if used correctly.


Scott – I have a Saber grill and all it does it burn stuff up. I have to wrap steaks completely in bacon and then discard the bacon because it is completely black. I can’t get the temp lower than about 700 without turning off burners. Do you have any advice for me?



So sorry to hear that. I would contact Saber and they should be able to get you squared away. Sounds like a fuel regulator is set to either full blast or off and nothing in between…


Hi folks,
We’ve had a Saber Cast 500 P for a couple of months now and have used it a couple dozen times. Every single time it leaves our food (no matter what it is that we’ve grilled) with an odd, almost chemical kind of smell and taste. When we first got the grill we seasoned the grates with canola oil. I thought that might be causing the weird smell/taste so I soaked and scrubbed the living daylights out of them to get the canola oil off. I then didn’t season the grates at all when I put them back on. Unfortunately that wasn’t the cause. We kept thinking it might just be a function of it being new and that maybe it would go away, but it hasn’t. It’s worse when what we’re cooking has a high water or fat content that causes the grill to emit steam or smoke. I wish I could name exactly what the smell/taste is, but all I can say is that it smells chemical-ish and like something that isn’t meant to be eaten. Any ideas? Thanks!



That is an odd one. I would reach out to Saber Support and request some help. Let me know how it comes out…


according to your post you have a Saber Cast 500 P, this particular grill is the painted version of the 500 SS. It is my understanding that 500 P is painted with a high quality powder paint. I would suspect that the paint used was either not mixed correctly or it wasn’t heated enough to ensure proper adhesion and curing or both. I would definitely get in touch with Saber and let them know. I’m convinced this is the best grill I’ve ever owned. I own the 500 SS and I love it. I have never had any off flavor or smell. Good luck in your remedy. Let us know what your results are.

Hi Dagny….regarding your review form 2 years ago….are you still using? Do you still have this issue? Is your lid Black or ss? Thank you for your feedback!

Hi there, Yes, I’m still using it a bit and we still get the smell sometimes. I contacted Saber once and didn’t hear back; I just contacted them again. I’ll let you know what happens. The ignition has also broken, the grill goes out when it’s windy, and it doesn’t heat very high when it’s cold out. Maybe we just got a lemon but I am not happy at all with Saber grills.

Have problem sticking I clean and still sticks help me!!!!



Brush the meat with a little oil before putting it on. Also, a lot of times meat that is sticking is not ready to turn. It will release from the metal when it is ready to flip. So if it pushed back and won’t flip, leave it be for another minute or two….


I would also recommend oiling the grill grates just before you put the meat on the grill

About the “tiny bit of ugly” which is a major error. The dent is not a product of the device and is not part of the evaluation. That someone damaged the product prior to use does not qualify the operation of the product its self.


It’s a tiny bit ugly for me. I like my stuff undented, but that’s just me…


I have owned dozens of grills of all types from super cheap (there are no deals in BBQ) to much more expensive than Saber. This 3 burner Saber is hands down the best of all of them. I live in Nova Scotia a stone’s throw from the ocean and this grill takes anything our climate throws at it. I do usually cover it, but often not until a day or two after it has cooled. No rust or staining of any kind at all in 4 years, and I’ve never seen a grill ever that was built with an actual frame bolted together instead of bent sheet metal just screwed together, “built like a tank” is appropriate here. I have some comments and tips after reading all the comments here. The wind issue, Saber identified this a couple of years ago and now the baffle at the back of the hood is larger giving more protection in all but the worst of winds, unfortunately if the wind is extreme where you are it will be a problem with most grills, try moving to a different part of your deck/patio. Secondly the thermometers, these are definitely a pain. The premise is sound as there is no use of a hood guage when you are only heating the grilling surface and not all the air as in most grills. This means more efficiency but still annoying. One thing I learned is that the probes are easily installed wrong, there is a very small opening just under the grate where the tip has to extend, if it is not inserted properly you will not get an accurate reading, ask your dealer maybe. Next cleaning the grates and smoking, I tend to be a bit lazy with cleaning my grills, but the advice here and in the manual is sound. When you are done cooking, set all burners to max, set a timer on your smartphone for 15 minutes and then shut it off and leave it till you cook again. I use the scraper that came with the grill as well as their scraper/brush the next time and it is fine. Maybe 2 or 3 times a season I remove the grate parts and give them a brushing to remove excess that won’t burn to ash. Easy peasy. We cook everything on this grill and are supper happy, it is really easy on fuel, only 8000 btu per burner, works great in our climate on even the coldest days, isn’t going to blow away ever and is the closest to charcoal I’ve ever seen a gas grill come. I do recommend their cover as it is very heavy, well fitted and hasn’t shown any sign of fade or wear in 4 years, it’s actually covered in snow right now after a freak spring snow storm ON APRIL 15TH, Gimme A Break!!! Anyway I couldn’t recommend it more


Thanks for that info, Steve. I appreciate it!

This is the second season that we will be using our Saber Grill. Yes, it has a learning curve but overall we happy with the cooking results. My question pertains to the cleaning… what I am reading is that just heating on high and bushing the grill is all I need to do. Can you please verify this? So we would not need cleaning chemicals or soaps to get the grill ready from year to year?



That’s all I do. Heat and a brush…


That’s all there is to do. Brush and grill. Occasionally remove the grates and clean out the ashes on top of the heat diffuser. That’s it.


I have owned this grill for 2-years and it is the best grill I have ever owned. As for the people who say it’s smokes what grill does not smoke that gives it the flavor it cannot catch fire it is heavy duty .


I have owned my saber for over 3yrs and I agree with you. It is the best grill I have ever owned. I love the smoke. It’s heavy duty construction is 2nd to none. I can cook anything to perfection on this grill.

What is the best way to attach a more accurate temp gauge given inaccuracy of grate level gauges? What are your thoughts when comparing to the Weber Genesis S-330? I’m stuck between these two in deciding which one to purchase. I’m sure both are great but would appreciate your opinion. Thanks!



I would drill a hole in the top and and attache an above the grate thermometer. The big difference to me, in terms of those two models is which one is infrared….


I have owned this grill for 3 years now and have read many of the comments shared. I am hooked to natural gas and cook every night of the week 365 days a year, unless we eat out. Out side food does not compare. My reason for opening up this site was in research to the greenish yellow powder like substance that has shown itself on the center grid. What is it and what may of caused it. We do use aluminum foil topped with parchment paper for veggies etc. After just making dinner, burgers I might add the grill is now cooled so I just wiped my finger and it came off like powder. To address yhe grill itself its great though as mentioned not perfect but need be I ‘d not hesitate to purchase the same Saber 500. The drawer backs are well noted the flame blowes out with the wind and the temp gages are worthless and if not covered during even mild rain with the top down it still gets well wet inside. The stainless has held up well with no visible signs of rust. The side burner though the lesser costly one does an adequate job. I make fries, pizza, chicken wings, fish, shrimp, oysters and of course all types of meats. This is my second grill in 21 years the 1st being a Ducane which used lava rock as the seperation between the flame and grid. This was a great grill and after trying to find a grill that cooked the same I came across the Saber and so far I have not been disappointed.


I am replacing my crummy Charmglow drop in SS grill, and have been looking at several replacement models i.e. Napoleon, Bull, and Saber. The review of the Saber was informative and just about convinced me to go with the Saber until reading the comments. I have an outdoor kitchen with NG, all being in the open. I am quite concerned about the wind blow out as it is a deal breaker for me. Has this really been corrected as indicated in Steve Keeling’s comments? One more question that I have never seen addressed. The depth of my cutout is 7 3/4 inches with an open bottom. (There is a block strip at the front of the opening.) The Saber requires somewhere around 9 inches of depth. The BBQ is held in by side flanges so I’m thinking I could place granite or firebrick type strips along each side to increase the depth. I would appreciate any comments relative to this issue. Thank you.



I wish I could help you. I don’t have the answers you are looking for…


I have had my Saber barbecue for 3 years. I really like it. To begin there are virtually no drip pans to clean. I put tin foil in the drip pan and have changed it one in three years. The two piece grill is so easy to clean. They provide a cleaning tool and it works perfectly. I do a lot of rotisserie. I have had Weber and Napoleon grills and always had to watch for flare ups. I cook roasts, chicken and turkey and have one flare up in three years. The meats are filled with moisture, much better tasting. Also the same size BTU side burner is much better on this grill than the two previous grills I owned. Down side is the temperature gauges have not worked properly, the igniter button fell off and the markings on the temperature adjustment knobs has worn off. Over all superior grill.


Love the grill…very dissappointed with the quality at this point. Have had it for less than a year and the gas system is broken. Replacement parts were sent to me that are also broken. I have the 670 SS and paid damn near 2k for it. I would assume a 2000 dollar grill would be better than this. Also less than thrilled with the parts sent to me. Needless to say if this issue is not corrected, I will end up doing everything I can to get a refund and go buy a Weber.


I own a Weber Charcoal gril since 2007 and still going strong. I will never cook on Gas or LP grill more things to go wrong.

Best customer service ever. I love my SS670 BI (built in) I use it regularly and I love the way it cooks. But the thing that really impressed me about Sabre is their customer service. After two years I wanted to replace the lid insert because mine was looking bad, called and they said that it was covered by the warranty but that the lid insert was not available as a replacement part so they sent me a whole lid assembly for free! I have now owned the grill for four years and when I was cleaning it I noticed there is a small rust through on the right side of the firebox. I took some pictures and contacted Sabre, they are replacing the entire bottom part of the grill for free under warranty! They have the best customer support that I have ever heard of, I would never consider buying any other brand!


I have owned a Char-Broil Red for 16 years, the only maintenance that I needed to do was to replace the troughs and ignition module. The labeling has worn off around the knobs. This was my first intro to infrared grills and I just love it. It was very easy to clean. I bought a Char-Broil Tru-infrared grill for a club that I belong to and it is not even close to the Char-Broil Red grill. It is a real pain to clean. It is getting time to replace to replace my RED grill what grill is close to it? I have been thinking about a Saber 3 burner, but just hate part with the Red.


I purchased this grill in 2016. Aside from the amount of smoke it can generate when cooking high fat foods such as chicken, it’s an amazing grill. I live in Canada and used throughout the winter at sub-zero temperatures (my neighbors think I’m nuts) with great results. Cleaning can be a chore, however the results make it worth the extra effort.


I have had my Saber grill for a few years now and love it!! I cook outdoors year round and have had no issues with weather. It is very difficult to get this to flare-up, in fact I have not had a flare up even with chicken packed on across the whole grill. I have a Komodo style cooker and the Saber Grill, I find I go to the Saber 75% of the time. Just turn the knob and it is ready to go in short time. Steaks, burgers, chicken, or fish come out perfect for me. I use the rotisserie often with outstanding results. This grill is superb at grilling and does slow cook BBQ pretty well, it is versatile and has held up very well. I have had no regrets with the money I spent on this grill and still find myself loving it like it is new.
For cleaning I brush the grates then cook off the grill for 15 minutes and every so often I remove the lower and upper sections of the grill and clean them of whatever is there. Not that hard to do. As far as smoke goes, it depends on what is left on the grill to burn off. Doing this at the end of a cook is better than the beginning as you might get unwanted smoke flavor added to your food and blowing in your face while you try to cook…


My friend just bought the 500SS(LPG) a few months back. My girlfriend and I did some cooking on it. It is very well constructed. Yes the temperature guage was innacurate, but I never really use those guages anyway. However I didn’t find the heat distribution while cooking burgers to be that good. It did seem uneven, but that was just from a single session. If I have another chance at it I’ll buy a loaf of bread and do the test, because the grill is compelling enough for me to consider purchasing it.

What hasn’t been mentioned is the dual ring side burner. It is awesome! My girlfriend is Thai and an excellent cook. She can’t stop talking about the sideburner. With a flame ring it makes stir frying with a wok a very serious endevour.


I am on year 6 of my NG Saber, built in. Had a Ducane prior to this. I love the Saber.
Cons: yes, any wind and it blows out while you are trying to heat up the grill. Very annoying and potentially dangerous. Aside from that, I love the grill
Pros: heats up fast (when there isn’t wind). Gets to 750F! Gives a great sear. Never (that’s right, NEVER) flares up, even with high fat food. Grates are tight, so I rarely need a basket for smaller items. Lots of grill flavor from ‘stuff’ on the diffuser. Extremely easy to clean— I just crank it to high for 10 min and scrape with the tool provided. That’s it!
The doors on the fron have surface rust. They replaced them after the first year and it happened on the new ones too — I just ignore it and it’s only cosmetic.
Overall, I’m very happy with this grill. The wind issue is the only thing that sucks.


I purchased SaberSS and have used it 7 times and I cannot get the temperature even close when all (3) burners are on the low setting-there is a 300 degree difference! I’ve tried everything recommended by Saber to no avail-at this point with my patience running low my wife and I are about ready to sell it for peanuts at a garage sale-this is the worst BBQ we’ve owned and nothing but a pain to try and fix-sorry we invested in Saber, as for that kind of money we expected more-we’ll looking for another BBQ at this time-buyer beware!!!!!!


Steven, if you can’r get it fixed I would be interested in buying it for peanuts. Please contact me. I’m in TN, depending on where you are might have to make a road trip. [email protected]

I have had this grill almost 3 years now, the igniter has never worked properly even after it was replaced.
The thermostats on the front have also never worked even semi-accurately and now one doesn’t register at all.
BUT — The biggest problem is that after I light the grill using my torch lighter in the hole on the side.. I can check to make SURE all three burners are burning.. I leave for 5-10 minutes for it to come up to temperature but when I return at least 75% of the time it’s completely OUT as the gas continues to flow at a very high rate and the entire area smells like gas.
This is dangerous but it also delays meals, causing embarrassment and derailing of plans.
I have had this grill serviced twice for all the above issues by a local authorized dealer and yet they persist.
Based on the frustration of the igniter and the thermometers I would probably NOT purchase this product again..
Based on the DANGER of the burners going out I can honestly say I would NEVER EVER CONSIDER THIS PRODUCT AGAIN..
The extreme danger of this unresolved problem is critical and makes this entire purchase highly regrettable.


Well I just bought and used it 3 times I can’t get it to heat above 350 to 400 degrees. I emailed BBQ Guys I bought it from. No response and now I’m trying to get Saber to respond to me So far nothing.



Have they gotten back to you yet?

Same for me. NOTHING. I’ve posted this review in a direct email to the company and so far just silence.

Kelly, I’m so sorry that you have not been helped. Please call the SABER customer service line directly at 1-888-9479-2237. I work for SABER. I do not see where we have anything open in our system form you. It’s possible that it’s under a different name. We’d be happy to help you though.

I was considering this grill, seems like I dodged a bullet from the reviews. Thanks.


I own a Saber grill. Quite frankly it is the best gas grill I’ve ever owned. You will not have flare ups it cooks evenly and quickly. I don’t know why all these others are having problems with them. If I have a problem I call the 800 # and the customer service is great. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. People are vindictive. These are great grills and built to last. You won’t be disappointed . If you are looking for a great charcoal grill I suggest the Primo ceramic grill. You won’t go wrong with a Primo or a Saber


I absolutely agree with Darrin’s positive review. I have spent thousands in the past for several “stainless” steel grills that flared up horribly and rusted. I’ve had my Saber for over a year now and I couldn’t be happier. IT. NEVER. FLARES. UP.

As for customer service – I have not ever received better! I was having trouble with surface rust on the grate due to large amounts of water precipitating out of the air. I called Saber service, sent photos, and they, without question or hassle, sent me $700 worth of replacement fireboxes and the two part grates. It all came in two weeks in a huge heavy box with free shipping!

Well, I ended up figuring out what was causing the condensation and, while it was an unintended consequence of the Saber’s IR design, it wasn’t Saber’s fault. I live in the PNW where winter nights are cold and days are warmer and more humid. During the night, the air inside the cabinet underneath the grates would get cold. When the day would arrive, with warmer and moister air, the air would stay cold in the cabinet because the grates are “solid” and would hold it in. This resulted in the moisture in the air outside of the cabinet condensing on the grates so much so that puddles would form. This would not happen on a grill with an open grate design (i.e. not IR) where the air temperature inside the cabinet would quickly match that of the outside.

My solution, which has worked perfectly, was to place a 100 watt ceramic reptile heating element in the cabinet. This ensures the grates will never be colder than the air outside the cabinet so condensation cannot occur. Since putting the heating element in place, I haven’t had any issues with surface rust since.

The bottom line was, in spite of not understanding what was causing the surface rust, Saber quickly took responsibility and sent me $700 of replacement parts without cost with no hassle or question. I just can’t wrap my head around how the company that gave me such a great grill and stellar service could give the opposite to other’s who have commented on this blog post.

I use a grill mat on my weber {over 20 years old and still working well} but am contemplating a new one ,either the 3 burner genesis or the Saber. My question is, can you use a grilling mat in an IF type bbq ? Thanks



Sure you can use a grilling mat on the Saber



Bought the BBQ three years ago land love most things about it, except the only thing that really and I mean really annoys me is the constant blow outs during breezy days. We have had Broil King and a Weber BBQ in the past with no blow out issues. This was the first Saber I have ever bought. If someone has a repair idea other than sheeting the unit in to protect it I would like to hear about it.


I have the 4-burner insert. Great for steaks, burgers, fish…I cannot maintain a lower cook temp to save my life! I’ve done every combination of indirect, & even with all 4 burners on LOW, wants to cook at 500 minimum. I know the temp guages are mounted too low, but CAN you roast/bake at all on this grill??



To get the temps low, only turn on one burner on low. One on either end. see if that helps…


You have to light it and move to lowest settings on all 4 burners. For even lower, turn off 2 inside burners.

Just want to report a positive customer service matter: our grill showed really bad signs of rust after the first year, and now in year three it’s awful. I called the dealer, after recognizing that the paint warranty was only two years, not expecting much. He called his local sales rep and, after looking at the pics, the rep directed my dealer to replace the unit. Seems they had problems with paint in the batches sold in 2016. So, just to note, this is one customer very pleased with their service. In terms of grilling quality – you do have to get used to the IR concept if you are new to it. And, we did have issues with the original unit with the flames going out. Let’s see if the new one is better. If i had it to do all over again not sure where i would land – but – the customer service is a very big plus for me.


These grills are a nightmare. The two biggest issues are the cleanup which is a huge huge pain in the ass. And the amount of smoke generated by the grill during cooking. The cleaning issue by itself is a deal-breaker for buying this Grill. It is ridiculous amount of work you have to do after every single use due to the sear plates being basically connected to the grill grates and there being no space for drippings and food debris to go. You will have a horrible mess on your hands after every single usage unless you’re doing something like hot dogs. I was able to do a work around with this Grill where I purchased sear bars designed for a Weber and installed them on this Grill, and removing the Saber sear plates. The result is more of a normal Grill which is easy to clean because the food debris flows through to the bottom. I can now do a thorough clean once a year instead of every single time I grill. Also the tempature gauges work correctly now. I would never recommend an infrared grill to anyone.


I have already posted a glowing review above, but am compelled to post again.

As I said before, I was suffering the rust that Howard, above, ran into, and Saber service was over the top – they sent me a huge box with replacements for the entire two part grill surface and all three fire boxes. That’s $700 worth of parts with free shipping and I never even asked for it.

It turned out all the rusting was caused by the solid grill service keeping the nighttime cold air in while the outside air warmed up. The cold air inside the grill caused significant condensation on the grill surface, so much that there were puddles every morning. It took me a bit to figure this out, but the solution was simple. I just put in a 100 watt ceramic reptile heater in the cabinet pointing up to the fire boxes that screws into a regular light bulb clamp on fixture and no more condensation.

As for the cleaning issue and the smoke David refers to, yes, the drippings do not disappear into the void below the grate and it does smoke, however, have you ever seen a charcoal grill smoke? It’s about the same, however, unlike a charcoal grill and the half a dozen expensive Weber non-infrared grills I’ve owned before, there are absolutely no flare ups! In spite of the smoke, or actually likely because of the smoke, all the steak, chicken, sausage, and burgers I cook on the Saber are delicious. What doesn’t happen anymore, is I don’t ever lose $50 of well marbled prime steak in an inferno because it caught on fire from the exposed flame. Besides, I use a big coarse “brillo pad” made for cleaning grills, which makes cleaning a breeze. Nothing works better on any grill. Cleaning the underlying sear plate is easy too – less than 5 minutes of quick disassembly, light scraping with a putty knife, and then back together. As easy as it is, I only need to do that every 10th grilling time.

On top of no flare ups and easy cleaning, the absolute best thing about this grill is how moist everything is. There is no billowing hot air coming directly off the burner to dry out the meat. It makes a substantial difference. I cooked a whole trout the other day unwrapped, just naked on the grill, and it was the most moist fish I’ve ever had! It is the same with steak, burgers, rotisserie chicken, or anything else I grill.

I’ve been cooking on the grill for over four years now and it looks like the day I bought it. Except the cooking surface, which looks like I use it just about everyday, which I do. I can’t recommend this grill enough.


I purchased a saber grill 2 years ago & it is the worst purchase I have ever made in my life. The slightest bit of wind blows the burners out so u can never really cook a steak like u want. Going back to charcoal!! Don’t waste your money on these grills!!


Where can you get this grill for $999?!?!



that was when I wrote the review a few years ago

Were you able to cook ribs low and slow? I’m used to grilling ribs at 250 degrees for around 4 hours.



I never tried to smoke on it, so I don’t know…


I’ve had great luck with my Saber. For cleaning mine gets hot enough that it burns everything off.m the grates. I just take a wooden scraper and one or two scrapes and it’s done. It is difficult to get lower temps. They had a recall on the regulator and customer service was very responsive. After installing the new regulator I haven’t had an issue with any flameouts. The build quality seems really solid to me.


Any recommendations with an igniter button no longer working?



Have you unscrewed the button and replaced the battery inside?



Should I spend more money for a stainless steel grill?



If I were deciding between two grills and they were equal in every way other than one being stainless, I would definitely go the stainless cooker…


I’ve had my saber 4 burner grill for about 8 years, the wind issue absolutely sucks but I found a way around it, just so everyone knows I’ve replaced everything on this grill at least once and the whole firebox twice because it just rusts out, now the grill is covered in my roof over the deck then I have it’s cover so why the rust, it’s a great grill to cook on till it gets windy and starts rusting out, the first firebox was 3 years the 2nd was 6 years and it’s due for everything inside, time to but a different grill so for a grill that costs $2400.00 + I’m sure there’s others out there that won’t have this problem, I’m just not interested in rebuilding a grill every 3 years, oh and the lifetime warranty is only good till they say your warranty is over, I would not recommend this grill


I live in Southern alberta huge winds all the time. I don’t have a problem with the Saber going out. Love this bbq. I will admit the temp gauge sucks


I have the saber SS 4 burner. I love cooking on it when it stays lit. It’s a major pain to be able to see if the burners are lit or not, and don’t accidentally hit the “light” button when they’ve went out. That’s happened to me a few times now – blew the front of the grill off the first time! Saber sent a replacement regulator, but that didn’t fix the issue. Curious that some folks have issues with a slight breeze and others have no problems with strong winds. I’m in Wyoming but my problems persist with the slightest of breezes. Might as well use something else if it’s more than a breeze. I can run my blackstone next to the Saber in a breeze or wind and the blackstone has no problem… Anyone know of any fixes. My grill is a 2020 model


i cant find instructions of how to replace the temp gauges on my saber 4 burner. do you have any hints or can you point me in the right direction


Can you use the Sabre grill without the emitter plates? I don’t like that I can see the flames with them on.


Anyone have a chemical taste? We just installed our Saber 3 burner built in. Seasoned it per the instructions. First grill we threw some chicken on the grill. Noticed a chemical taste, but did t think too much of it. Then went to Costco and picked up some Rib-Eye caps the chemical flavor on them was too much. We couldn’t eat them. Same with the grilled bread. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the chemical flavor? I really hope this goes away…seeing as we paid $2000+ for this BBQ. 🙁


The infrared system makes it far too smoky. I agree with other comments made and am super disappointed w the saber grill after a season of using it. I found I was CONSTANTLY soaking and cleaning the infrared grates, bec even after a single use, juice/fat gets on them, and then they smoke up so much that it is embarrassing and cabin next door neighbors even complained. I’m getting rid of my Saber before next season and will get a “normal one” where the fat drips down and burns off. A grill should not be this much work!


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