What foods from the grill do you enjoy most? I ask, and get asked, that question rather frequently. My response is something like this, pork ribs, brisket burnt ends, and smoked turkey breast but Grilled Ribeye Steak Sandwiches could easily occupy the top spot. Ribeye steak slices pulled from an Andria’s Steak Sauce bath, flash grilled, topped with Havarti cheese then piled onto a toasted brioche bun is my version of foodie nirvana.

***Editor’s Note ~ We actually did this post back in 2009 and man did we suck at photography. We’re still hack photogs, but we have improved. I know, it’s hard to believe. If you don’t believe me, at the end of these step by step, picture by picture, foolproof grilling instructions, you will see the original post we did. It’s OK to laugh. We did too!***


Rib Eye Steak Sandwiches Ingredients:

  • 2-3 lbs boneless ribeye steak-very thin sliced
  • 15 oz bottle Andria’s Steak Sauce-best brush on steak sauce ever!
  • 12 oz can of cola-I used diet but either variety works
  • 1 lb sliced Havarti cheese
  • Brioche buns

How thin should the ribeye be sliced? This thin!


Or they could be just a little thicker like this:


This means you need to get with your local butcher to make this happen. We found a great butcher while the whole family, about 30 of us, vacationed in Michigan. We travel near the town of Ludington and discovered Northside Market at the corner of N. Washington and Bryant Road:


Here’s a pic of me presenting some adult beverages to proprietor and butcher extraordinaire Mike Kruger:


We’ve purchased whole beef rib eyes from Mike for a couple years now and plan on doing so every summer while vacationing and grilling for a crowd.

***Pro Tip ~ The thin slices required are too thin to process on a meat saw and knife slicing would be laborious and uneven. Put the whole ribeye in the freezer for an hour or two to allow it to firm up for easy handling on the mechanical slicer***

Mike makes his own sausages at Northside Market and fantastic kebobs too. Should you happen to visit the area and tell ‘em The Grillin’ Fools sent ya’:


Now here’s a pic of the magic elixir that makes this sandwich so fantastic. Mix the soda and the steak sauce:


The cola sweetness balances the savory steak sauce perfectly and also acts as an extender for the thick steak sauce.

Then dredge the steak slices through the inky concoction of deliciousness:


The sauce excels as a marinade and on occasion I’ve infused that steak sauce flavor into the beef for a couple hours prior to grilling for additional flavor.

I’ve got to tell you more about Andria’s. Those of us in the Midwest and metro St. Louis area are fortunate to find the magical sauce on our grocery store shelves but for those not from around here can visit andrias.com to obtain this treasured sauce. Andria’s is a “brush on” prior to and while grilling a steak but is a great marinade on lesser cuts of beef and pork and will really kick up a burger or meatloaf. Click on their ad pic at the top right corner of our website. The Andria’s Steak Sauce folks were the first to sponsor the Grillin Fools. Did I mention they have a restaurant in the area? The sauce is unique, the restaurant is unique, and the folks that provide both are unique. For you out-of-towners I suggest ordering a case and using the steak sauce as Christmas gifts. My cousin Carol from Maryland did this one year and she was a major hit with her gift recipients. Forgot to mention, I’m planning on injecting a brisket with the stuff soon.

Let’s get on with the grilling part of this escapade. Set up the grill, in this case our cast aluminum PK Grill, for 2 zone cooking. Coals on one side and none on the other. For the gassers out there fire up the burners on just one side. On the cooler side of the grill place a foil half pan with a small amount of the mixture to hold the grilled slices prior to serving. Here’s a pic of the ribeye slices sizzling on the grill.


Just because one shot isn’t enough here’s an overhead look of those steak slices on our PK Grill. Don’t attempt to achieve crosshatch grill marks on the thinly sliced beef or it will be overcooked:


When grilling for a crowd place the brioche buns face up on a cookie sheet and hit them with a buttery cooking spray prior to toasting on the grill. Toast, set aside. Place the cooked slices of the rib eye in piles on the side of the grill with no coals and top with the Havarti and close the lid to melt the cheese, note that this pic was from a different cook of the steak sandwiches on a different grill than the PK Grill shown above:


Then pile the beef and cheese on the buns. Tap your favorite craft brew or pop a cork on a good Zinfandel and enjoy.


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below or send me an email.

For other sandwich recipes including a grilled philly cheesesteak, grilled bologna and grilled sliders. 

Stay tuned for the old post we just updated that is below the recipe card! Feel free to point and laugh at our horrid photography skills from way back when.

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Rib Eye Steak Sandwiches

Thin sliced rib eye steak, marinaded in steak sauce and cola, flash grilled and topped with havarti cheese on a brioche bun
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Sandwich
Cuisine: BBQ


  • 2-3 lb boneless ribeye steak very thin sliced
  • 15 oz Andria’s Steak Sauce the best brush on steak sauce ever!
  • 12 oz cola I used diet but either variety works
  • 1 lb Havarti cheese sliced
  • Brioche buns


  • Combine the Andria's steak sauce and cola in a baking dish and then dredge the steak slices in the sauce (you can also marinade for 1-4 hours)
  • Prepare the grill for two zone cooking with hot coals on one side and none on the other
  • Grill the steak slices quickly over high heat for just a couple minutes per side
  • Place a pile of cooked slices on the side with no heat and top with cheese
  • Close the lid to melt the cheese
  • Coat the flat sides of the buns with spray oil/butter and toast them
  • Place the cooked steak slices with melted cheese on the buns and serve


Normally this is just served on Christmas Eve but my dad broke the sammies out for the SB. This is an excellent recipe for feeding a lot of people as it is simple and once the meat is cooked it can remain in a warm oven for quite some time while the rest of the meal is prepared. This is so easy and so amazingly good.  I’ll hand it over to dad to do the writeup…

Basically, go to your local meat cutter and ask him or her to slice a ribeye cut wafer thin. We’re talking about right at a quarter inch thick. When you get home put those slices in a ziplock with some Andria’s and cola and allow to marinate overnight.

Marinade Ingredients:

1/2 cup Andria’s steak sauce
1/2 cup cola

Basically, equal parts of the ingredients no matter how much you need. If you don’t have access to Andrias, Worcestershire, garlic and cola will suffice, but it won’t be as good.

The next day, set yourself up a grill with high heat on one side of the grill and low on the other. One side to quickly sear the meat and the other side for a nice ribeye spa which is where you put the marinade in a disposable tin pan. Once the steak is cooked, toss it in the pan to keep it warm:

Let’s get a look at that succulent meat. How good does this look:

Once the grill is hot, slap that meat on the heat:

Sear it quickly on one side:

Then flip and repeat:

It doesn’t take very long. 60 second on each side should do it if the fire is hot enough. Remember this stuff is very thin. As the slices finish cooking transfer them to the spa where you can see the sauce is steaming:

As the pan fills apply more of the marinade as you can see here. That black stuff is extra marinade:

Despite it not taking long to cook each slice, there are a ton of slices and only so much grill space so to finish all of the meat it might take an hour or two. In a situation like this, that just means more time for drinking as my father was demonstrating as he was tending to the meat:

Once the pan is full, slap some tin foil over it and throw it into a warm oven. When it’s time to feed the masses, pull off the foil and set next to whatever condiments you desire.

For me all I need is some mayo or sometimes a slice of colby jack:

***Editor’s note ~ while it seems that this is a very expensive meal to feed to a large group, but with the meat being cut so thin you can get a lower grade of rib eye and it will still be delicious and tender, particularly if you can get a hold of some Andria’s***


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When you say the grill is “hot” what temp do mean? I can’t imagine you mean on high but I really have no idea. Thanks!



You want to put the meat right over a hot grill and flash grill the slices to put a quick char on each side. But how to define “hot.” I’ll defer to Steve Raichlen here. Hold the palm of your hand just above the grill grate and count off 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi, etc. until your hand gets so hot you have to pull it away. If you can get to 3 Mississippi the fire is not hot enough. You want to be in the 1 to 2 Mississippi range before you have to pull your hand back. That’s high heat. Medium heat is in the 3-4 Mississippi range…


How many lbs of meat do you recommend for say, 10 people?



Depends. If you have big eaters, say 10 rugby players, I would do 1/2 lb uncooked (which will shrink down) per person. If you have some lighte eaters or a few kids, maybe 1/3 lb per person. Also depends on the sides. If plenty of sides, you can drop down as well. Let me know how it comes out…


Just made these yesterday for the Ohio State v. Wisconsin game. What a fantastic sandwich! I love to smoke meats and grill thick cut steaks but this wafer thin ribeye treat is now going to be a staple at my house. From the grandparents to my 19 month old everyone loved it. I didn’t have access to Andria’s Steak sauce, so I used another brand and with the diet coke it still turned out fantastic. Let the meat marinade for half a day or overnight and you will be good to go.



I’m glad it was a winner! I hope you were rooting for the winner in the game yesterday too!


I do not have Andria’s steak sauce available in my area and wont pay nearly $30 to have a bottles shipped. Can you recommend a national brand substitute?



I sent you an email concerning this a few weeks ago. Check your spam.

5 stars
Thanks For Sharing this amazing recipe. My family loved it. I will be sharing this recipe with my friends. Hope the will like it.


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