Normally when I do corn I put it on the grill in the husk.  Sometimes I soak it in water, sometimes not.  When the husk is blackened all the way around it’s done.  Well, someone suggested I grill it naked – the corn not me!!  So I did.  Rather than put the corn on in the husk, I pealed it and threw it on the grill naked.  I also slathered it with a garlic, tarragon, oregano butter…

Let’s start with the butter to be brushed on the corn.

Grilled Naked Corn Ingredients:

2 sticks unsalted butter (you can use salted if you like)
2 cloves garlic – minced.
1.5 tsps of dried tarragon
.5 tsp of dried oregano

Put the butter in a small sauce pot on the stove or grill and start the melting process.  Then add the garlic, tarragon, and oregano:

Now shuck the corn and pull off any silks.  This is some beautiful bicolor:

Crank up the grill to high. The grill needs to be at 500 degrees or hotter. Because it is so hot, be careful with flare ups from the butter.  I’ve done this twice on consecutive weekends and found brushing the butter on the corn away from the heat first, and then putting the corn over the fire works best as the excess butter will flare in the hot fire:

This is a very short process and one that has to be constantly monitored. Basically, brush with the butter, and rotate as the corn kernels begin to brown:

I had quite a few flareups and had to keep rotating the corn accordingly. I wanted the corn over a hot grill, but didn’t want the ears to burn:

Rotated with the stalks away from the heat to keep them from burning either:

After repeated brushings (between 4-5) and frequently turning and repositioning, they are looking like they are ready to come off the grill:

Time to pull the corn.  Once on the platter, brush one more time with the butter:

The corn made an excellent side dish to go along with the best pork tenderloin I have ever eaten, some shrimps and a glass of Pinot Noir:

The blackening of the corn adds a certain sweetness that I don’t find when I do it in the husk or boil.  This is now my go-to method for making corn on the cob.

When I first heard about grilling naked corn, I was told to try it with tarragon alone and I did that the first time, but felt it needed something more.  A little oregano fit the bill perfectly, although you may want to do your own experiments with herbs.  If you come across a good combo please mention it in the comments section below or shoot it to me in an email.  I’ll give it a try and if I like it I’ll add it here as another option.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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I always grill “naked” . I just strip it, a brush of oil with salt and pepper. That little bit of blackening is great taste. A great no fuss method. Welcome to the Naked Club.


I’ve been grilling corn for awhile. Used to do it in the husks (soaked first), but now MY go-to method is cleaning it like you did, but then wrapping it in a single layer of foil with butter/herbs, cooking it over direct high-heat for 30 minutes rotating every 5-6, then set it aside on indirect (to keep it cooking) while you grill your steaks/chicken/whatever. But I’ll have to try this. 30+ minutes isn’t all THAT bad, but sometimes I just want to EET!


Ever since my wife and I started shopping at the local farmers market, we’ve been grilling corn regularly. We’ve cooked it in the husks and wrapped in foil. Your method looks more appetizing.

Everything’s better naked.


I usually wrap mine in foil as well, but will be trying the “naked” grilling method next cookout. I have been applying a chili lime butter to mine that I like…a stick of butter with a squeeze of lime juice and a good squirt of Srirancha…turns out really nice.


The best seasoning for corn, whether its on the cob or straight out of the can is Lawry’s season salt! My kids love it and always want corn and I am always happy to oblige!


I just tried this tonight using only butter, garlic, and oregano. This was the best corn my wife and I have ever had. Thank you!



I did this yesterday and it got raves as well. Butter, garlic, Italian herbs and a little rosemary. Made up for the burgers I overcooked!?!


Hey, great post! I always grill my corn naked, but I never brushed with anything, this definitely added a great flavour. I threw in a bit of chipotle chili pepper (powder) into the mix while the butter was melting and it was perfect!


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