In Person Corporate Grilling Demonstrations

Want a fun and informative team building event for your corporate crew? Fly Scott and his team in to share the art of grilling with your team. Scott can do all of the cooking while your employees sample the tasty dishes.

corporate grilling demonstrations
Scott cooking pull apart bread at the Pinterest HQ

If slightly more daring, we set up corporate grilling demonstrations that put your team in aprons and behind grills and have them cook along with Scott. 

Virtual Corporate Grilling Demos

Or better yet, rather than bring the entirety of Scott, his team and the equipment needed to do a grilling demo, let’s grill virtually over a myriad of video conference applications. Scott can use the equipment in his backyard to educate your team on what to look for in order to buy the best steak in the grocers case and how to grill it to perfection:


Or how to properly prep and grill uber tender fall off the bone pork ribs. Or for those that prefer competition style ribs, how to take them to just short of fall off the bone but still tender and delicious. Or look to the Grillin’ Fools to show how to prep and cook that perfect holiday meal from spatchcocked turkey to sweet glazed ham to the ever expensive Roast Beast (to borrow a term from Dr. Seuss). Your employees will both thank and praise you for the knowledge they will gain that they can use year after year. 

Thing of the fun your team can have discussing both how to spatchcock a turkey but also the origins of the word:


Reach out to Scott directly to discuss a grilling demo for your team.

Did I mention we also love to bring in some discussion of adult beverages into these corporate grilling demonstrations. We can bring in a sommelier to discuss wine, cicerone to discuss beers, or a spirits aficionado to discuss what pairs well with the menu for the demo that day. We’ve done pork ribs and reds, beef ribs and beers as well as multiple pairings for the Thanksgiving day feast. We will provide you a list of beverages that pair well with the menu like the PDF i this link: Thanksgiving Wines

We use a number of people to discus adult beverages including Denise Mueller from PreSomm and Jordan Palmer from 

Scott can come to you by plane, train or automobile or he can do so digitally from anywhere in the world. Please reach out to schedule a discussion and plan the menu. 

corporate grilling demonstrations
Scott grilling on the beach for Social Feasts
corporate grilling demonstrations
Scott is always willing to crack a joke or pull a sight gag like sword fighting with a skewer of picanha
corporate grilling demonstrations
Scott is as meticulous at picking his wardrobe as he is picking meat from the grocers case

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool, was sent off to college with a suitcase and a grill where he overcooked, undercooked and burned every piece of meat he could find. After thousands of failures, and quite a few successes, nearly two decades later he started a website to show step by step, picture by picture, foolproof instructions on how to make great things out of doors so that others don’t have to repeat the mistakes he’s made on the grill.
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