Category: Poultry

Poultry (mainly chicken and turkey) is not the sexiest protein but it is the healthiest and is a mainstay in my house, whether parted out into individual pieces, butterflied out (spatchcocked) or whole birds. It is an art to keep poultry juicy and delicious. You can tell a lot about a pitmaster by how well he cooks his smoked poultry. In fact, one of the two main things I order at a BBQ restaurant is smoked turkey (the other is brisket burnt ends). One bite of that turkey will tell me if the rest of the menu is worth trying. Some other notable chicken recipes include mayo magic chicken, spatchcocked chicken with Alabama white sauce, orange soda hot wings, and ancho coffee wings with adobo honey butter.

Turkey being the standard bearer for Thanksgiving celebrations all across the United States, this one item may be the single most important thing you grill all year. Face it, there’s more riding on your Thanksgiving bird than any other cookout. Nobody wants to be the guy ordering pizza for family and friends on Thanksgiving because he wrecked the gobbler. We have a bunch of options on this front from a turkey breast recipe (for smaller gatherings) to the traditional whole turkey with all the tricks and techniques to make sure so many disparate cuts get done at the same time (which is my go to Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe) to beer can turkey!

Wine Can Chicken

The iconic Beer Can Chicken recipe, except we swapped out a can of wine for the beer. Basically Coq au Vain on the grill, also known as Wine Can Chicken

Jerk Chicken Pizza

Grilled pizza topped with grilled jerk chicken, grilled yellow/red/orange bell peppers, and purple onion (also grilled). See a theme here?