Category: Beef

Beef is the king of all grilling and barbecue. Both low and slow (brisket and beef ribs) and hot and fast (steaks and burgers). Although, nobility comes with a price tag. With the highest prices of all the proteins, beef necessitates proper planning and research before endeavoring to prepare these cuts.

Steak is priciest of all the meats, particularly beef tenderloin/filet mignon/chateaubriand (which are all the same thing). But right behind them are the prime rib/rib eye, porterhouse, and NY strip. Not to mention the different grades and varieties like prime grade, grass fed or wagyu. We also discuss what to look for when perusing the meat counter and choosing a steak for dinner.

While brisket used to be one of those cuts cast off by the rich because of how tough it was, being the breast of the cow, it is a heavily used muscle and thus full of connective tissue, it has shot through the roof in price as the legend of its gloriousness has spread throughout the land.

And don’t get me started on beef ribs. The 99% of them are cut across the bones into little tiny chunks rather than leaving them whole as plate ribs which means you almost have to personally know a butcher in order keep them from being miniaturized.

And let’s not forget the American grill icon, the hamburger, whether full size or in slider form, there is much more to creating a brilliant burg than just slapping some ground chuck onto the grill.