Category: Char-Griller Offset

Toss in some pellets and fire up the Char-Griller Offset grill.

Wine and Honey Lamb

Lamb marinated in ingredients as old as cooking over fire. Classic ingredients such as these are a sure fire way to impress friends and family.

Steaks for a Crowd

How to grill 8 fat steaks for 8 fat guys so that each hunk of beef is done to the proper doneness. How to grill steaks for a crowd.

Apple Wood Smoked Corn on the Cob

I’m a big fan of cooking corn on the grill.  I’ve tried grilling it in the husk, in tin foil with butter/garlic/herbs, and I’ve done it naked.  The corn was naked, not me.  At the First Annual Grillin’ Fools Backyard BBQ Bash it was suggested to me that I smoke the corn by the Smoke … Continued

Grilling Naked… Corn

Normally when I do corn I put it on the grill in the husk.  Sometimes I soak it in water, sometimes not.  When the husk is blackened all the way around it’s done.  Well, someone suggested I grill it naked – the corn not me!!  So I did.  Rather than put the corn on in … Continued

Smoked Pork Tenderloin with a Sweet Burgundy Glaze

I had my dad and my Father in Law over for a guy night recently and I made four pork tenderloins.  I realize that sounds like a lot for three people, but I wanted plenty for leftovers because tenderloin makes a fantastic sammich that I will document as well.  This is a monster post, with … Continued

Reverse Seared Pork Steaks

This will be my new method of grilling pork steaks from now on simply because of that smoke ring above, something I’ve never tried for when grilling pork steaks in the past, but now it seems so simple. I can’t believe I didn’t try this before. First, what is a pork steak? I’ll hand that … Continued

Grilled Asian Ribs

Baby back ribs slathered in an asian peanut sauce which is used as both a marinade and a BBQ sauce. East meets west as the flavors of the orient liven up the ribs of the Midwest.

Smoked Bologna Bites

This is not the first time I have smoked bologna on the grill.  The first time I did an entire chub of bologna.  I cut it in half and smoked it for about 6 hours.  It looked like this: It was delicious, but I wanted to see if I could perfect it.  I didn’t do … Continued