Category: American Made Grills “Muscle” Grill

The American Made Grill is both the name and where it is made. It is an ingenious cooker in that it can run on gas, charcoal, charcoal and wood chunks, wood chunks, or full on split wood logs. You can spark up the grill with the gas and cook with just the gas, which is how we use it the most. But it can also be a standard charcoal grill that lights in about 30 seconds with the power of the 110,000 BTU’s. The AMG is more for an anchor to an outdoor kitchen than something you wheel out on the driveway to cook burgers and dogs. This grill isn’t cheap, but it is worth every penny and will last a lifetime and then some. 

I cooked maybe the best dish I’ve ever grilled on the AMG, this lobster topped filet mignon. I also made meat butter (AKA cowboy butter AKA roasted bone marrow). It’s a char grilled oyster making machine whether oysters picante or with butter and wine. If you want a wider variety of seafood, try this seafood butter boil. So basically, this cooker is outstanding for hot and fast so if you cook a lot of steak and seafood (and a thick wallet), this is the grill for you!

Beef Tallow French Fries

Wagyu beef tallow French fries are thin cut potatoes fried in beef tallow in a cast iron pan on a gas grill to make a wonderful new version of French fries

Reverse Seared Fish

Halibut and swordfish, seasoned with black garlic, smoked and then seared on a cast iron griddle inside a gas grill to make reverse seared fish

Seafood Butter Boil

Shrimp, clams and mussels poached in butter, wine, herbs and garlic all in a cast iron pan on the grill to make a Seafood Butter Boil

Steak Chimichurri

Beautifully seared New York strip steaks with a lovely fresh chimichurri sauce layered on top that I call Steak Chimichurri

Whiskey, Maple Syrup Salmon

Whiskey and maple syrup drizzled salmon, topped with thyme, chopped purple onions, slices of orange/lime/lemon and garnished with poppy and sesame seeds, all grilled on a cedar plank.