Category: Char-Griller Akorn

The Char-Griller Akorn is the only way to dip your toe into the kamado style grill market for less than $400. The Akorn is not a kamado as it is not ceramic, but it is a double walled aluminum grill with some insulation between those layers of aluminum giving allowing it to do about 80% of what a ceramic kamado can do for fraction of the cost. We highly recommend you purchase the smoking stone and a half moon kiln shelf, which you can see in this post, as we used both often with the Akorns we cooked on.

The beauty of the Akorn is not just the low price point. It’s also extremely versatile in that it can just as easily switch between low and slow smoking and hot and fast grilling. It switches so quickly that it can do both low and slow and hot and fast in the same cookout

Grilled Meat Lover’s Pizza Pierogies

  Last month I was approached by Mrs. T’s Pierogies to cook, well, pierogies. And I have to admit, before this, I had never thought about grilling pierogies. I wasn’t even sure that one could do such a thing! About a month later, dad, myself and a videographer were on the back deck staring at … Continued

Mexican Street Corn Bar

Complete instructions on how to create a Mexican Street Corn Bar from compound butter to cotija cheese. This is more of an entertaining direction than a recipe