Category: Char-Broil 940X

The Char Broil 940 is the first grill Char Broil ever made. Over the years it has evolved but for the most part it is a simple, rectangular, box grill with cast iron grates and a fire tray that that can be raised and lowered. It has a ton of surface area which allows for great two zone or indirect grilling, as in this post where these two whole chickens only cover one of three grill grates that cover the surface of this cooker, or can be used to cook a ton of burgers, brats and dogs if feeding a crowd, or in this case a whole mess of country style ribs that only fill half the grill.

This is Dad’s go to grill for close to 40 years. He had one last more than 25 years and the replacement is going on 15 years old. Keep in mind, both grills were stored in the garage completely out of the elements. I am in no way saying that you will experience the same longevity if the grill is kept outside for 15 years.

The biggest downside of this cooker is availability. Char Broil is all about the gas cookers and while they still make the 940 (at least last I checked), they don’t mention it in any marketing campaigns nor make it available at any brick and mortar stores that I have seen in a couple decades. 

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