Wine and Honey Lamb

Lamb mar­i­nat­ed in ingre­di­ents as old as cook­ing over fire. Clas­sic ingre­di­ents such as the­se are a sure fire way to impress friends and fam­i­ly.

Steaks for a Crowd

How to grill 8 fat steaks for 8 fat guys so that each hunk of beef is done to the prop­er done­ness. How to grill steaks for a crowd.

Apple Wood Smoked Corn on the Cob

I’m a big fan of cook­ing corn on the grill.  I’ve tried grilling it in the husk, in tin foil with butter/garlic/herbs, and I’ve done it naked.  The corn was naked, not me.  At the First Annu­al Grillin’ Fools Back­yard BBQ Bash it was sug­gest­ed to me that I smoke the corn by the Smoke … Con­tin­ued

Grilling Naked… Corn

Nor­mal­ly when I do corn I put it on the grill in the husk.  Some­times I soak it in water, some­times not.  When the husk is black­ened all the way around it’s done.  Well, some­one sug­gest­ed I grill it naked — the corn not me!!  So I did.  Rather than put the corn on in … Con­tin­ued

Smoked Pork Tenderloin with a Sweet Burgundy Glaze

I had my dad and my Father in Law over for a guy night recent­ly and I made four pork ten­der­loins.  I real­ize that sounds like a lot for three peo­ple, but I want­ed plen­ty for left­overs because ten­der­loin makes a fan­tas­tic sam­mich that I will doc­u­ment as well.  This is a mon­ster post, with … Con­tin­ued

Grilled Asian Ribs

Baby back ribs slathered in an asian peanut sauce which is used as both a mari­nade and a BBQ sauce. East meets west as the fla­vors of the ori­ent liven up the ribs of the Mid­west.

Smoked Bologna Bites

This is not the first time I have smoked bolog­na on the grill.  The first time I did an entire chub of bolog­na.  I cut it in half and smoked it for about 6 hours.  It looked like this: It was deli­cious, but I want­ed to see if I could per­fect it.  I didn’t do all … Con­tin­ued

Pig Candy

No Snick­ers at my place this year for Hal­loween.  Nope.  No Smar­ties, Sweet Tarts, Twix, Baby Ruth’s, or But­terfin­gers.  I’m not hand­ing out any run of the mill can­dy.  I’m hand­ing out pig can­dy.  If your kids are on a kosher diet, my house may not be the place to be on Octo­ber 31st because … Con­tin­ued