Jerk Chicken Pizza

Grilled piz­za topped with grilled jerk chick­en, grilled yellow/red/orange bell pep­pers, and pur­ple onion (also grilled). See a the­me here?

Grilling a Frozen Steak

Grilling a Frozen Steak is not crazy talk. It’s legit­i­mate­ly easy and deli­cious and now my go to for the vast major­i­ty of my steak grilling.

The MAN BOUQUET for Valentine’s Day

This isn’t a flow­er bou­quet with some choco­lates. This is a MAN BOUQUET made of meat. Add in a twelve long necked bot­tles of beers and the man in your life will be one hap­py camper.

Cedar Plank Steak

Cedar planks aren’t just for salmon. Cedar plank steak is fan­tas­tic. Step by step, pic­ture by pic­ture, fool­proof instruc­tions on how to make cedar plank steak.