Deep Fried Turkey With No Oil

That’s right.  Deep fried turkey with no oil.  Every year, houses all over the country burn down thanks to someone deep frying a turkey in a vat of oil on top of what can only be described as a jet engine.  The turkey is delicious which makes it worth the risk for thousands.  But with … Continued

Pulled Pork done in an Infrared Grill

Recently, the good people at Char-Broil sent the Grillin Fools a couple grills to review.  The first to get a review was the Big Easy Smoker, Roaster and Grill (BESRG) that I used with this recipe and is getting more and more use as I find more and more ways to use it.  I wrote … Continued

Rendezvous Ribs

This is the craziest rib method I have ever tried.  I had some really low expectations but I tried it anyway. I was floored at how well they turned out.  For those of you not familiar with the method, let me explain so that you will understand why I was skeptical.  See, the Rendezvous method … Continued