Grill Manufacturer that Shall not be Named

In an attempt to obtain a prize for our First Annual Grillin Fools Backyard BBQ Bash – Putting the Backyard back into BBQ – I contacted a certain grill manufacturer that I was very fond of.  A friend of a friend worked there and gave me an email address to the executive assistant to the … Continued

Offset/Horizontal Smoker Modifications

Do you have a grill like the one above? These are commonly called Horizontal or Offset Smokers. These types of grills have some advantages over the vertical smokers in that they can be used as a large standard grill by just using the large cooking chamber to grill food over coals. So if you want … Continued

Essentials for Grillin and Chillin

I have talked about a number of things that I have grilled/smoked/BBQ’d in the past. But I want to address some of the necessities around the grill. Can someone produce fantastic Q without these things? Absolutely. Does Tiger Woods need custom fit, ridiculously expensive, golf clubs to be a great golfer? Could he grab a … Continued