Blueberry Muffin Fatty

Blueberry Muffin Fatty. What is a fatty? Not what you might think. Simply put, a fatty, or sausage fatty, is bulk sausage, stuffed or otherwise, formed into a loaf and smoked. They can be savory: stuffed with cheese and roasted corn. They can be sweet: filled with minced apples and vidalia onions. This one is … Continued

Slinger Fatty

You’ve seen fatty’s on this site before, but here’s my take on an essential BBQ dish. Moreover, if you’re from St. Louis, you most certainly know what a slinger is. An original St. Louis slinger can be found at a late night diner such as the City Diner located downtown.  Those who order the slinger … Continued

High Heat Brisket

Brisket marinated in mustard for two days, rubbed and then smoked for just under six hours rather than the usual 12-15. It sounds crazy, but the method works.

Beer Washed Chicken

Beer and chicken always seem to go hand in hand. For instance, the recipe for beer-can-chicken is very popular to many backyard grillers. Marinades are the preferred method of injecting flavor into fowl. The obvious chicken marinade is the one when you take a drink of beer after you eat a chicken wing. However, have … Continued

Bacon Weave Meat Loaf – Andria’s Style

Arthur is at it again.  This time with a bacon explosion stuffed with a bacon wrapped meat loaf.  And he used Andria’s in the recipe, which some of you already know – meat loaf isn’t meat loaf without the Andria’s.  I’ll hand it over to him for the rest of the write up.  Oh, and … Continued

BBQ Moink Balls

Here’s another installment from Arthur Aguirre.  The guy has some serious BBQ (and photography) skills.  In this post Arthur attacks one of the rising phenomenons of BBQing – The MOINK ball.  Not only does he show you how to do it, but he also explains the origins of the mighty MOINK.  These little nuggets of … Continued