Christmas decorations and a Kingsford winter hat

Buying a Christmas gift for a pitmaster/grill guy or gal is hard. They would probably love the latest kamado grill. Cha-ching. That will be $2,000 please. And good luck fitting that under the tree! Sure they might love some exotic smoke wood for Christmas, but nothing conveys the spirit of Christmas like a bag of wood!?! Charcoal? They would put it to good use, but isn’t coal what we get when we’ve been placed on the naughty list? Maybe that fancy thermometer you can’t believe costs more than $100. Oh wait, they already have three of those.

Like I said, this is hard. But I’m here to help. I have partnered with Kingsford to clue you in on the new swag they have to offer in their new Kingsford Shop. I know, I know. Swag? Slap a logo on a crappy t-shirt or flimsy hat and over charge for the name alone, right? Not even close. Well, sure it has a logo, but that’s where the similarities end. This stuff is seriously legit. OK, the t-shirt is not the thickest, but it is really soft and, honestly, I don’t want a heavy t-shirt. I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a winter t-shirt.

Skinning the membrane off the ribs
Gotta skin those ribs!
Seasoning the ribs
Tis the season to season… the ribs!

The sweatshirt and the quarter zip are heavy duty, thick and uber soft on the inside. They just scream quality. This is not hyperbole. We shot these pics on a day where the high was 36 degrees:

Holding two THICK NY Strip steaks over an open fire
Right or left? OK, both!

I had no problem spending some extra time outside hamming it up for the camera while sporting the fleece 1/4 zip pullover:

Flexing with two NY Strip steaks
Do these steaks make my guns look big?
Hamming it up with a couple steaks
Hamming it up with the beef! Or is it beefing it up with the steaks. You get the idea.
Showing off a couple NY strip steaks
Time to get serious again. Notice how thick that lower steak is!

And that winter hat? Also extremely well done. I’m not kidding here. If any of you have bought a winter hat like that on Amazon sight unseen or in this case ‘touch unfelt,’ you would know that there are tons of cheap, flimsy and most of all not-very-warm-hats out there that look similar to this but looks can be deceiving. Trust me, I learned this lesson the hard way. And remember, while it is technically still Fall at the time this post was published, Winter is indeed coming.

Dad got into the mix as well. This looked to me like a long sleeve T-shirt on the Kingsford website but it is a heavy duty, ultra soft inside, sweatshirt. Emphasis on heavy duty and soft.

Roasting a tomahawk over open fire
Man S’Mores!

Dad raved about this sweatshirt so much that I had to try it on right before I pulled that slab of ribs off the grill:

Me holding a slab of finished ribs
Yes, that is the worlds smallest slab of ribs. I didn’t think you could get rib racks from a suckling pig, but here we are!

Dad really wants that sweatshirt and I told him he could have it, but he forgot to take it home when he left after the shoot. I’m tempted to keep it. But then again, this quarter zip fleece is sooooooo my speed:

Holding a tomahawk steak over the grill.
Time to hang a tomahawk over the fire
Standing behind that hanging steak and savoring some bourbon
It may not be the most efficient way to grill a steak, but who cares? I’ve got that sweatshirt and that tumbler full of bourbon

And some of you may have noticed another sweet bit of swag in the above pictures. It also helped keep dad and I warm during the shoot:

Whiskey pouring into a Yeti tumbler
It’s amazing what an under cabinet light and a little tweak to the saturation does to the color of whiskey in the bottle!

On those cold days, a little hot coffee, warm apple cider or maybe even a finger or two of whiskey in this Yeti Rambler REALLY helps keep the chill at bay.

And of course, most people pair a steak with a nice red wine, but I prefer bourbon with my steak:

Bourbon and Steak
Steak and bourbon. Bourbon and steak. Way better than peanut butter and jelly or Sonny and Cher.

I’m going to continue to wear this gear not because of the logo. Because of the quality of the material and craftsmanship. Because I like super soft sweatshirts that are extremely warm, particularly this time of year. Besides, I’m not really a logo guy when it comes to clothing. I like what I like and I like to be comfortable. I’m a jeans and a t-shirt guy. Or shorts and a t-shirt. Or jeans and a flannel. Or jeans and a quarter zip (which, by the way, these last four sentences sum up my entire wardrobe! Seriously. Ask my wife). All of these depend on the weather, of course. So why am I telling you all of this? Because if you are on this website you are either at least a casual griller or are looking for recipes for someone in your life who grills for you. Let’s assume the griller in either one of these cases has grilled more than twice, odds are you, or them, have used Kingsford at least once. It means this gear would make a great Christmas gift for yourself, or maybe email the link to someone who cares for you enough to buy you Christmas presents. Or buy this stuff for that person who cooks the recipes you find for them. I’m saying, hook up the pitmaster on Christmas with some ooooh-so-sweet swag no matter who that pitmaster is. Indulge yourself. Indulge someone else. Slip this link to someone so they can indulge you and thus indulging yourself without divulging anything from your wallet. Indulge. Enjoy. Be comfortable. Stay warm. This is almost my personal motto. All we need to add is to help others and it would be my personal motto.

Watching a steak cook over open fire while sipping some whiskey
Time to sit back and relax. This is going to take a while…
Sipping whiskey and cooking a tomahawk steak
Mmmmmmm, warm me up!

As you might’ve noticed, I partnered with Kingsford on this post. As you know, I don’t partner with any product I don’t absolutely believe in. I can’t rave enough about the quality of this gear. Once this post is published, I have no obligation to wear this stuff, but I guarantee I will.


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