Jerk Chicken Pizza - 30

My love affair with all things jerk is well doc­u­ment­ed on this site. I’m a bit of a chile head and my favorite of all the spicy fla­vor pro­files is jerk. It doesn’t just slap me in the face with heat. It has so many nuanced fla­vors that there are times I absolute­ly crave it. I also love piz­za about as much as I love jerk, so I decid­ed to com­bine the two.

Jerk Chicken Pizza


2 chick­en breasts
1 bot­tle, World Har­bors Jerk Mari­nade and Dip­ping sauce
1 red bell pep­per
1 yel­low bell pep­per
1 orange bell pep­per
1 pur­ple onion
1 piz­za crust
2 tbsp oil, divid­ed
Piz­za sauce (red or white works well with this piz­za)
6–8 oz fresh moz­zarel­la
Fresh grat­ed parmesan/asiago/romano (whichev­er you prefer)
1 tbsp sliced green onion

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 4
The key to a great grilled piz­za is fresh, col­or­ful ingre­di­ents. Nor­mal­ly we see our food before we eat it and pret­ty food tastes bet­ter.

Place the chick­en breasts in a reseal­able plas­tic bag and pour in enough of the World Mar­kets Jerk Mari­nade and Dip­ping Sauce to cov­er them. Place the bag in the fridge for 2–24 hours.

When it’s time to make the piz­za, start by grilling the veg­gies. Slice the pep­pers across the side to make big rings, remov­ing the white flesh, seeds and stem, then place them direct­ly on a hot grill:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 5
Just look­ing for a lit­tle char

Cut the pur­ple onion into thick wedges. Here’s a tip, stick skew­ers or tooth­picks in the sides to keep the rings of onion togeth­er:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 6
Don’t for­get to skew­er the onions

All you’re look­ing for is some char on the pep­pers and onions:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 7
That’s the char I was look­ing for

You can grill the­se up ahead of time and throw them in the fridge to save time as they will warm back up when the piz­za is assem­bled and on the grill.

Now grill the jerk chick­en:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 8
Grill up some chick­en

With all the top­pings done, time to assem­ble the piz­za, right? Nope. Got­ta crisp up the crust. This method will work with fresh dough crusts you roll your­self, pre­made crusts, tor­tilla shells, and pre-rolled/fresh crusts like I used. Start by oil­ing one side of it:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 9

Use a bast­ing brush to spread the oil over every square inch of the crust:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 21
Any­where you miss with the oil will burn and burn bad

Give the grill grates a good brush­ing and put the burn­ers at medi­um high, so between 400–500 degrees. Place the crust oiled side down and imme­di­ate­ly oil what is now the top:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 22
Lube it up!

Again, work the oil over every inch with a brush:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 23
Rub that oil all over

Keep peek­ing under­neath with the tongs by lift­ing the edge. When it starts to brown (and firm up), rotate it 45 degrees or so:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 24

Some of you are think­ing there is no way this is going to work. You’re think­ing that the dough is going to be a big gooey mess that sticks to the grates. The dough actu­al­ly sunk in between the grates in the pics above, right!? How do I know you’re think­ing this? Because my dad was stand­ing right next to me say­ing, “No way you pull that off. No way.”


Jerk Chicken Pizza - 25
How you like them apples?!

The key to make the per­fect crust for this jerk chick­en piz­za is to brown the crust on the one side before putting the top­pings on and brown­ing it a sec­ond time on the oth­er.

Now place the crust browned side up off the grill and add your sauce, cheese and top­pings:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 26
Noth­ing like fresh mozz
Jerk Chicken Pizza - 10
She’s start­ing to come togeth­er

Don’t for­get a lit­tle fresh grat­ed parm/asiago/romano, what­ev­er you prefer:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 12
Don’t go easy on the parm

Next up, place the jerk chick­en piz­za back on the grill to brown the bot­tom, warm up the top­pings and melt the cheese:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 13
Back on the grill

It will take longer for the bot­tom to brown than the top because the sauce, cheese and top­pings are insu­lat­ing the crust.

At this point, close the lid, but keep check­ing the bot­tom for brown­ing and rotate 45 degrees after it browns a bit and close the lid again. Every time I’ve done this, when the cheese is melt­ed, the crust is browned and ready to serve. If for some rea­son the top­pings are not hot and melty and the crust is already real­ly brown, slide it over to the side of the grill with no heat and close the lid and bake till done.

Here she is, ready to slice and topped with the green onions and more fresh grat­ed cheese:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 31
Ready to slice

Just to show the cheese is all melty and deli­cious, here’s a shot of it sliced and the cheese stretch­ing from the slice to the rest of the pie:

Jerk Chicken Pizza - 14

I know some of you are wor­ried about the heat. I’m not talk­ing about the grill, but the spici­ness lev­el. Jerk can be very spicy. But the World Har­bors Jerk Mari­nade and Dip­ping Sauce is not going to blow your doors off. It’s got all those sub­tle back­ground fla­vors and a lit­tle heat which makes it the per­fect jerk mari­nade for the mass­es rather than just for the heat freaks like me. That and the sweet­ness of the pep­pers and the savory of the cheese bal­ance out the heat.

As always, if you have any ques­tions or com­ments, feel free to leave them below or send me an email.

World Har­bors com­pen­sat­ed me for this post.

Jerk Chick­en Piz­za
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Piz­za
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Grilled piz­za topped with grilled jerk chick­en, grilled yellow/red/orange bell pep­pers, and pur­ple onion (also grilled). See a the­me here?
  • 2 chick­en breasts
  • 1 bot­tle, World Har­bors Jerk Mari­nade and Dip­ping sauce
  • 1 red bell pep­per
  • 1 yel­low bell pep­per
  • 1 orange bell pep­per
  • 1 pur­ple onion
  • 1 piz­za crust
  • 2 tbsp oil, divid­ed
  • Piz­za sauce (red or white works well with this piz­za)
  • 6–8 oz fresh moz­zarel­la
  • Fresh grat­ed parmesan/asiago/romano (whichev­er you prefer)
  • 1 tbsp sliced green onion
  1. Place the chick­en breasts in a reseal­able plas­tic bag and fill with the World Har­bors Jerk Mari­nade to coat and place in the fridge for 2–24 hours
  2. Slice the pep­pers into rings, remov­ing the white flesh and seeds
  3. Slice the pur­ple onion into thick slices and skew­er with tooth­picks to keep them togeth­er
  4. Sear the onions and the pep­pers on a hot grill to get some good grill marks then remove from the heat and set aside
  5. Grill the chick­en breasts until they reach 160 degrees
  6. Remove the jerk chick­en from the grill and carve into slices
  7. Cov­er one side of the piz­za crust with oil and place oiled side down on a medi­um high grill (400–500 degrees)
  8. Oil the new top of the crust
  9. Keep check­ing the bot­tom of the crust — when it starts to brown and firm up, rotate 45 degrees
  10. When it browns com­plete­ly on the bot­tom, remove it from the grill, flip it over and place the sauce, moz­zarel­la cheese, pep­pers, pur­ple onion and sliced chick­en on top
  11. Grate some fresh parm/asiago/romano (your choice over the top)
  12. Place the jerk chick­en piz­za back on the grill and close the lid
  13. Keep check­ing the under side of the piz­za crust — once it browns up a bit, rotate it 45 degrees
  14. Once the bot­tom is browned, the cheese is melt­ed and the top­pings are hot, remove from the grill, and top with the green onions (added col­or and fla­vor) and more grat­ed cheese if you wish


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