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I wasn’t a dill guy at all. I liked dill pick­les, but that was about it. My wife is a dill junkie and asked me to incor­po­rate it more and more into dish­es, par­tic­u­lar­ly seafood. So here we are with Dijon Dill Salmon. And this recipe is just too easy. Don’t wor­ry if you don’t like mus­tard, you won’t real­ly taste the mus­tard, but the dijon is divine!.

Dijon Dill Salmon Ingredients:

3 salmon filets about 6 ounces each
white pep­per
3 tbsp dijon mus­tard
1.5 tbsp chopped fresh dill
shaved asi­ago cheese (option­al)
1 cedar grilling plank

Soak the grilling plank in water for an hour or two:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 1

I used Bob’s Smok­in’ Hard­wood for all my grill planks and wraps (yes, wraps. I’ll have a recipe for this lat­er). They have a great vari­ety and three dif­fer­ent sizes. Some­times the big planks are too big for just a cou­ple peo­ple or only one. With the three sizes, I can plank any time. Plus the instruc­tions on how to do plank grilling are on every plank. We’re all about step by step, fool­proof instruc­tions here at GrillinFools​.com and so are the­se guys.

I have three six ounce por­tions of salmon, skin side down on a plat­ter:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 3

Sea­son the salmon with salt and white pep­per (sub­sti­tute black if you must) and then com­bine the dijon and the dill:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 4

Slather the dijon dill sauce on the salmon, place them on the cedar plank and then onto a medi­um high grill:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 5

I can’t wait!

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 6

Be sure to close the lid to con­cen­trate the smoke from the grilling plank around the salmon.

At 13 min­utes (about the halfway point), you can see that the most of the dijon has melt­ed away and my cedar plank is dry­ing out:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 1 (2)

Our tar­get tem­per­a­ture here is 145, although you can go more rare than that.

At about 25 min­utes on the grill, and no turn­ing, flip­ping, any­thing (which is the beau­ty of plank grilling), my dijon dill salmon was just a bit over my desired inter­nal tem­per­a­ture at 148 accord­ing to my Ther­moWorks Ther­moPop dig­i­tal ther­mome­ter, which is a must have for any seri­ous griller:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 7

Pull the grilling plank from the grill then remove the dijon dill salmon from the plank with a spat­u­la and place over some grilled aspara­gus. It’s so sim­ple to make the side dish for this. Check out the link for how to make killer grilled aspara­gus.

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 9

The salmon is deli­cious as is, but for an added jolt of fla­vor, top the salmon with some sliv­ers of asi­ago:

Dijon Dill Planked Salmon - 10

Love the sub­tle smoke fla­vor that infused the salmon from the cedar plank as well as the hint of dijon and fresh­ness of the dill. The cheese adds a but­tery tex­ture to the fla­vor and the mouth feel. It’s an utter­ly sim­ple and oh-so quick recipe that can solve your itch to grill and get some smoke fla­vor even on a week night when there’s no time to spark up the smok­er.

If you have any com­ments or ques­tions, leave them below or send me an email.

Full dis­clo­sure, Bob’s Smok­in Hard­wood sup­plied me with pro­duct and com­pen­sa­tion for this post. I’m more than hap­py to pro­mote them because every­thing they do is a step above every­one else. They use sus­tain­able wood, have the high­est stan­dards and the qual­i­ty con­trol is out of this world good. Buy from them one time and you will be a cus­tomer for life.

Dijon Dill Salmon
Recipe type: Salmon
Cuisine: Plank Grilling
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Salmon, slathered in dijon and dill, placed on a cedar plank and grilled before being topped with sliv­ered asi­ago
  • 3 salmon filets about 6 ounces each
  • salt
  • white pep­per
  • 3 tbsp dijon mus­tard
  • 1.5 tbsp chopped fresh dill
  • shaved asi­ago cheese (option­al)
  • 1 grilling plank
  1. Soak the plank in water for 60–120 min­utes
  2. Place the salmon on a plat­ter skin side down and sea­son with salt and pep­per
  3. Mix the dijon and the dill and slather it on the top of the salmon
  4. Place the dijon dill salmon on the soaked plank and place on a medi­um high grill and close the lid
  5. Grill until the salmon reach­es 145 for medi­um, or about 25 min­utes
  6. Cook less if you would like the salmon less done
  7. Remove from the plank with a spat­u­la and plate


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