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Buying steaks online, are they worth it? Had you asked me that question five years ago, I would’ve said no. There was pretty much one player in the market and nobody can seem to get them to put in writing what grade their steaks are. If I’m buying a steak, I sure as heck want to know what the beef is graded. Thankfully, the folks at Chicago Steak Company have seen a need by the discerning steak lover and offered an alternative to what used to be the only player in the online steak market and what they sell is truly worth the money.

Chicago Steak Company sent me some steaks to try and after that, I agreed to do this review. It’s a paid review, but I don’t review anything unless I really enjoyed eating or using it. And MAN, did I enjoy these steaks. Even the first one that I overcooked because I was having so much fun taking pictures of it. Yeah, it happens. I overcook things sometimes. With all the beautiful marbling of the prime grade steak, it dripped just enough fat to make some awesome flame shots without scorching the outside:

Chicago Steak Company - 5

Then I laid the NY Strip on the side to crisp up that length of fat and I REALLY had some fun with the camera as that length of fat kicked in the flame thrower effect:

Chicago Steak Company - 6

As I was click, click, clicking away with my DSLR, the steak was overcooking for my tastes. It was medium by the time I pulled it from the grill:

Chicago Steak Company - 10

I don’t normally cook my steaks to medium. I like them much more rare, but it didn’t matter. This wet aged, prime grade, 20 ounce NY Strip was out of this world good – extremely tender and juicy. Before I started sampling I wished it were rarer, but after I couldn’t imagine it being any better.

THEN I cracked into this bad boy:

Chicago Steak Company - 11

That’s a prime grade, DRY aged, tomahawk rib eye steak. That is not a plate it is sitting on. That’s a full size platter and it still doesn’t fit:

Chicago Steak Company - 12

Check the marbling:

Chicago Steak Company - 13

If you clicked any of the links in this review, you might have some sticker shock right now. These steaks aren’t cheap, but they are absolutely worth it. Maybe they are too over the top for yourself, but what about as a gift? There is no better grade, aging process or cut than what is in that picture above and if you want to wow a steak lover with a gift, this is the way to go.

I want to touch on how to cook a steak like this. A prime steak is different than all other steaks. The fat is absolutely delicious by itself. It has a wonderful creamy, buttery taste to it. I freeze any leftover fat to cook with later on.

When working with dry aged prime grade steak, don’t get cute with the seasoning. You need salt and you need pepper. I can see an argument for a little garlic, but it doesn’t need it. I season steaks all the time with so many different rubs, but not for one of these, salt and pepper only:

Chicago Steak Company - 14

After that, all that’s needed is a hot fire and a very large plate:

Chicago Steak Company - 16

Check out the other side!

Chicago Steak Company - 22

But how did I do on the inside? What do you think?

Chicago Steak Company - 25

Buying steaks online, are they worth it? Absolutely. Just make sure the grade, aging process and size justify the price. The steaks from Chicago Steak Company do just that. If the company can’t show you how the steaks are graded, selected, and hand cut, then find a new butcher. Chicago Steak Company would love to show you all of these things. Luckily for me, they sent me a couple more steaks than the two I used in this post so I can do some more taste testing of these beautiful cuts of beef. It’s good to be a blogger!

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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You’re killing me Smalls.

Note I have to try them.



One of the best steaks I’ve ever had. Seriously…


Beautiful steaks, Scott!

Funny thing about the price…why is it that we won’t buy something incredible for ourselves but don’t hesitate to buy them as gifts for others?

I liked seeing your take on the tomahawk ribeye. I have tried taking pictures of them before and they never do the steak justice. Well photographed, sir!


Ouch, you are right about the price but it beats spending half that much on crappy, no grade available, frozen steaks from a large national purveyor named similarly to a Peyton Manning play call.


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