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Camping Kabobs is a no brainer if you’re going to make s’mores with the kids, or adults as I’m down for a good s’more from time to time. Actually, I just like roasting marshmallows. I don’t need the extra chocolate or graham crackers, but no matter if you are going full on s’more or just roasting those golden brown pillows of deliciousness, you are going to have campfire skewers. Campfire what? You know, the two prong things that we roast marshmallows on. And if you can cook dessert on them, you can also cook dinner.

Campfire Kabobs Ingredients:

2 packages of Johnsonville Smoked Sausages
1 red pepper
1 package button mushrooms
1 yellow squash
1 zucchini
1 red onion
Campfire skewers

Let’s talk about the last item right off the bat. They make telescoping skewers that are basically an old TV antenna with a handle at one end and two prong skewers at the other like this one which goes from 7 inches to more than 2 feet:

Campfire Kabobs - 3 of 37
Telescoping Skewer

Now some of you are completely lost by that TV antenna line. Some of you never had tin foil at the ends of your antennae to get a better signal. Some of you were never asked to go move the antenna an inch to the right and got yelled at by everyone in the room when you went three inches and missed the sweet spot for that channel. So let’s just say the skewer starts off short and can get a lot longer. Also, those TV antenna company employees have jobs again.

But campfire skewers come in all shapes and sizes like these that are in the shot with the Johnsonville Smoked Sausage New Orleans Brand Andouille and Beef Hot Link varieties:

Campfire Kabobs - 4 of 37
It doesn’t get any more primal than meat and skewers!

Now let’s get to work on the rest of the ingredients. While the red pepper needs the stem, white flesh and seeds removed before slicing, the mushrooms only need a brushing with a paper towel to get the dirt off:

Campfire Kabobs - 5 of 37
Everything tastes better with red

And then knock out the rest of the campfire kabobs ingredients:

Campfire Kabobs - 6 of 37
It’s like I have a side of rainbow to go with my sausage

And then let’s create some campfire kabobs:

Campfire Kabobs - 9 of 37
Meat? Check. Skewer? Check. All I need is fire

I know what you’re thinking. Where’s the campfire? Truth be told, I didn’t go camping to make these kabobs. What I did was build a fire in my backyard so my kids could cook their own dinner. Yes, my 7 and 5 year old boys roasted their dinner and dessert. Since the Johnsonville sausages are already smoked, there’s no risk of my children undercooking them. My boys just needed to warm the meat up and cook their vegetables. If either are undercooked, my boys will be fine.

Also, I didn’t create a big patch of scorched earth in the backyard of my suburban home. I used an old kettle grill as a fire pit:

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A campfire is only a kettle grill away

I’m telling you, this was a money play in terms of family bonding. My sons were eager to collect twigs and leaves for kindling and couldn’t wait to make a meal on their own. They got to roast their own dinner (and dessert) over a fire in the safety and security of the backyard. They felt like they were trusted with something very important and all under my watchful eye. This is something we will do again and again. It was so much fun.

Now back to the campfire kabobs which are ready to go over that “camp” fire:

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Now where’s that fire?

I layered up the ingredients onto the two tines and then used the reach of the skewer to get my dinner to the blaze:

Campfire Kabobs - 18 of 37

This isn’t rocket surgery. Simply warm up the meat, get a nice char on the outside of the sausages and veggies if you can, then serve, while trying not to stab anyone with three feet of steel which has dinner near the pointy ends:

Campfire Kabobs - 25 of 37
Dinner is READY!

Now to be honest, my 7 and 5 year old boys didn’t want all those “icky” vegetables no matter how colorful. One just wanted meat and mushrooms:

Campfire Kabobs - 37 of 37
A five year old that likes mushrooms? Get outta here!

And the other just wanted the meat:

Campfire Kabobs - 35 of 37
It’s a little on the basic side, but he’s 7!

It helped that I had one of these gizmos that allowed me to cook 4 smoked sausages at one time. No idea what this thing is called:

Campfire Kabobs - 2 of 2
Now that’s efficiency around the kettle, er, campfire

Still, my boys were gushing over the responsibility bestowed upon them:

Campfire Kabobs - 11 of 37
It’s not skewers, but it’s still meat and fire. It’s almost caveman!

Not only did they get to cook their dinner, but they got to help dad get some work done for this silly blog. I can’t tell you how great it was for the family. The boys asked me the next day if we could do it again that night. And while we couldn’t the next night because of soccer, we will be doing this again very soon and again and again. Camping doesn’t have to be with the backdrop of the amazing visage of the Zion National Park that I had in August of 2015:

Zion National Park

It can simply be in the shadow of your house. I plan on doing a ton of backyard campfires in the future as my boys get older. It was such a wonderful bonding experience.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email

Just like in my post about Sausage Tips and Tricks, you will see two themes in this post. One is camping and the other is Johnsonville. Full disclosure – Johnsonville compensated me and provided product to do this post. They want to focus on camping and I just camped for the first time at the beginning of September for Food, Fire, Feasts so this is a natural partnership.

***Contest Alert***

If you have some cool campfire friendly recipe, you can enter a pic and the recipe here to be entered to win some cool stuff.

Here are the official rules, but this is the gist:

We’re calling on campers, hikers, and those who hunt or fish to submit camp-friendly recipe and photo of their outdoor culinary creation using any Johnsonville sausage variety

Camping Kabobs
Recipe type: Enree
Cuisine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Turn your backyard into a campground for your kids and let them roast their own dinner on campfire skewers to make camping kabobs
  • 2 packages of Johnsonville Smoked Sausages
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 package button mushrooms
  • 1 yellow squash
  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 red onion
  • Campfire skewers
  1. Chunk up the sausages into bite size pieces
  2. Chop the rest of the ingredients (other than the really large mushrooms) into manageable chunks
  3. Skewer your desired ingredients into campfire kabobs
  4. Roast over an open fire until the meat is warm and the veggies have a little char on them
  5. Remove from the skewers and serve

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