Peach Blowtorch Ribs Enlarged - 1

I’m a sucker for peach. Peach jam, peach smoke wood, and plain old peaches. So I decided to triple up the peach on these blowtorch ribs. I brined the ribs in Mike’s Hard Peach Lemonade, smoked them with peach wood and slathered them with a peach glaze and caramelized them with a blowtorch. You read that right. I said blowtorch!

Peach Blowtorch Ribs Ingredients:

1 slab baby back ribs, membrane removed
12 oz Mike’s Hard Peach Lemonade
1.5 tbsp of salt
Your favorite rub
2 heaping tbsp peach preserves
1 heaping tbsp hot pepper jelly
1.5 tsp Worcestershire sauce

Skin the ribs and place in a resealable plastic bag with the hard peach lemonade and salt, sloshing the liquid around to dissolve the salt:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs

Brine the ribs for 2-12 hours.

Remove the ribs from the brine and coat with your favorite rub. Always rub the bone side first so the bones keep the rub elevated from cutting board and thus keeps the rub from sticking to the board. Then coat the meat side:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Rubbed and ready!

Prepare the grill for two zone or indirect grilling. For a standard grill, place the coals on one side and the meat on the other. If you are lucky enough to have a kamado or ceramic cooker, then put the plate setter over the fire to deflect the heat away from the meat. Put the smoke wood, I used peach, on the coals and place the meat on the grill. Target temperature inside the grill is 300 degrees:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
On the smoker

Here are the ribs about 45 minutes in, getting nice and golden and the bones are peeking out a little, but they are not close to being ready yet:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Lookin’ Good!

And here we are about ready to come off the grill, get the peach glaze and then the blowtorch. This is right about 2 hours in at 300 degrees:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
These are outstanding right now without the glaze or the blowtorch

They are ready to go at about 2 hours because these bones told me so:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs Enlarged - 1


Pro Tip ~ Don’t watch the clock when grilling ribs, watch the bones.  I don’t care what temp you are smoking your ribs, watch the bones. When they stick out like this, they’re done

Time to make up the glaze.

Combine the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and put in the microwave for 60 seconds to liquify the gelatins:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs Glaze

Coat the meat side of the ribs and then bust out the torch. Just hit the glaze with the tip of the flame and keep the flame moving back and forth slowly:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs

When the flame hits the sugars, it will turn from blue to orange, but most important, it will bubble the glaze and caramelize the sauce. Here’s a shot of the torch hitting the flame with not much orange to show the bubbling at the end of the flame:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs

Keep going back and forth until the liquid is reduced down and the glaze is thickened. Wait a couple minutes and let the glaze set before slicing:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs

And here’s a close up of that smoke ring:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Smoke Ring!

Not my best smoke ring, but they were plenty smoky. But were they grilled properly? There are two ways to grill ribs. Fall off the bone and competition style. I prefer the latter in which the ribs are tender but firm, with a little tug in the bite that leaves both a clean bite and bone:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Clean bite and glistening meat – Nailed it!

And one more picture of the bite because I couldn’t decide which one to use:

Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Perfect Bite!

I have to say that these peach blowtorch ribs were a huge hit with everyone that tried them including myself, my neighbor the day I smoked these, and a handful of coworkers the next day at the office. My coworkers absolutely raved about them and they had them microwaved! But think about it, they have the sweet of the hard peach lemonade infused into the meat, the rub set into the meat, the smoke infused inside, and of course that sweet/heat/savory glaze with the added benefit of the caramelization from the blowtorch. And let’s face it, anytime you can bust out a blowtorch, you have to do it, right?

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave the below or send me an email.

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Peach Blowtorch Ribs
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Ribs
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Baby back ribs, brined in hard peach lemonade, smoked with peach wood and slathered in a peach glaze before being blowtorched.
  • 1 slab baby back ribs, membrane removed
  • 12 oz Mike's Hard Peach Lemonade
  • 1.5 tbsp of salt
  • Your favorite rub
  • 2 heaping tbsp peach preserves
  • 1 heaping tbsp hot pepper jelly
  • 1.5 tsp Worcestershire sauce
  1. Place the ribs, hard peach lemonade and salt in a resealable plastic bag
  2. Slosh the liquid around until the salt dissolves and place the bag in the fridge for 2-12 hours
  3. Remove the ribs from the brine, and coat with the rub on the bone side first then on the meat side
  4. Prepare the grill for two zone or indirect grilling with a target temperature of 300
  5. Place smoke wood on the coals and meat on the grill and close the lid
  6. Once the bones poke out about a half inch the ribs are done (about 2 hrs for baby backs at 300)
  7. Prepare the glaze by combining the rest of the ingredients in a bowl and microwave for 60 seconds to liquify the gelatins
  8. Coat the meat side with the glaze and bust out the blowtorch
  9. Only hit the glaze with the tip of the flame and keep the torch moving back and forth slowly, not leaving it one place too long
  10. The goal is to get the glaze to bubble and thicken up
  11. Once the glaze has cooked down, let it cool for a couple minutes to set and then serve

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Scott, you are a brave man operating a camera and a blowtorch at the same time! The ribs look delicious.

BTW, I tried the baked potatoes like you did a couple posts ago. Winner!


Weber, try operating a DSLR with a macro lens while trying to get a shot of the temp on a thermapen! I’ve melted the end of my thermapen more than once! Glad you enjoyed the potatoes…


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