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Let’s get a couple things out of the way before we continue. This is not a step by step, picture by picture, foolproof grilling recipe. This post is all about bacon. Glorious, glorious bacon. You know, that stuff you would work for if they didn’t pay you in money at your job. That stuff you would try to put into every single meal if it were socially acceptable. That glorious, brown and crunchy deliciousness that is as comfortable at breakfast next to eggs as it is at dinner between bread, lettuce, tomato and mayo. I’m talking about bacon. But I’m not talking about it as well as the folks at Farmland are doing with their Bacon Club. As you can see from the picture below, I’m a member:


And you can also see how to make a bacon beer stein! Beer and bacon! Mmmmmm. #HeadExplodes

No, this post is not a recipe. It’s all about the Farmland Bacon Club. Full disclosure here, they paid me to make this post, but let’s be honest. They paid me to talk about bacon. Who the heck turns that down? I mean I’d talk bacon anyway! The cash is just like an extra helping of bacon on my bacon. If you want a bacon recipe check out my recipe for Grilled Tater Tot Bombs.

Farmland Bacon - 3

So what is the Farmland Bacon Club? It’s an electronic shrine to the almighty bacon. A place dedicated to the appreciation of the oh so succulent cured pork belly. A place where baconophiles can go and not feel like outcasts. Bacon enthusiasts can feel free to let their hair down and get their bacon on at the Farmland Bacon Club without the fear of what society may think. In other words, I feel right at home in the Bacon Club.

If you’ve gotten this far in the post, then you are a bacon addict like me. The folks at Farmland asked me to talk to you a little bit about the Thick Cut Apple Smoked Bacon. Are there five better words in the English language strung together better than those? I mean other than, “You just won the lottery.” But then you’re probably buying some Thick Cut Apple Smoked Bacon with the winnings, so it’s almost a draw. Maybe, “Kate Upton called for you.” But there aren’t many better phrases than that.

What’s so interesting about the Thick Cut Apple Smoked Bacon? First off, while everyone is moving to the 12 ounce “pound” of bacon at the same price as 16 ounces, the folks at Farmland realize that we need more than 3/4 pound or even a pound and have ratcheted up their packaging to a full 24 ounces or 1.5 pounds! WHAT!?

Farmland Bacon - 4

I only have one question about the packaging. That monster pack of bacon comes with one of these zipper tops to reseal the package:

Farmland Bacon - 7

My question is, who the heck is putting anything back in there? Bacon is to be eaten, not resealed!

I may or may not have received four of those 1.5 pounders along with seven pounds of the hickory smoked bacon in the mail from Farmland recently. I can neither confirm nor deny exactly how much I got but I got a lot!

Farmland Bacon - 5

Would you like to have some bacon delivered to your door? Well, you’re in luck. Farmland is having a contest right now. All you have to do is like the GrillinFools on FaceBook or follow us on Twitter and you are entered in to win some bacon swag as well as some actual bacon. The prize pack includes:

“Two Farmland Bacon varieties and Bacon Club goodies, such as a t-shirt, pin, baseball hat and more.”

I won’t be offended if you didn’t read anything beyond two varieties of bacon. I wrote this post and I still don’t know what else is involved with the give away. Oh, and if you already like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, you can still register just by going to this raffle here:

Farmland Bacon Give Away

Peace, love, bacon!

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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