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Food trends for 2015 from the sage Phil Lempert, not just grilling/BBQ trends. Being the son of a lifelong grocery man, I didn’t focus solely on BBQ and grilling in this interview, although there is some of that. I asked Mr. Lempert about all manner of food trends. I asked about such fads/manias/crazes/diets as paleo, smoked everything, bacon, kale, etc. I asked how technology will impact our buying habits and grocery options. What he had to say about where beef and pork are heading makes me a little weepy.

But just who is Phil Lempert and why should you listen to what he has to say about food trends in 2015? Well, he’s the Food Trends Editor of the Today Show on NBC, a roll he’s held since 1991. He’s known as the Supermarket Guru and hosts a weekly radio show called Good Day with the Supermarket Guru. He is the author of four books on shopping and the supermarket. And the best part is he hosts the National Grocers Association “Best Bagger Competition.” How cool is that? OK, so I guess you have to have bagged groceries in your dad’s grocery store at 15 to get all geeked out about that one.

The fact of the matter is Mr. Lempert really knows his stuff. And I mean reeeeaaallllyyyyy knows his stuff. I get the feeling that he could sit down and talk off the cuff about food and the supermarket for hours on end even if he wasn’t paid to do so. Much like I could about grilling, but I’m no where near this guy in terms of knowledge.

I realize this is not one of our step by step, picture by picture, foolproof recipes, and that’s OK. There is some very interesting knowledge to be gained by watching this interview. And something Mr. Lampert said in the video will guide the direction of in the coming months.


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