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The grill light to end all grill lights? You’re thinking I’m being a little overdramatic, right? I mean one grill light is as good as any, right? Trust me on this, they aren’t. With the title Original Grillin’ Fool, this guy gets lots of gadgets for Christmas and birthdays. I’ve gotten quite a few lights. Most of them work great for a while, but after a few months in the elements, water gets in them and they stop working. I don’t know 100% for sure, but I assume the water gets in around the power button. It’s generally the only moving part around the circuitry and the battery. That’s why the Kuisiware Grill Lantern is brilliant. Yeah, I said brilliant! The on/off switch is not a moving part. I took a video of the power button.

All you do is make contact with the on/off button with your finger and it shines bright. And I mean shines bright. Most lights are a single set of LED’s. This has two.

Kuisiware Grill Lantern

The Kuisiware fits on any grill handle. Even though the bracket is curved it attaches well to the square handle of my Grill Dome Kamado.

Kuisiware Grill Lantern

Now mind you, I haven’t had the grill light long enough to test it over six months or a year, but I will definitely come back and update this post when I’ve had it that long. And despite this being a paid review, all of you know, I wouldn’t review something that I didn’t truly like and I make it known to whomever I’m doing the review for that if I see something I don’t like, so if this thing dies on me in a few months I will add that to the review. So far, I don’t have anything negative to say. In fact, all I have are positives about the Kuisiware Grill Lantern. The lack of any seam or gap around the power button puts this grill light above all others. It’s simply painted on but sensitive to the touch of a finger much like a smart phone screen.

Kuisiware Grill Lantern

This really is a neat gadget for any grill enthusiast who is also gadget junky like I am. But what about the price? As of right now, it’s about $30 on Amazon. Not the highest in the field of grill lights but not the lowest either. I’d be willing to pay a little extra for this light but it will by no means break the bank and the batteries are included (two AA).

Kuisiware Grill Lantern

I like this little grill light so much that it is going in my grill gadgets article for Father’s Day in 2015. But if you’re looking for a gift for that griller in your life before then, say for Christmas which is not all that far away as of this post going up on the site, then by all means drop this in a stocking. About the only downfall to this light that might be magnified after Christmas is it will not turn on with the swipe from a gloved hand unless the gloves are designed to be used on smart phones. It needs the conductivity of the skin to turn on, which is part of the reason it’s so cool. But that’s minor to me if it will last me a few years.

Kuisiware Grill Lantern

As usual, if you have any questions or comments for the Kuisiware Grill Lantern, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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Will this also fit the green egg?



It will fit on any grill…


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