Grilled Tater Tot Bombs - 14

Tater tot bombs are all the rage on Pin­ter­est, so I decid­ed to take it one bet­ter and make grilled tater tot bombs. What is that exact­ly? Well, they’re tater tots, obvi­ous­ly, with some bacon and brown sug­ar as well as added kick of some BBQ rub. So in a word, A.MAZ.ING!

And yes, guys can go to Pin­ter­est. Lots of grilling stuff on there and I get a TON of inspi­ra­tion from Pin­ter­est.

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs Ingredients:

24 tater tots
your favorite BBQ rub (we used some Code 3 Spices 5–0 rub)
8 slices of bacon, cut into thirds
brown sug­ar

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Only four ingre­di­ents for this rip­pin’ good recipe

The star of this show is the one and only — BACON!

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
bacon, Bacon, BACON!

This is a spon­sored post by Farm­land and their Bacon Club, and as many of you know, I won’t do a spon­sored post unless I absolute­ly believe in the prod­uct. When Farm­land Bacon con­tact­ed me, I didn’t have to research the prod­uct or do some sam­pling. I mean it’s bacon! They had me when I saw who the sender was in my email even before I opened it. It’s Bacon!

So let’s make some grilled tater tot bombs. Hit the tots with your favorite BBQ rub:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Rub them tots!

Then grab a slice of bacon and lay it flat on a cut­ting board and place one of the tater tots at the end of the slice:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs - 05
Tater tot, meet bacon. Bacon, meet tater tot.

Roll the tater up in the bacon until there is some over­lap and then slice:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
In the immor­tal words of Chevy Chase in Vaca­tion, “Roll ‘em up!”

You should be able to get three tater tots per slice of bacon, four if you stretch it.

Next roll the bacon wrapped tater tot in some brown sug­ar:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Who wouldn’t want to roll around in brown sug­ar?

I went ahead and dou­ble skew­ered my soon to be grilled tater tot bombs. They can rotate and flip back over when try­ing to turn them on a sin­gle tooth­pick. I had some long tooth­picks so I was able to do two tots on the same two tooth­picks but also did a cou­ple sin­gles. Here’s what one looks like ready for the grill:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Let’s get them on the grill!

Speak­ing of the grill, I have my mighty fine, Car­di­nal red, Grill Dome Kama­do Grill lit and rid­ing about 325 with a plate set­ter between the fire and the grill grates:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
There is not a pret­ti­er grill out there, or one that func­tions as good as this does!

Place the tater tot bombs on the grill and close the lid:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
On the Grill Dome

So a few of the tots lost their ends like this one:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs

I’m guess­ing that wouldn’t have hap­pened had I just made up a batch and put them on the grill. It’s not that sim­ple for a grill blog­ger like myself. My process goes like this. I set out all the ingre­di­ents, stage a cou­ple dif­fer­ent set ups and take a bunch of pic­tures, then take bacon shots, then shots of the bacon club logo, then the mak­ing of the bombs (you get the idea), on my way to just short of 400 pic­tures. That’s right. I have to take 400 pic­tures to get 15 that are worth any­thing. I’m not a great pho­tog­ra­ph­er. I’ve improved a lot, but I have a long way to go. I live by the rule of quan­ti­ty makes qual­i­ty. In oth­er words, I need 400 blind squir­rels to find 15 nuts.

Because it took so long to take all the pic­tures, the tater tots were com­plete­ly thawed and thus fell apart some­what. They should hold up much bet­ter for some­one not tak­ing 400 pic­tures while grilling.

Here are the tot bombs about 15 min­utes in and ready to flip over:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Ready to flip

Here they are at the 30 minute mark, after flip­ping at 15 min­utes, and these bad boys are done. Tim­ing might be a lit­tle dif­fer­ent on your grill. Just look for the bacon to brown and crisp up a bit, but don’t expect the bacon to be super crisp. That’s not how these work:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs - 13

Here’s a close up of a cou­ple right before I mowed them down:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
That looks good enough to eat. #Dont­Min­dI­fI­Do

I high­ly rec­om­mend let­ting these cool for a cou­ple min­utes or risk an emer­gency room vis­it for burns to your mouth. OK, it’s not that bad, but these pup­pies are scorch­ing on the inside when they come off the grill.

And here is the after­math myself and my best friend, Chad, had after we taste test­ed the grilled tater tot bombs to make sure they were wor­thy of this web­site:

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
They Are Wor­thy!

Just a warn­ing. These things are so good, you might be tempt­ed to eat the tooth­picks. Don’t do that.

Check this link for more grilled appe­tiz­er recipes.

If you have any ques­tions or com­ments about these amaz­ing appe­tiz­ers, feel free to leave them below or shoot me and email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
Recipe type: Appe­tiz­er
Cui­sine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Tater tots, dust­ed with BBQ rub, wrapped in bacon, coat­ed in brown sug­ar and then grilled. Yeah, I know that sounds ridicu­lous­ly good, because it is!
  • 24 tater tots
  • your favorite BBQ rub (we used some Code 3 Spices 5–0 rub)
  • 8 slices of bacon, cut into thirds
  • brown sug­ar
  1. Dust the tater tots with the BBQ rub
  2. Roll each tot in ⅓ slice of bacon and then dredge them in brown sug­ar
  3. Skew­er the tots with tooth­picks
  4. Pre­pare the grill for two zone or indi­rect grilling with coals on one side and noth­ing on the oth­er, or in the case of my Grill Dome Kama­do, put the plate set­ter down between the coals and the meat
  5. Tar­get tem­per­a­ture inside the grill is 325
  6. Place the tater tot bombs on the grill and close the lid for approx­i­mate­ly 15 min­utes
  7. Once the bacon browns on the bot­tom, flip them over for anoth­er 15
  8. Remove from the heat and allow to cool for a few min­utes or risk burn­ing.
And now a col­lage for your view­ing plea­sure… Grilled Tater Tot Bombs
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We LOVE bacon wrapped tots but try to lim­it our­selves to hav­ing them a few times a year dur­ing tail­gate sea­son. I like how you dou­ble stacked them, great idea for mak­ing it eas­i­er to han­dle and serve them. I’m switch­ing to that.

I think the ones where the bacon squeezes the tots like an ana­con­da are the best tast­ing ones!

Damn, that’s a sexy kama­do, isn’t it? Are Grill Domes like Thermapens where each own­er insists their col­or is the best?



Yeah, the red Grill Dome is obvi­ous­ly the supe­ri­or grill, with that cop­per col­or a close sec­ond!

What about stuff­ing with pep­per­jack cheese & sprin­kle with hot sauce then roll in brown sug­ar?



I nev­er thought about doing that, but man does that sound amaz­ing! I need to try that!


I won­der if you can buy cheezie tots and use..hmmm…might have to try some maple bacon, too…



I’m sure that cheesy tots would be fan­tas­tic…


These were awe­some tast­ing. The only prob­lem I had was I could not get a tooth­pick to go thru the frozen tator tots so we omit­ted them. Maybe next time I will try to par­tial­ly thaw the tots.


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