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When it comes to A-listers in the BBQ world, these guys are it. Moe Cason and Tuffy Stone were extremely accomplished competition grillers before everyone and their sister started putting BBQ shows on TV:

Tuffy Stone and Moe Cason - 4


Moe Cason and his competition BBQ team, Ponderosa BBQ, have been named grand champion and reserve grand champion multiple times in 35 states including 2nd place at the Jack Daniel’s Invitational in 2012:

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He’s gotten three perfect scores of 180 in chicken, ribs and pork shoulder. He’s competed on BBQ Pitmasters and later became a judge on the show.

Tuffy Stone and his competition BBQ team, Cool Smoke, won the Jack Daniel’s Invitational in 2013. He owns a chain of BBQ restaurants in Virginia called Q Barbeque:

Tuffy Stone and Moe Cason - 2

He’s also been on the show BBQ Pitmasters as a competitor and judge.

And man, do these guys love ribs. They are obsessed with them. They have a website dedicated to ribs and ribs alone. If you think I’m kidding, check out Moe’s answer about grilling at home for nothing other than eating. If this man is not obsessed with ribs, then nobody is.

Visit their website and you can enter a chance to win a trip for two for a private cooking lesson from Tuffy Stone at one of his restaurants in Virginia. Any competition BBQ’er needs to enter that contest. Can you imagine the knowledge that Tuffy Stone can impart on you and your team? Dig around on the site and you will find recipes for Raspberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs, Tangy Smoked Spare Ribs, Grilled Pork Fajitas, and Southwest Kabobs. And of course, enter the contest while finding those amazing recipes.

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I read somewhere that back in 2011 you guys did some sort of cooking class, is that right? If so, does Grillin Fools plan on doing anything like that again? I have become absolutely obsessed with grilling/smoking and a huge contributer of that has been grillinfools.com. I would love a chance to cook with you guys and learn a thing or two.


Zach, we will be teaching classes again this fall at both Schnuck’s and Dierberg’s. I believe we have a class scheduled at each in September and then something again in late October. I don’t have anything more definite than that right now.

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