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Recently, I got a chance to sit down with Chef Christo Gonzales, one of my fellow Char-Broil All Stars, an acclaimed NYC chef who blogs at Christo is incredible in all aspects of the game from the food itself, plating and photography. Speaking of photography, Christo is a Selfie Ninja as seen in the collage above as in one of those he’s photobombing another selfie of David Olson with his own selfie (upper right). David is taking a selfie and Christo jumps in behind and gets his own, bombing David’s picture.

Did I mention he has one of the best vistas from his grill of just about anyone I know? It’s the NYC skyline as you can see from the picture below that I swiped from his site:

Christo Skyline
Are you kidding me with that view?

I don’t know which is better, the pizzas or the skyline?

Christo hosts a weekly radio show on Grilliant Ideas Radio. We talked fresh/seasonal veggies, planking, reverse searing, the Summer of Steak which included artisan steaks and some lesser cuts like Teres Major otherwise known as Petite Tenders. Never heard of that steak? You definitely need to listen then!

This podcast is only about 30 minutes, but we cover a ton of ground:

New Food Podcasts with Grilliant Ideas Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio


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