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Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 23b

This bacon wrapped salmon bites recipe was devel­oped with Grillin’ Fool Tom while vaca­tion­ing in Michi­gan last sum­mer.  The salmon we used for this recipe was swim­ming in Lake Michi­gan that morn­ing before we took the pic­tures so it was as fresh as fresh can be. We real­ize that this is not fea­si­ble for all, so we strong­ly encour­age you look for Cop­per Riv­er Salmon from Alas­ka at your local gro­cer. We real­ly love their Coho salmon late in the sea­son. Cop­per Riv­er Salmon has the best salmon avail­able.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites ingre­di­ents:

1 lb bone­less salmon filet trimmed into bite-sized chunks
6–8 bacon slices
Andria’s Steak Sauce
Your favorite sea­son­ing (we used Riley’s Gar­lic & Pep­per Sea­son­ing)
Your favorite bbq sauce

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 08

The star of this show is the salmon:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 02

Notice the lit­tle pin bones above peak­ing out from the pink salmon meat?  They must be removed to ren­der the filet bone­less. The removal process is a tedious one. Nee­dle nose pli­ers are your best bet:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 03

Once one has done some debon­ing does that make one debonair? De-Bone-Air?

Next step would be remov­ing the skin from the deboned filet:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 11

In this pho­to the dark fat­ty meat that lies between the skin and the filet is not all that tasty.  Grillin’ Fool Tom removes the fat­ty part with his filet knife:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 15

Scott George (not Grillin’ Fool Scott) assists cut­ting salmon filet into bite size pieces:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 16

The salmon filet is first cut into strips approx­i­mate­ly ¾ of an inch thick, then cut cross­ways (lengths vary), with the result­ing chunks close to the size of the bacon width:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - Collage 01

Time to bacon wrap. Has any­one ever record­ed a bacon rap song? Per­haps some­one should.

***Editor’s Note ~ Per­haps not***

The bacon slices are cut in half, salmon is wrapped, secured with tooth­picks, and placed into a tray await­ing sea­son­ing.  Thin sliced bacon was used as it cooks quick­ly match­ing the salmon:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - Collage 02

This is what we’re going to use to take the bacon-wrapped salmon bites fur­ther into fla­vor town, Andria’s, Riley’s and a sweet BBQ sauce:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 09

Brad super­vis­es the Tom and Scott George assem­bly line:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 25

First Tom hits the salmon bites with Riley’s Gar­lic & Pep­per Sea­son­ing:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 26

Then just a dab (a lit­tle dab’l do ya’) of Andria’s Steak Sauce to each one:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 28

And the tasty morsels are ready for the grill:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 29

Tom’s got the fire going on the Char-Broil 500X, our favorite trav­el­ing char­coal grill:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 30

While wait­ing for the fire to be ready Tom pours some of Jame­s­port Brewery’s finest prod­uct.  Tom enjoyed the IPA but Greg’s favorite was the Apri­cot Wheat. Jame­s­port Brew­ery is in the town near where we go for vaca­tion and makes some amaz­ing craft beer.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - Collage 03

Grill time. They look good enough to eat before meet­ing the fire:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 35

The grill crew:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 36

Bacon wrapped salmon bites — vaca­tion-style with a lit­tle BBQ sauce in the mid­dle to dip the bites in, although they were good enough to stand on their own:

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites - 42

A tasty treat on a sum­mer after­noon any­where, with some great brew.  The grilled on fla­vor of Andria’s Steak Sauce off­set with a dip of the sweet BBQ sauce cre­at­ed a bacon and salmon lovers’ delight.  For your next grill out, gath­er­ing, or even Super Bowl par­ty, we sug­gest try­ing this sim­ple recipe, your guests will love it.

If you have any ques­tions or com­ments, leave them below or shoot me an email.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon Bites
Recipe type: Appe­tiz­er
Cui­sine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6–8
Salmon chunks, wrapped in bacon, sea­soned superbly and grilled to make a tru­ly unique appe­tiz­er
  • 1 lb bone­less salmon filet trimmed into bite-sized chunks
  • 6–8 bacon slices
  • Andria’s Steak Sauce
  • Your favorite sea­son­ing (we used Riley’s Gar­lic & Pep­per Sea­son­ing)
  • Your favorite bbq sauce
  1. Debone the salmon filet and remove the skin
  2. Slice into ¾ inch bite size chunks
  3. Slice the bacon strips in half and wrap each half bacon slice around one chunk of salmon
  4. Sea­son with the Riley’s and then a dab of the Andria’s
  5. Place on a medi­um hot fire until the bacon is cooked (and so will the salmon)
  6. Remove from the heat and serve with a sweet BBQ dip­ping sauce
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