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There is more food planning done for the Super Bowl than all but two days a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Super Bowl is practically a holiday. I read that more people call in sick on the Monday after the Super Bowl than any other day of the year. So basically, it’s an epic, nationwide, if not worldwide, party. Let me help you make sure your party is epic too. Here are my top 5 Super Bowl appetizers for the big game this year.

#1 – Meat Lollipops

Meat Lollipops
Meat + Fire = Good

Let’s start out with an amusing appetizer. If you’re on this site, you probably love meat. And who doesn’t like lollipops? Not those kinds of lollipops. These lollipops:

Meat Lollipops
Every boy loves a lolly, and men love meat lollies

These meat lollipops are a sure conversation starter and when paired with a variety of sauces make an outstanding appetizer. Simply roll up flattened rib eye, sausage and ham into a meat log:

Meat-Lollipops-Collage 1
Layer the meat on top of each other and roll into a log

Then skewer with the lollipop sticks and slice into meat lollipops:

Meat-Lollipops-Collage 2
Skewer and make into lollies

Next, grill over high heat:

Meat Lollipops
Soon to wow your party guests

Serve with flavored dipping sauces.

You can click this link to find more detailed instructions.

#2 – Grilled Oysters with Herb Butter

Grilled Oysters
Sweet, sweet, smoky grilled oysters

Chips and salsa, chips and dip, chips and gaucamole have been done over and over and over and over, particularly that last one. I’ll get to that a little farther down. It’s time to shake things up with an appetizer that will have your guests talking about it on Monday more than the game or the commercials.

Mix up some tasty compound butter:

Grilled oysters collage 1
That’s a sure tip to flavor town

Then shuck some oysters and add a dollop of the compound butter to each:

oysters collage 2

Add a pinch of cheese to each soon to be grilled oyster and place on the grill:

Oh, glorious grilled oysters

Buy twice as many as you think you will need. Trust me here.

Here are the step by step, foolproof instructions on how to make those grilled oysters

#3 – White Sauce Chicken Wings

White Sauce Wings - 206a
Best wings you’ll ever have!

Wings and football are an iconic combination. But seeing how this is the big game, you better bring your A-game chicken wings. There may not be a better wing recipe on the planet than these white sauce wings.

Mix up a white BBQ sauce:

White Sauce Wings09
Trust me here. It’s ridiculously good

Then, season and smoke some wings before putting them over the fire to crisp up the skin:

White Sauce Wings Collage - 3
Mmmmmm, Crispy Chicken Wings!

Then remove the wings from the grill and dunk in the white BBQ sauce:

White Sauce Wings18
Dunk away!

For picture by picture grilling instructions on how to make these succulent delights, click here.

#4 – Pull Apart Bacon Cheesy Bread

Grilled Bacon Cheddar Bread - 094
How friggin’ great does that look? Be honest.

For the love of all things delicious and grilled, don’t set out that rye round and dill dip for your guests. Nothing says great party like an appetizer that take 20 seconds to prepare. This doesn’t take much longer than that and will blow your mind in the process.

Mix up a butter, herb slurry:

Bacon Cheddar Bread Collage 2
The tasty-town glue that hold this delicious app together

Then cut a grid across a round of bread, making sure not to cut all the way through:

Bacon Cheddar Bread Collage1
Cut a grid pattern across the loaf

Then fill in the gaps you have created with bacon, cheese and the butter slurry:

Grilled Bacon Cheddar Bread - 078
Stuff with bacon, cheese and drizzle with the slurry

Next wrap in foil and place on the grill to melt the cheese and warm up the bread:

Grilled Bacon Cheddar Bread - 093
Ready to serve

For in-depth instructions on how to make this amazing appetizer, click this link.

#5 – Grilled Avocados

Grilled Avocados - 094
So amazingly good

Americans eat more avocados on Super Bowl Sunday than the rest of the year combined. And 99.9% of it is done in the form of that green goop at the end of a chip. Tasty goop, but goop none the less. Skip that goop and grill those avocados. Oh, and stuff them with grilled shrimp, gooey cheese and crumbly bacon.

First, grill up some shrimp and set them aside:

Grilled Avocados - 039
Grill up some shrimp

Slice the avocados in half, remove the pit and coat with your favorite rub and than slap on a uber hot grill, flat side down to get some grill marks:

Prep the avocados and grill those bad boys

Once you get grill marks on the avocado halves, flip them over and place chunks of the shrimp into the hole in the avocado vacated by the pit and top with some cheese:

Grilled Avocados - Collage
Stuff with shrimp and cheese

Close the lid to melt the cheese and then add the crumbled bacon:

Grilled Avocados - 079
Cheesy, shrimpy and bacony, and greeny!

Close the lid, warm up the bacon and then serve with a spoon.

For step by step instructions on how to make grilled avocados for your Super Bowl party, click this link.

These are my top 5 grilled appetizers for the Super Bowl this year. Please share these with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google + or whatever other platform you choose. We would greatly appreciate it.



Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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https://t.co/lVWgniik3V - #GrillPorn abounds here. All meat, all the time!
Lucky for you, if you missed @qintheloustl ) last weekend yoy can still get these amazing … https://t.co/lsdcSiOwsc https://t.co/U8GYVvz0QB - 5 hours ago
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Tom Jones

Tom Jones


https://t.co/lVWgniik3V - #GrillPorn abounds here. All meat, all the time!
Lucky for you, if you missed @qintheloustl ) last weekend yoy can still get these amazing … https://t.co/lsdcSiOwsc https://t.co/U8GYVvz0QB - 5 hours ago
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Waited too long to get the unfrozen chicken wings at the store. Had to get the frozen bag instead. Thoughts on how I should get them grill ready ASAP? Thaw under cool water? Heat in oven for a while then transfer to grill? Help!



Thaw under cool, running water, smoke indirect until the chicken wings get to about 150 degrees and then put on the hot side of the grill to crisp up the skin and take the wings to 165. Then serve. Happy Super Bowl!


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