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When I was a youngster I remember my mother treating we kids with a creation she called Pigs in Blankets.  I seem to recall the creation was simply a hot dog encased in biscuit dough then baked in the oven.  We thought it was just the greatest thing to eat but that was in what seemed like a simpler era.  Now this Grillin’ Fool came across a recipe that had been hiding in the home office for quite a while and will take that simple treat and kick it up a few notches (I still love Emeril Lagasse).

First we need some big wieners, hot dogs, or dawgs!  Lots of big dawgs…who let the dawgs out!?! ***Editor’s Note ~ Groan***

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 013
NICE Wieners!

Now these aren’t just any old wieners, they’re beef grillers like the gourmet hot dogs at the stadium and Mateker’s Meat and Catering has them for you all the time.  Let’s select a wiener and give it a closer look:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 035
That’s a big wiener

So how do we know that our wiener is big?  Of course, we measure it!  Our wiener is the bottom one and the other dog is the regular jumbo (?) variety sold in most stores…there is a significant difference as you can see.  I’m now wishing I had taken a girth shot…hmmm…maybe I can add that later:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 169
I’ve got your jumbo right here

As you can see, a big wiener casts an even bigger shadow:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 045
Very artsy, dad!

Now let’s bring in the rest of the items needed to dress up the dogs.  You’ve never dressed up the dogs?  It’s time to learn.

Big Dawgs Under Wraps Ingredients:

8 good quality dogs (both Mateker’s and C & C Butcher carry high quality dogs)
16 oz spicy (or not) refried beans
1-2 poblano chile peppers
16 flour tortillas 8-inch size (enough to handle a big dog!)
Mustard (I used jalapeno but sub honey-mustard for a milder flavor)
1 package shredded Monterey jack cheese
Cooking spray

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 023
The ingrédients sans cheese

Missed the cheese in the previous photo. Ah well. You know what cheese looks like. If you want to make this a paleo recipe, skip the cheese.

First the peppers must be roasted. Place them over a hot fire:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 048
Nothing better than roasted peppers

Once the peppers get a nice char all the way around pull them from the grill:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 084
That’s your ticket to flavor town, my friend

The skin will be bitter, so peel the grill roasted peppers and slice into strips (discarding the seeds if you want to lessen the heat).  I could probably use a lift from Christo Gonzalez about now:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 087
How’s the tongue twister go, Peter peeled a peck of roasted peppers?

Then the dogs hit the grill.  Why am I only using 3 wieners (that last one was sliced in half)?  How else would I have a three dog night?  Seriously it was just the two of us and I saved the rest of the wieners for another time. Put the dogs over that same hot fire:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 092
Two of my favorite things, meat and fire

After a few moments the dogs pick up a good char and can be removed from the grill. Back inside to finish the wraps:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 113
Yeah, we put grill marks on our hotdogs.

Next add jalapeno mustard to a flour tortilla, followed by the salsa verde and the grill roasted peppers:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - Collage1
Time to make the blankets part of pigs in a blanket

Add a layer of Monterey jack cheese and then add another flour tortilla and cover with the refried beans.

***Pro Tip ~ Heat the refried beans stovetop with a bit of water to make application smoother***

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - Collage2
These piggies are cold. They need a second blanket

Place the big dogs as shown.  Notice the dog that I sliced almost in half?  I think it made the wrap a bit more manageable while handling and doubled the surface area of each bite thus increasing that charred dog flavor:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - Collage3
Lay them on the blankets

All wrapped up, the outside hit with the cooking spray before finishing on the grill:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 129
All wrapped up, like a bug, snug in a rug

Place back on the hot grill till each side accrues some nice grill marks:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 205
Time to make everything all warm and melty and a little crunch

Don’t turn away from the wraps once they are on the grill…they can char quickly.  I stepped away to have a couple sips (ok…gulps) of Kraftig Lager and almost burnt the wraps.

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 143
Yeah, we put grill marks on our tortillas too

Remove from the grill and place on a cutting board for slicing or serve them whole:

Big Dawgs Under Wraps - 212
Final destination, flavor town in the heart of almost forgotten youth

Mimi tried this recipe with me and gave it two thumbs up and so with that seal of approval I’ve prepared this simple meal several times since.  This wrap can be customized further depending on your taste and I can assure you the layers of flavor will please many. Skipping the cheese will make it paleo friendly as well.

***Editor’s Note ~ I can attest to how wonderful these were. I had some leftover after dad made another batch. They were ridiculously good. Basically, grown up Pigs in a Blanket***

In addition, I hope everyone understands the restraint exercised while doing this write-up, so many opportunities for so many more double entendres.

Big Dawgs Under Wraps!
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8
A grown up version of pigs in a blanket done on the grill and doctored up with some unusual condiments and easily converted to paleo friendly
  • 1-2 poblano chile peppers
  • 8 good quality dogs (both Mateker’s and C&C Butcher carry high quality dogs)
  • 16 oz spicy (or not) refried beans
  • 16 flour tortillas 8-inch size (enough to handle a big dog!)
  • Mustard (I used jalapeno but sub honey-mustard for a milder flavor)
  • 1 jar salsa verde
  • 1 package shredded Monterey jack cheese (skip the cheese to make it paleo friendly)
  • Cooking spray
  1. Roast the peppers, peel the skins and slice into strips
  2. Grill the hot dogs over high heat and remove from heat after they get a good char
  3. Warm the beans in a pot
  4. Lay out 8 tortillas and add a layer of mustard, salsa verde, and cheese (omit cheese to make this recipe paleo)
  5. Place another tortilla over the others
  6. Cover each with a layer of warmed beans
  7. Add a hot dog to each set of tortillas and roll them up
  8. Spray each rolled tortilla with cooking spray
  9. Grill on each side to get some nice browning all the way around
  10. Remove from the heat, slice and serve


We made these last night. I am not a big mustard fan so I used the Honey mustard idea. I enjoyed the peppers and sweet mustard.
You were spot on using the Matekers hot dogs. I had seen the hot dogs before but never bought them. They were wonderful.
The Big Dawgs were on the very savory side. My tastes live more on the sweet side. Any ideas to adjust the recipe?
We went light on the refried beans but it is almost not needed.
I guess that can be left up to personal taste.
Thanks again for sharing so many great ideas.



Maybe a little cinnamon or even Chinese 5 Spice in the beans?


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