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I buy a lot of meat. I buy a lot, grill a lot and of course eat a lot of meat. I know my meat and am so privileged to have a fantastic meat market almost in my backyard – Mateker Meats and Catering. Sure they sponsor this site and help us to keep all of our step by step, picture by picture, foolproof grilling posts absolutely free. But you don’t have to own a grilling blog to see and taste how fantastic their meat is. And it’s not just the meat, it’s the way a butcher shop should be. When people ask me about Mateker’s, after I blurt out, “Fantastic meat,” I make this analogy. There are a lot of great butchers in the area. Some are new. Some are old. Some are trendy and some are rustic. I’m not the kind of guy to go to the trendy martini bar. I like that laid back, comfortable corner pub that it just feels right when I walk in the door. That, to me, is Mateker’s. I feel like Norm walking into Cheers, everybody knows my name and there is a bar stool that is perfectly fitted to my rear end waiting for me to settle in and order a cold frosty one, or in this case, a thick rib eye.

And they aren’t just a butcher shop. They can rent you a trailered grill so you can cook for a crowd or they will come out and cater the entire deal for you whether you want to do a pig roast for Memorial Day or want to feed everyone mouth watering pork steaks for a graduation party, they have you covered. Save yourself the hassle of all the prep and grilling and have Mateker’s out to cater your next event.

But let’s get down to brass tacks. Why should you go to Mateker’s? The meat will get you in the door, everything else will make you a fan for life:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 030
Prime Rib

I am in love with their steaks. Maybe love is a little much. Obsessed. Hypnotized. Addicted. Haunted. Smitten. Let’s put it this way, I eat them way more than my cardiologist would like. Check out these fat porterhouses:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 035
Fat Porterhouse

Or maybe a bacon wrapped filet?

Mateker Meats and Catering - 051
Pyramid of Filets

Steak doesn’t have to be in huge slabs of meat. Don’t forget grinding it up for fantastic burgers:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 025
The best ground beef!

One more steak picture. Their rib eyes melt in your mouth:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 061
A whole rib eye

I lied. One more steak picture. Don’t forget about the steak that was born right here in St. Louis. The pork steak!

Mateker Meats and Catering - 117
Mmmmmm, Pork Steaks

They also cook some amazing food in house like their own home made chips:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 116
These chips are divine!

I was told that we shouldn’t call them Charlie’s Chips for Charlie Mateker, third generation owner of Maketer Meats and Catering. These are Andrew’s Chips:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 160
Andrew can’t wait to make you some fresh chips

They also make a mean fried chicken!

Mateker Meats and Catering - 186
Not sure this needs a caption. I think the pic speaks for itself

As well as BBQ ribs:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 183
Mmmmmm, ribs

They make their sausages in house too:

Mateker's Collage 1

And they carry the absolute best brat in the city, in my opinion. If you haven’t tried these, you have to do so and I mean immediately:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 176
My favorite bratwurst ever

But their signature item is their honey marinated meats. These things are phenomenal and I plan on doing a detailed write up on them in the very near future:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 008
You have to try their honey roasts

They also have a full line of sauces, rubs and marinades:

Mateker's Collage2
Excellent selection

Don’t forget the their own BBQ sauce and a nice selection of smoke wood:

Mateker's Collage 3
The essentials of grilling

Don’t forget the charcoal, this being the best charcoal I’ve ever used:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 226
Best Charcoal in the World

Do you understand why this place is a griller’s dream?

If you haven’t noticed that I included a lot of people in the pictures. That’s because you are going to see the same guys every time you go in. They will learn what you like and treat you right rather than like a number. I’ve been going into Mateker’s for some time and have yet to go in and not have one of these three get me something for my grill:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 145
From the left, Jerry, Charlie and Matt under the swordfish

Seems sort of odd that the sort of mascot for Mateker’s is that giant fish. These guys are well rounded and carry seafood too:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 070
Not just a meat market

I have to give you one piece of advice though. Never comment on how much the owner, Charlie Mateker, looks like this figurine in his store. I made the comment that he must’ve posed for the artist to sculpt the little statue and he was not happy. You be the judge. Compare the guy in the above picture and the one below:

Mateker Meats and Catering - 150
Charlie needs to get some sun!

Just kidding. Charlie took it like a champ and laughed it off!

Go check out the good people at Mateker’s and support those that support us. We only take sponsorships from products we absolutely believe in and we believe in everything they do at Mateker’s. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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Mateker’s is great. It’s where I always buy my grilling/smoking meat. Just last weekend I bought a 4# pork butt from them and make some wonderful pulled pork off my Char-Griller Akorn. It was really good quality meat. I’m glad that Mateker’s is a sponsor of yours.



Not nearly as glad as I am!


Mateker’s is the only place I’ll go for meat… hands down. We eat a lot of steak, and no other butcher or grocery store’s meat compares, in my opinion.

What I enjoy the most is the incredible customer service they provide. Jerry and Matt, especially, always make time to chat with me when I’m in the store, and they’re always happy to cut meat fresh for you, whether it’s a primo filet or lunch meat. You can tell they take great pride in what they do — and in ensuring they make their customers happy.

To put simply: Best. Place. Ever.


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