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Most people think of meat when they think of grilling, but there is a whole legion of vegetarians and vegans out there that grill up some mean eats. While this is not vegan as the recipe calls for butter, sour cream and cheese, it is indeed meatless and ridiculously good. The first time I made it on a dry run to see if it was any good, I ate three ears of corn and could’ve eaten another but we were out. Mind you I made a dozen ears for 5 adults!

Grilled Cheesy Corn Ingredients:

1 stick of salted butter
4 ears of corn, shucked and silks removed
4 tbsp sour cream
1 tbsp Code 3 Spices Rescue Rub
4 tbsp Cotija cheese (a.k.a. Mexican Parmesan Cheese)

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 015
The Ingredients

First step, melt the butter. I did this while grilling up some adobo burgers:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 030
Melting butter as the burgers in the background look on

Once the butter is melted (and burgers done and moved to the side of the grill with no heat) I place the soon to be grilled corn right over the hot coals:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 052
Corn right over the hot coals

Then I brush them with a little butter. I say a little, because if you put too much on, the butter will flame up big time. You can also substitute olive oil or even infused olive oil instead of butter:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 060
Time for a butter bath

Once the corn is browned on one side, roll them over 180 degrees:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 07

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 063
Close Up of the browning without burning my face off or melting the lens as that grill is HOT!

Then hit them with a little more butter:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 071
Another butter bath

Be careful of the flare ups:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 080

Once the bottom of the grilled corn is browned, repeat the process on the two sides as well. When it is browned somewhat on all four sides (which I know isn’t really possible with a round ear of corn, but you get it), remove from the grill and plate:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 091
Plated, but not close to ready to serve

But where is the cheesy part? I’m getting to that. So far we’ve only covered a small part of what makes this grilled corn great. There’s also sour cream, a fantastic rub, and cheese, but Sour Cream Slathered, BBQ rubbed, Cheesy Grilled Corn was way too long a name.

With a knife, spread some sour cream over the corn:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 106
I think the word you are looking for here is ‘Slather’

Then a couple shakes of the Code 3 Spices Rescue Rub:

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 121
And here we’ll go with the word – Shake

Now sprinkle with the Cotija cheese (and if you are wondering how to pronounce it, so am I! I haven’t figured it out either):

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 124
And finally – Sprinkle

And here we have our Cheesy Grilled Corn (with sour cream and BBQ rub):

Cheesy Grilled Corn - 127
Now we can eat the Slathered, Shaken and Sprinkled beauty

I use words like epic, awesome, fantastic and home run a lot in my write ups. In this case, I’m going to go with a word that can have a negative and positive connotation. That word is ‘addictive’ because that is what this cheesy grilled corn is. I made them twice in five days and hope to again inside a week! There is something about the sweetness of the grilled corn, that is more pronounced because of the browning on the grill, along with the sour cream, the savory of the rub and the slight nutty flavor of the cotija cheese that makes this an amazing combination. If you can’t find cotija (I found it in the mexican section at my local grocery store), then substitute parmesan or asiago.

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Grilled Cheesy Corn
Recipe type: Side Dish
Cuisine: Vegetarian BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4
Corn grilled right over fiery hot coals, dredged in butter and browned before being slathered with sour cream, shaken with a BBQ rub and sprinkled with Mexican Parmesan cheese!
  • 1 stick of salted butter
  • 4 ears of corn, shucked and silks removed
  • 4 tbsp sour cream
  • 1 tbsp Code 3 Spices Rescue Rub
  • 4 tbsp Cotija cheese (a.k.a. Mexican Parmesan Cheese)
  1. Melt the butter in a sauce pan
  2. Place the ears of corn right over the hot side of the grill
  3. Brush with a little butter, being careful to avoid a big flare up
  4. Roll the corn over 180 degrees when it is browned on the bottom
  5. Brush with butter again
  6. Once the bottom is browned again, rotate so the side is over the heat and brush with butter
  7. Finally rotate to the last side that has not browned and butter again
  8. Once it is browned all the way around, remove from the grill and take inside to slather with sour cream, shake the BBQ rub over it and then sprinkle with the cheese
  9. Serve
A nice collage of the process:

Cheesy Grilled Corn

Scott Thomas

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Minor little thing, but I’ve grown accustomed to cutting the rounded end off before I prepare corn. It’s just much easier for the little holder things that way (I have some that can withstand being in the smoker, but not over a grill so I put them on before cooking). But I think this is a home run of epic proportions and I think it will be fantastically awesome this weekend on my plate.

Steve / SteevieG (FBG)



It is a home run. I ate three ears the first time I made this and could’ve easily eaten 5!


Hey Scott, I just came across this post on Pinterest and I am definitely going to try it. I usually soak the corn in water for a bit (silk removed, husks still attached) before grilling, but this is so much quicker, easier and tastier I bet. By the way, the cheese is pronunced Koh-tee-ha and is one of my favorites!


Let me know how it comes out, Monica…


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