Chuck Eye Steak1 What is a chuck eye steak? It is often referred to as the poor man’s rib eye and that is for good reason. Rib eyes are cut from the 6th to the 12th rib of the cow. The chuck eye is cut off the 5th rib. Don’t confuse them with chuck steaks. These are chuck EYE steaks. There are only two chuck eye steaks per cow so they aren’t always available. But when they are, they are quite the treat at a much discounted rate from the lauded rib eye:

Chuck Eye Steak - 003
That’s an 11.2 ounce steak for under six bucks!

The chuck eye does not quite have the flavor of the rib eye, particularly the money muscle around the top, outer edge, and isn’t quite as tender, but it is darn close. And for the price difference, it’s well worth the slight downgrade. To compensate for it not quite being a rib eye, I don’t recommend taking the chuck eye steak beyond medium. It also marries well with a marinade prior to grilling or basting during. I always keep my steaks below medium, and opted for the basting with some Andria’s Steak Sauce while I grilled it.


2 chuck eye steaks
Black pepper
White pepper
Andria’s Steak Sauce, reserved for later

No amounts here. I kept it uber simple with this one.

The chuck eye steaks out of their cellophane prison:

Chuck Eye Steak - 010
That’s some good looking meat!

Time to season before we prep the grill:

Chuck Eye Steak - 020
Ready to Season

Hit it with salt, black and white pepper:

Chuck Eye Steak - 022

Chuck Eye Steak - 023

Prepare the grill for high heat, two zone grilling with coals or burners blaring hot on one side and nothing on the other side. In this case, I used the upper rack of my Char-Broil TRU Infrared as the second zone.

Before we go any further, if your grill doesn’t get lava hot anymore, then your steak is going to get roasted rather than seared. Those grill marks are going to be more like grill shadows of what your grill used to be. Before you junk the grill and buy a new one, a lot of the times there is a simple fix. A faulty fuel regulator is MUCH cheaper to replace than the entire grill and surprisingly simple to replace. Let the fine folks at help you out getting that grill back into shape.

Place the steak on the hot side of the grill and rotate after 3-4 minutes 45 degrees to get those perfect grill marks:

Chuck Eye Steak - 033

Chuck Eye Steak - 034

After another 3-4 minutes flip over and repeat on the other side:

Chuck Eye Steak - 041
Can you say Grill Marks?

Don’t forget the basting of Andria’s Steak Sauce after the sear and the first flip:

Chuck Eye Steak - 047
Mmmm, basted goodness!

After it is seared, rotated and seared again on the other side (and grill marks achieved on both sides), flip over and transfer to the cool zone, in this case the top rack of my Char-Broil TRU Infrared:

Chuck Eye Steak - 057
I’m hungry just looking at that!

Another layer of sultry, savory deliciousness from Andria’s:

Chuck Eye Steak - 065

Don’t forget the other steak. The one above was for my Father in Law who likes his steaks medium. The one below is mine, with more great grill marks, which I cooked a bit short of medium:

Chuck Eye Steak - 078

Chuck Eye Steak - 083

Chuck Eye Steak - 086

How much short of medium did I go with mine? You tell me:

Chuck Eye Steak2

And a bonus shot of that wonderful redness!

Chuck Eye Steak - 114

This steak was outstanding. It was highly equivalent to the man part of the rib eye (not the outer money muscle of the much more expensive rib eye), at a much reduced cost. It was tender, juicy and with the added Andria’s, had a ton of flavor. I will be on the look out for these in the future. I plan on stocking my freezer with them. At that price, they are the perfect steak to stock up on particularly with beef prices on the rise.

If you were lucky enough to find a chuck eye, but it’s too cold or too hot to grill outside and you still want to cook that bad boy, may I suggest butter basting the steak inside in a cast iron pan?

If you have any questions about what is a chuck eye steak or how to grill them, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

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What is a Chuck Eye Steak?
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Steak
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Definition of what a chuck eye steaks are and how to simply grill them
  • 2 chuck eye steaks
  • Salt
  • Black pepper
  • White pepper
  • Andria’s Steak Sauce, reserved for later
  1. Coat the steaks with with salt, black and white pepper then prepare the grill
  2. Set the grill for high heat, two zone grilling - blaring hot on one side and cool on the other
  3. Place the steaks on the hot side of the grill, sear for 3-4 minutes, rotate 45 degrees and sear for another 3-4 minutes to get great grill marks
  4. Flip over and repeat the searing process after slathering with Andria's Steak Sauce.
  5. Once the other side is seared, moved to the side with no heat, slather with Andria's and close the lid to bake until the desired doneness.
  6. Bake for 4 minutes to get to medium rare and 8 minutes for medium. Do not cook beyond medium
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It is rare that I see chuck eye steaks at our stores but the next time I will give them a try, yours looks great.



I rarely see them either, but when I do I grab all I can which is usually two!


Just got back from Walmart Neighborhood Market, I saw one 2 pack @ $6.79 lb.
never heard of the cut before so I left without it and came home to research it and found this site.
I’ve got my meat guy on speed dial at “Nugget Market”. He said they had five and is putting aside two for
me, but they don’t always have it.
I then asked him if he could order some in the future on a days notice?
He said what he would do for me is


Sounds like you got the hook up! I haven’t had chuck eye since I did that post and that’s a crying shame!


Great looking steaks! Thanks for sharing this, I’d not seen the cut before and will definitely be in the lookout for them


I live in SE Michigan – my local meijer often has CAB chuckeye roasts and steaks for under $4/lb. For my money its some of the best meat locally available (aside from more expensive cuts and down in eastern market)

I feel like a thief every time my local grocery store has this on sale. It’s normally $6.49/lb (already a deal for how good it is) but just a few days ago had it on sale for $3.49/lb. Yes, please! I took all five packages.

I tried this cut of steak on a whim a couple years ago and fell in love with it. It’s harder to find than most. I’ve noticed that when my local grocer does a huge deal (BOGO, 50% off) on their chuck roasts then that’s when they have a ton of chuck-eye steaks and I snatch up as much as I can.



Excellent tip on when to find these as I rarely find them myself…


I found this page from Google because I have to know how to cook
beef(from chuck part) which on grilled, while I am searching key word
“chuck eye”.
This part of beef, Chuck eye is more cheaper than
others. High oil and hard meat if cooked over, so I prefer what you said
: Beyond medium!!! Thanks.
BUT reeking of meat if too rare…><


Stop telling the world about my secret steak!! Its all I buy. Unfortunately the prices have risen over the last year


I know, I feel the same way. When I ask the butcher to cut me some (if that’s an option) I lower my voice to barely-audible so no-one else will hear me 😀

My son in law was a meat cutter for a major grocer in the area, he turned me onto chuck eye steaks ten yrs ago, and I’ll never go back, the problem is, that the meat cutters have first pick! LOL


KW, yes they do! I rarely find them, but when I do, I buy all of them I can…


OMG, I love the chuck eye. I, too, buy up all the pkgs when I see them. Turned my son onto them and he turned me on to this site. Your steak looks delicious, I wanted to lick the screen. I discovered them 2 years ago and yes, the prices have risen to $6 per lb. but I wait for a sale of under $5 and stock the freezer. Thanks for the article.



Glad to here there are other Chuck Eye enthusiasts out there. What is your favorite way to grill them?


Scott, many times I pan sear in a cast iron pan with steak seasoning. I also use my (don’t laugh) Nu-Wave oven which grills them perfectly. We like them really rare and this does a perfect job. Eva


Could you give us the temperatures you are using? “High” on my old Weber was about 400°F, I have since replaced that grill with a Weber Summit S-670, and when I set the sear section to high (other zones completely off for indirect purposes) the grill generally hovers between 650°F & 675°F when lid is closed.





For me, high means over 500. If I can hold my hand over the grill grates (an inch or so above them) and count to more than 2 before I can’t hold my hand there anymore, then it’s not hot enough…


I marinade chuck eye steaks with Lowery’s Sesame Ginger 30 minute marinade for about an hour at room temperature. Then high heat (@ 450-500) on the grill, 7 minutes one side, 5-6 flipped. Let sit covered a few minutes and on serving sprinkle with pepper, phenomenal. So tender and melts in your mouth. I would easily put this up against a ribeye with this prep and challenge someone to tell the difference. And shhhh! Keep this cut off meat a secret!


Sounds amazing, Theo. I need to try that!


A local butcher turned me onto these several years ago. I look almost every time I go shopping, but rarely see them. Great idea about the BOGO or BO G 1/2 price…….will keep that in mind. Used to be a lot cheaper, but like everything else, it’s gone up. My outdoor grill no longer works, but a quick pan fry and finished in the broiler or super hot oven would be good too :) Happy I found this site.


Hey Scott: Great job. I used to live in Chicago but now, live and work in the Grand Canyon National Park. Since the closest town for shopping here is Flagstaff (an hour and a half drive away), most of us employees here are ‘captive’ (lol) to shopping at the one and only small, local market here. Yet, we have a great butcher (George), who recently began offering these Chuck-Eye steaks (@ $9.69 a pound), in comparison to his rib-eye’s at about $15-16 a pound! Though I had never heard of the cut, thought I try it since although I wanted to ‘reward’ myself with a rare, quality steak dinner, I found the cost of rib-eye shocking. Got the Chuck-eye instead which our butcher George recently began offering. Yet, even being a very experienced griller, I was not exactly sure how to handle it. I am so glad I found your site. EVERYTHING you wrote about the cut, how to handle it and, to cook it, was dead spot on. It takes a bit more knowledge and work to prepare correctly, but you are right, at the cost of beef no day’s (insane), it pay’s to learn. Again, thanks for the great info.


Thanks, Scott! I appreciate that review and I’m glad you now know what the elusive chuck eye is. I would suggest stocking up and throwing them in the freezer. Hard to find them on a consistent basis…


We get fresh beef from our 4H friend, Lisa. This chuck eye was in the packages and thought what is this? Quickly searched the internet and found this site. Cooking/grilling tonight and can hardly wait after reading all the tips and info. Thank you Scott!


Happy to help, Glomeaux. Let me know how they come out!

This is the most under rated cut of beef. It’s beefy juicy if cooked rare. (If your eating steak cooked more then rare you shouldn’t be eating steak). It’s cheap and cooks easy and fast put a little oil in a pan out it on high salt and pepper and throw in the pan turn it down to medium hight after a minute and a half great sear great crust pull out kinish with garlic powder or garlic butter if preferred.


Here in Texas Walmart keeps them in good quantities if you can’t find at a butcher or better quality supermarket. But they taste just as good to me. And I’m picky.


I am an avid chuck eye steak freak…… I am very traditional though. NO Sauces NO Marinades. I had found that a good salt and peppering along with a bit of garlic powder on one side makes a wonderful and flavorful piece of meat. it is very true about cooking either low medium or high rare is the best way to enjoy this delectable piece of cow flesh. there are usually 4 or 6 of these steaks available whenever I go shopping and I buy all they have. call me greedy but I know what I like.



You must live near me because I can never find these things. I’m guessing you bought them all!


Scott Thomas,
Your website has given me much inspiration to cook a steak tonight. However, it’s too cold outside to grill and I do have a Cast Iron pan. I just wanted to know what is a good surface temperature to sear the meat? I have been struggling with this for a while. Sometimes the meat comes out burnt or undercooked. I personally enjoy my meat just like the picture you posted. Medium rare?


Johnny, the best way to cook it inside is on medium to medium low heat and butter baste that bad boy. Luckily, I’ve been doing more stuff inside and just did this a month or so ago and documented it. Best steak I’ve ever cooked:

My dad was a mear cutter and I grww up with this being a mainstay. So good.

I actually think is has MORE flavor than the ribeye. Less fat savory flavor, but more plain beefy flavor. So given the choice I’d actually pick it over the ribeye, even if they were at the same price point. Then again I’ve never been gaga over ribeye, prefering Strip steak the best.

But it is hard to find. Much different than when my dad wold hoard the stuff in the freezer. Now the meat cutters where I shop are hoarding them all for there families, leaving none for us… :(



I wrote that piece a couple years ago and have never seen a chuck eye since. Never…


We just nabbed all the chuck eyes at Hitchcock’s here in Interlachen, Fl tonight. They were awesome….especially at $5.50 a lb!!


You lucky bastard! Nice score, Rooter Guy!

Ive got the hookup i guess according to everyones posts. Local store meat manager calls me everytime they get chuck eye steaks in i go and buy the whole shipment(ussually around 25) about once every two weeks.
Davenport ia


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