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What is a chuck eye steak? It is often referred to as the poor man’s rib eye and that is for good rea­son. Rib eyes are cut from the 6th to the 12th rib of the cow. The chuck eye is cut off the 5th rib. Don’t con­fuse them with chuck steaks. These are chuck EYE steaks. There are only two chuck eye steaks per cow so they aren’t always avail­able. But when they are, they are quite the treat at a much dis­count­ed rate from the laud­ed rib eye:
Chuck Eye Steak - 003
That’s an 11.2 ounce steak for under six bucks!

The chuck eye does not quite have the fla­vor of the rib eye, par­tic­u­lar­ly the mon­ey mus­cle around the top, out­er edge, and isn’t quite as ten­der, but it is darn close. And for the price dif­fer­ence, it’s well worth the slight down­grade. To com­pen­sate for it not quite being a rib eye, I don’t rec­om­mend tak­ing the chuck eye steak beyond medi­um. It also mar­ries well with a mari­nade pri­or to grilling or bast­ing dur­ing. I always keep my steaks below medi­um, and opt­ed for the bast­ing with some Andria’s Steak Sauce while I grilled it.


2 chuck eye steaks
Black pep­per
White pep­per
Andria’s Steak Sauce, reserved for lat­er

No amounts here. I kept it uber sim­ple with this one.

The chuck eye steaks out of their cel­lo­phane prison:

Chuck Eye Steak - 010
That’s some good look­ing meat!

Time to sea­son before we prep the grill:

Chuck Eye Steak - 020
Ready to Sea­son

Hit it with salt, black and white pep­per:

Chuck Eye Steak - 022

Chuck Eye Steak - 023

Pre­pare the grill for high heat, two zone grilling with coals or burn­ers blar­ing hot on one side and noth­ing on the oth­er side. In this case, I used the upper rack of my Infrared Grill (which makes a MEAN steak) as the sec­ond zone.

Place the steak on the hot side of the grill and rotate after 3–4 min­utes 45 degrees to get those per­fect grill marks:

Chuck Eye Steak - 033

Chuck Eye Steak - 034

After anoth­er 3–4 min­utes flip over and repeat on the oth­er side:

Chuck Eye Steak - 041
Can you say Grill Marks?

Don’t for­get the bast­ing of Andria’s Steak Sauce after the sear and the first flip:

Chuck Eye Steak - 047
Mmmm, bast­ed good­ness!

If you need a grill brush to baste the Andria’s (or say BBQ sauce on ribs), I can help you.

After it is seared, rotat­ed and seared again on the oth­er side (and grill marks achieved on both sides), flip over and trans­fer to the cool zone, in this case the top rack of my Char-Broil TRU Infrared:

Chuck Eye Steak - 057
I’m hun­gry just look­ing at that!

Anoth­er lay­er of sul­try, savory deli­cious­ness from Andria’s:

Chuck Eye Steak - 065

Don’t for­get the oth­er steak. The one above was for my Father in Law who likes his steaks medi­um. The one below is mine, with more great grill marks, which I cooked a bit short of medi­um:

Chuck Eye Steak - 078

Chuck Eye Steak - 083

Chuck Eye Steak - 086

How much short of medi­um did I go with mine? You tell me:

Chuck Eye Steak2

Oh, and that knife is one of my favorite Shun knives that slices through steak so fast. The knife is more scal­loped than ser­rat­ed.

And a bonus shot of that won­der­ful red­ness!

Chuck Eye Steak - 114

This steak was out­stand­ing. It was high­ly equiv­a­lent to the man part of the rib eye (not the out­er mon­ey mus­cle of the much more expen­sive rib eye), at a much reduced cost. It was ten­der, juicy and with the added Andria’s, had a ton of fla­vor. I will be on the look out for these in the future. I plan on stock­ing my freez­er with them. At that price, they are the per­fect steak to stock up on par­tic­u­lar­ly with beef prices on the rise.

If you were lucky enough to find a chuck eye, but it’s too cold or too hot to grill out­side and you still want to cook that bad boy, may I sug­gest but­ter bast­ing the steak inside in a cast iron pan?

If you have any ques­tions about what is a chuck eye steak or how to grill them, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

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What is a Chuck Eye Steak?
Recipe type: Entree
Cui­sine: Steak
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 2
Def­i­n­i­tion of what a chuck eye steaks are and how to sim­ply grill them
  • 2 chuck eye steaks
  • Salt
  • Black pep­per
  • White pep­per
  • Andria’s Steak Sauce, reserved for lat­er
  1. Coat the steaks with with salt, black and white pep­per then pre­pare the grill
  2. Set the grill for high heat, two zone grilling — blar­ing hot on one side and cool on the oth­er
  3. Place the steaks on the hot side of the grill, sear for 3–4 min­utes, rotate 45 degrees and sear for anoth­er 3–4 min­utes to get great grill marks
  4. Flip over and repeat the sear­ing process after slather­ing with Andria’s Steak Sauce.
  5. Once the oth­er side is seared, moved to the side with no heat, slather with Andria’s and close the lid to bake until the desired done­ness.
  6. Bake for 4 min­utes to get to medi­um rare and 8 min­utes for medi­um. Do not cook beyond medi­um
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Scott Thomas

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It is rare that I see chuck eye steaks at our stores but the next time I will give them a try, yours looks great.



I rarely see them either, but when I do I grab all I can which is usu­al­ly two!


Just got back from Wal­mart Neigh­bor­hood Mar­ket, I saw one 2 pack @ $6.79 lb.
nev­er heard of the cut before so I left with­out it and came home to research it and found this site.
I’ve got my meat guy on speed dial at “Nugget Mar­ket”. He said they had five and is putting aside two for
me, but they don’t always have it.
I then asked him if he could order some in the future on a days notice?
He said what he would do for me is


Sounds like you got the hook up! I haven’t had chuck eye since I did that post and that’s a cry­ing shame!


Don’t know if u have Pub­lix super­mar­kets where ur from, but they have them on sale this week (10–20 thru 10–26). So I think this is a good time to give them a try..

Great look­ing steaks! Thanks for shar­ing this, I’d not seen the cut before and will def­i­nite­ly be in the look­out for them 


I live in SE Michi­gan — my local mei­jer often has CAB chuck­eye roasts and steaks for under $4/lb. For my mon­ey its some of the best meat local­ly avail­able (aside from more expen­sive cuts and down in east­ern mar­ket)

I feel like a thief every time my local gro­cery store has this on sale. It’s nor­mal­ly $6.49/lb (already a deal for how good it is) but just a few days ago had it on sale for $3.49/lb. Yes, please! I took all five pack­ages.

I tried this cut of steak on a whim a cou­ple years ago and fell in love with it. It’s hard­er to find than most. I’ve noticed that when my local gro­cer does a huge deal (BOGO, 50% off) on their chuck roasts then that’s when they have a ton of chuck-eye steaks and I snatch up as much as I can.



Excel­lent tip on when to find these as I rarely find them myself…


I found this page from Google because I have to know how to cook
beef(from chuck part) which on grilled, while I am search­ing key word
“chuck eye”.
This part of beef, Chuck eye is more cheap­er than
oth­ers. High oil and hard meat if cooked over, so I pre­fer what you said
: Beyond medi­um!!! Thanks.
BUT reek­ing of meat if too rare…><


Stop telling the world about my secret steak!! Its all I buy. Unfor­tu­nate­ly the prices have risen over the last year


I know, I feel the same way. When I ask the butch­er to cut me some (if that’s an option) I low­er my voice to bare­ly-audi­ble so no-one else will hear me :-D

My son in law was a meat cut­ter for a major gro­cer in the area, he turned me onto chuck eye steaks ten yrs ago, and I’ll nev­er go back, the prob­lem is, that the meat cut­ters have first pick! LOL


KW, yes they do! I rarely find them, but when I do, I buy all of them I can…


OMG, I love the chuck eye. I, too, buy up all the pkgs when I see them. Turned my son onto them and he turned me on to this site. Your steak looks deli­cious, I want­ed to lick the screen. I dis­cov­ered them 2 years ago and yes, the prices have risen to $6 per lb. but I wait for a sale of under $5 and stock the freez­er. Thanks for the arti­cle.



Glad to here there are oth­er Chuck Eye enthu­si­asts out there. What is your favorite way to grill them?


Scott, many times I pan sear in a cast iron pan with steak sea­son­ing. I also use my (don’t laugh) Nu-Wave oven which grills them per­fect­ly. We like them real­ly rare and this does a per­fect job. Eva


Could you give us the tem­per­a­tures you are using? “High” on my old Weber was about 400°F, I have since replaced that grill with a Weber Sum­mit S-670, and when I set the sear sec­tion to high (oth­er zones com­plete­ly off for indi­rect pur­pos­es) the grill gen­er­al­ly hov­ers between 650°F & 675°F when lid is closed. 





For me, high means over 500. If I can hold my hand over the grill grates (an inch or so above them) and count to more than 2 before I can’t hold my hand there any­more, then it’s not hot enough…


I mari­nade chuck eye steaks with Lowery’s Sesame Gin­ger 30 minute mari­nade for about an hour at room tem­per­a­ture. Then high heat (@ 450–500) on the grill, 7 min­utes one side, 5–6 flipped. Let sit cov­ered a few min­utes and on serv­ing sprin­kle with pep­per, phe­nom­e­nal. So ten­der and melts in your mouth. I would eas­i­ly put this up against a rib­eye with this prep and chal­lenge some­one to tell the dif­fer­ence. And shh­hh! Keep this cut off meat a secret!


Sounds amaz­ing, Theo. I need to try that!


A local butch­er turned me onto these sev­er­al years ago. I look almost every time I go shop­ping, but rarely see them. Great idea about the BOGO or BO G 1/2 price.……will keep that in mind. Used to be a lot cheap­er, but like every­thing else, it’s gone up. My out­door grill no longer works, but a quick pan fry and fin­ished in the broil­er or super hot oven would be good too :) Hap­py I found this site.


Hey Scott: Great job. I used to live in Chica­go but now, live and work in the Grand Canyon Nation­al Park. Since the clos­est town for shop­ping here is Flagstaff (an hour and a half dri­ve away), most of us employ­ees here are ‘cap­tive’ (lol) to shop­ping at the one and only small, local mar­ket here. Yet, we have a great butch­er (George), who recent­ly began offer­ing these Chuck-Eye steaks (@ $9.69 a pound), in com­par­i­son to his rib-eye’s at about $15–16 a pound! Though I had nev­er heard of the cut, thought I try it since although I want­ed to ‘reward’ myself with a rare, qual­i­ty steak din­ner, I found the cost of rib-eye shock­ing. Got the Chuck-eye instead which our butch­er George recent­ly began offer­ing. Yet, even being a very expe­ri­enced griller, I was not exact­ly sure how to han­dle it. I am so glad I found your site. EVERYTHING you wrote about the cut, how to han­dle it and, to cook it, was dead spot on. It takes a bit more knowl­edge and work to pre­pare cor­rect­ly, but you are right, at the cost of beef no day’s (insane), it pay’s to learn. Again, thanks for the great info.


Thanks, Scott! I appre­ci­ate that review and I’m glad you now know what the elu­sive chuck eye is. I would sug­gest stock­ing up and throw­ing them in the freez­er. Hard to find them on a con­sis­tent basis…


We get fresh beef from our 4H friend, Lisa. This chuck eye was in the pack­ages and thought what is this? Quick­ly searched the inter­net and found this site. Cooking/grilling tonight and can hard­ly wait after read­ing all the tips and info. Thank you Scott!


Hap­py to help, Glomeaux. Let me know how they come out!

This is the most under rat­ed cut of beef. It’s beefy juicy if cooked rare. (If your eat­ing steak cooked more then rare you shouldn’t be eat­ing steak). It’s cheap and cooks easy and fast put a lit­tle oil in a pan out it on high salt and pep­per and throw in the pan turn it down to medi­um hight after a minute and a half great sear great crust pull out kin­ish with gar­lic pow­der or gar­lic but­ter if pre­ferred.


Here in Texas Wal­mart keeps them in good quan­ti­ties if you can’t find at a butch­er or bet­ter qual­i­ty super­mar­ket. But they taste just as good to me. And I’m picky. 


I am an avid chuck eye steak freak.….. I am very tra­di­tion­al though. NO Sauces NO Mari­nades. I had found that a good salt and pep­per­ing along with a bit of gar­lic pow­der on one side makes a won­der­ful and fla­vor­ful piece of meat. it is very true about cook­ing either low medi­um or high rare is the best way to enjoy this delec­table piece of cow flesh. there are usu­al­ly 4 or 6 of these steaks avail­able when­ev­er I go shop­ping and I buy all they have. call me greedy but I know what I like. 



You must live near me because I can nev­er find these things. I’m guess­ing you bought them all!


Scott Thomas,
Your web­site has giv­en me much inspi­ra­tion to cook a steak tonight. How­ev­er, it’s too cold out­side to grill and I do have a Cast Iron pan. I just want­ed to know what is a good sur­face tem­per­a­ture to sear the meat? I have been strug­gling with this for a while. Some­times the meat comes out burnt or under­cooked. I per­son­al­ly enjoy my meat just like the pic­ture you post­ed. Medi­um rare? 


John­ny, the best way to cook it inside is on medi­um to medi­um low heat and but­ter baste that bad boy. Luck­i­ly, I’ve been doing more stuff inside and just did this a month or so ago and doc­u­ment­ed it. Best steak I’ve ever cooked:


My dad was a mear cut­ter and I grww up with this being a main­stay. So good.

I actu­al­ly think is has MORE fla­vor than the rib­eye. Less fat savory fla­vor, but more plain beefy fla­vor. So giv­en the choice I’d actu­al­ly pick it over the rib­eye, even if they were at the same price point. Then again I’ve nev­er been gaga over rib­eye, prefer­ing Strip steak the best.

But it is hard to find. Much dif­fer­ent than when my dad wold hoard the stuff in the freez­er. Now the meat cut­ters where I shop are hoard­ing them all for there fam­i­lies, leav­ing none for us… :( 



I wrote that piece a cou­ple years ago and have nev­er seen a chuck eye since. Nev­er…


We just nabbed all the chuck eyes at Hitchcock’s here in Inter­lachen, Fl tonight. They were awesome.…especially at $5.50 a lb!! 


You lucky bas­tard! Nice score, Root­er Guy!

Ive got the hookup i guess accord­ing to every­ones posts. Local store meat man­ag­er calls me every­time they get chuck eye steaks in i go and buy the whole shipment(ussually around 25) about once every two weeks.
Dav­en­port ia 


Excel­lent web­site! Thanks for the tips on how to grill Chuck­eye steaks. I just pur­chased a cou­ple at Har­ris-Teeter, not know­ing any­thing about them, but the price dif­fer­ence com­pared to the oth­er options ($5.29) looked like a good bet. I’ll be try­ing your method tomor­row night and will let you know how they turn out.

Thanks for no-non­sense, prac­ti­cal, read­able advice and great pics that have my mouth water­ing! Grill on! 



Thank you for the kind words. How did the steaks come out?


Just stum­bled on to these chuck eye steaks at the local gro­cery. Found your site on how to cook them . They were great. I keep my freez­er pret­ty full, but I went back and bought all I could fit into my freez­er at $2.99 / lb. I will keep an eye out for these. Thanks


I’ve been cut­ting meat for 15+years. When I cut one chuck, usu­al­ly weigh­ing 20lbs I gen­er­al­ly cre­ate only 2lbs or so of chuck eye. The secret is find­ing a store that has bnls chuck pot roast or bnls chuck steaks on the front page of their fly­er. They are at a reduced price and very plen­ti­ful those weeks. Avoid places like Wal­mart with pre cut meat because they don’t gen­er­ate the extra chuck eyes.


I found three packs of Chuck Eye Steaks at Wal­mart marked down for quick sale because no one bought them. Marked down to $4.75/lb!! I came home and found this site. Plan to try this out tonight.


SCORE! I lit­er­al­ly haven’t had them since I wrote this arti­cle until last week. Found them for $7/per pound. Got 4 of them for some­thing like $12. FOUR! My old­est and I already pol­ished off 2 of them…


I over­heard a man talk­ing about chuck rib­eye steAk that was avail­able At our local market.thought I would give it a try​.best steak I ever ate,I would put it up against a rib­eye or filet any­time. Now I’ve let the secret out.try these they are del­ish!


Picked up 2 Chuck eye steaks at Wal­mart excel­lent price 5.63 TP 5.86 lb grilled one last night awe­some steak hav­ing the oth­er tonight.


I found this arti­cle because I was research­ing the Chuck Eye cut. Is it crazy that we like it bet­ter than rib­eye? the price on these seems to be going up though.


Great info! Glad I went ahead and put in the bas­ket. Some good day after Thsnks­giv­ing mark­downs in the meat area, so got 1.5 pounds for $4.10, 50% off reg­u­lar price of $8.21. Woo-hoo!


Where I live we have a food depot right beside where I work and these steaks are always on sale. I just picked up three packs with four steaks a piece in them for under ten dol­lars!!! Nev­er tried grilling but they do make a mean roast in the crock pot. Thanks for all the great grilling advice going to put it to use this weekend…Happy grilling from Warn­er Robins, Geor­gia!!!!


I just found your site while look­ing up how to cook them! Fun­ny sto­ry is that I ordered from Wal­mart Gro­cery, the pick up ser­vice, and they gave me Chuck Eye instead of rump roast. I was bummed that I didn’t get what I want­ed but after read­ing this site, I am excit­ed to try it!!! Sounds yum­my!


my hus­band works in a gro­cery store and we get 8 to 10 of these steaks every 2 weeks. It’s great!!! Hon­est­ly they are now my favorite steak. We sea­son and grill them and we are very spoiled to have them often.


Scott I’m going to try to reverse sear a cou­ple tonight, any sug­ges­tions on sea­son­ing? I’m going to smoke them until they hit 115 and then throw them on the grill grates at 500 for 45 sec­onds each side twice to get those grill marks


Sor­ry, Brett, just saw this. How did they come out? What did you use?


Scott, great web­site and per­fect instruc­tions for the chuck eye. I leave in west­ern pa and have known about the chuck eye steak for about 10 years. My bud­dies and I are amazed how many folks don’t know about the chuck eye and watch peo­ple pass them up for a far worse steak. Then I swoop in behind and pur­chase all the chuck eyes avail­able.


With only two per cow, was hop­ing this lit­tle secret would keep fly­ing under the radar. Dad intro­duced me to these about 20 years ago. Cooked properly(Med Rare) Oh my!


Mei­jer in Detroit metro area has them for 2.99 a lb right now.


I am lucky that my local Safe­way has chuck eye steaks most days. They make two eight ounce pack­ages. Some­times the have one pack­age and some­times two. I love chuck eye steaks.


Love the steaks
My local super­mar­ket butch­er got me hooked
Too bad he told so many peo­ple…
Hard to find… Only when the chuck roast are on sale..
U grab all I can when I see them
Also no sauce or mari­nades for me.
Course salt, fresh ground pep­per
Onto a hit grill… Turn for grill marks
Wait a bit flip.. Sear more marks… Wait a bit
Pull off.. .Eat & enjoy the best steak ever
I think that these are extreme­ly ten­der…
Only wish I could find some late­ly.. I have none left.… Sigh 


Look for when Chuck Roasts are on sale. This is usu­al­ly when you will find them eas­i­er.


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