The end of May, beginning of June has been nothing short of spectacular. We did the Woody and Rizzuto Show on Friday before Memorial Day, on Sunday we roasted a whole pig, on Monday we appeared on Great Day St. Louis, on Tuesday we celebrated my youngest son’s third birthday, on Wednesday my youngest became the second youngest as my third son, Knox, was born, and on Friday we landed on the cover of Feast:

June 2013 Cover

I am honored and absolutely humbled that anyone comes to this site. It’s beyond me that people pay me to write for a publication as fantastic as Feast. And then to be on the cover? They say it’s better to be lucky than good, well, I’m one lucky S.O.B.!  I can’t believe that people look at me as a writer now and not just some schmuck with a grill, camera and a glorified blog. I also wrote the dessert review for the Last Bite segment on the back page.

And on top of that, something I cooked is on the cover. I grilled those pork steaks according to the direction I give in the article. This isn’t fake cooking/grilling for a photo shoot that nobody will eat. We ate a few of those pork steaks right after we got that shot, although they had to be reheated as it took a good 2 hours for Jennifer Silverberg to get that amazing shot. If you need some incredible shots done, she’s one of the very best in this city. You can see her portfolio here. She is part photographer and part magician. Think I’m crazy calling her a wizard? Here is a shot dad took of the same stack of pork steaks:


I took this shot and I couldn’t even keep it in focus!


I have a bit of an excuse for my poor shot. I may have had a beverage or two:



Here’s another shot Dad took with the little chalk board in there:


Now do you get it? She’s a flat out magician with the camera!

Thanks, Jennifer, for taking such amazing shots and to Lisa for the layout that perfectly spells out how I saw the good in the bad methods of grilling a pork steak and incorporated them into the perfected recipe. It was as if Lisa was in my head when she did that layout except I could not have articulated the way I wanted to lay it out as well as she did it.

And of course to Cat Neville. The Dos Equis guy is the Most Interesting Man in the World. Well, the most interesting woman is Cat. I’m so appreciative that she allows me to grace her magazine.

I don’t want to forget Jonathan Gayman who brought that Napoleon to life on the back page for the Last Bite piece. You can see his incredible photography skills here.

It’s better to be lucky than good and I am living proof!

Please go out and gobble up those Feast Magazines!

Speaking of my newest son. He was totally enamored with his daddy writing an article that appeared on the cover of a magazine, even at 2 days old. He’s very perceptive already!


Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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I guarantee you that kid is dreaming about pork steaks and beer. A chip off the old block!


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