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I’m a sucker for sauces, rubs, marinades and infused oils. In terms of the latter, the oils are usually infused with something like pumpkin seed, lemon extract or tangerine. There are very few manly oils that stand up to the grill. That is until now:

Hickory Smoked Oil - 2

Grapeseed oil on a steak by itself is outstanding. Grapeseed oil infused with hickory smoke is out of this world fantastic.

Some of you are wondering where I came across such a thing because if you’re like me, you’ve never heard of it either. I was approached by Julia Dotson from Wildtree. She sent me the oil as well as a marinade that I have yet to try, but hope so soon. Julia sells the oil (and marinade, and lots of other goodies) on her website and she teaches some rather unique cooking workshops. I’ll let Julia explain it in her own words:

“I offer in-home tastings where people can get together with their friends and sample appetizers, entrees and desserts. I also lead freezer bag workshops. Friends get together for a fun and productive 90 minutes! Everyone pre-orders their Wildtree bundle and brings 10 ziploc bags with their protein inside. A couple recipes may call for a veggie or two! Along with the groceries the Wildtree Rep provides, each person will prep 10 dinners to take home and freeze. On busy nights, dinner is ready to go! You will also leave with plenty of leftover Wildtree product and more recipes to put it all to use. Labels are included with warming instructions. Nothing beats the peace of mind knowing that you have 10 healthy, delicious dinners ready to go! Hosts grocery shop for FREE.”

One of her workshops is right up my alley. It’s called, “Get Your Grill On.”

If you are interested in trying grapeseed oil on its own, they carry it along with some roasted garlic grapeseed oil which will be part of my next order:

Also, if you like Julia’s facebook page, she offers lots of discounts on the Wildtree products.

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