That’s Scott, Heidi, Greg, Tom, and Randy our cameraman.

2012 was a huge year for the Grillin’ Fools. We expanded our sphere well beyond this meager website. We did a little freelancing, wrote for Char-Broil, did a panel on BBQ at the Ultimate Guy’s Weekend expo, did a post for the Missouri Beef Council, did a little radio, did a lot of television, grilled not one pig but two, even got all academic and taught some grilling classes and generally had a great time.

We appeared in two different magazines in June 2012 (St. Louis Magazine and Feast):

Loved everything about being in St. Louis magazine all except one little thing. My image appeared twice in the magazine. Here was the first one:

That’s not bad. Not my best picture, but let’s face it, the photographer didn’t have much to work with. But my image also appeared in the magazine a little later:

What happened to my neck? I didn’t realize I played middle linebacker for the Rams!

If that was my only complaint about working with St. Louis Magazine, then I had a good time. It was a lot of fun and can’t wait to write for them again.

The second magazine I appeared in happens to have the article I wrote featured on the cover. I actually wrote two feature articles for that edition of Feast. You can read the cover article here:

Steak Article

The other article I wrote about charcoal vs. gas grills can be found here:

In that second article, we did a cookoff for some judges between charcoal and gas. We cooked for Mike Emerson, aka Pappy from Pappy’s Smokehouse. Matt Borchart of L’Ecole Academy and Andrew Veety, a writer for Feast and St. Louis Magazine and a blogger himself. Yeah, we cooked ribs for Pappy! No pressure!

I can’t tell you how cool it is to see what I wrote in print like that. I’m honored to to see those amazing pictures paired with something I jotted down on my laptop about something I do about every week on my back deck and just happen to document thoroughly with my DSLR. It’s incredibly humbling and mind blowing at the same time.

Throughout the summer we shared our grilling knowledge with those that came out for our BBQ classes at Arnold Stove and Fireplace:

You didn’t think the Grillin’ Fools bullrush on the media stopped with print, did you? George Mahe, from St. Louis Magazine, suggested I contact the local television and radio stations which I did.

We appeared on the radio a couple times including FoodTalkSTL with David Craig. David was kind enough to judge our BBQ contest which raised a ton of money for a worthy cause (Wounded Warrior), which is the most important thing we did as bloggers and the most important thing we can do as human beings:

You can see previous Grillin’ Fools backyard BBQ bashes here including a ton of pictures.

Oh, and you might have caught us a time or two on the tube. Not the youtube (although you can do that now too) as we did a few TV spots. Prior to 2012, we had been on TV exactly once (thanks Cat!), but last year we were able to appear on the local stations a total of 23 times. Yeah, obviously there were at least 23 slow news days to put three guys with faces for radio on TV. You can find all of our TV and radio spots on Youtube. I’m going to post a few of the better ones here.

Keep in mind, TV is hard. For the most part our spots were shot live or as live. That means one take. And considering how expensive some of the ingredients are, and the fact that we have to show the prep and have a finished product, even if we could do a second or third take, we wouldn’t have multiple sets of ingredients so not only does the recipe have to be cooked to perfection, we have to explain it in 3-4 minutes and try not to forget anything, all the while doing the one thing that one must do when cooking on TV: keep moving. I was told countless times when doing these spots: don’t stop moving. Stir, season, sauce, flip whatever. Just keep moving. Anytime you watch a cooking show from now on you will see this.

And when doing live TV, you never know what might happen like in this clip in which myself and Zach Moss from Arnold Stove and Fireplace walked through the Fox 2 News Set:

Angela Hutti handled that like a champ, didn’t she? A true professional. The last time we did a spot for that channel, the green screen was in another place. So we strolled through to use the restroom before our spot and passed in between a graphic of hurricane coverage and a live camera. Nice, huh?

Or in this clip from Show Me St. Louis when dad dropped a plate just out of the camera’s view at the 1:54 mark:

Julie Tristen did a fantastic job reacting to that one. OPAH!

Our very first spot for the Rams Tailgating show on Channel 5 was rough. We were battling to get not only one spot done, but three more, all the while a wicked thunderstorm was bearing down on us. The first one was hilarious as Heidi Glaus put a sizzling bacon wrapped date in her mouth straight from a blazing grill at the 4:10 mark and Tom belly laughing at her:

And the funniest part happened right after that spot when both Heidi and Tom touched their eyes after handling those jalapenos. Tom specifically said not to touch your eyes and both of them did it. BTW, that was the first time Tom was the only one on camera. Up until then I’d done all of them, with Tom and Dad helping on the side. Tom found out how hard it was to do one of these and handled it really well. He did a fantastic job.

Here was dad’s first time featured in a spot doing some pretty kick ass lamb racks:

Loved the, “Shot of flavor,” comment.

This one wasn’t all that pleasant in that we were outside the KMOV studios with Matt Chambers right in the middle of that string of 95+ degree days that seemed to last for a month. That day the temperature got up to 106! Despite the powder I put on my head, I was one shiny domed dude:

And while we were shooting spots for a Rams tailgate show, my heart was with my Irish all season. I filmed more than one spot in my Notre Dame jersey or sideline pullover like I did here with these blowtorch ribs:

Tom and dad always wore their Rams garb. Tom even went so far as to incorporate the holiday season in this clip that aired December 23rd where he made New Orleans Style Shrimp in his Rams Santa Hat and even sang a little. I’ve known Tom all of my life, and I can’t say I’ve ever heard him sing. He sings at the very beginning:

I want to thank Jordan for approaching us to do this for the entire football season. If you’re game next year, we’ll have more crazy recipes for you and promise to work a blowtorch in again! Oh, and I’ll even wear more of my Rams gear as they are due for a fantastic season! If they make the playoffs, do we need to do a few more spots? I sure as heck hope so!

But my favorite spot from the entire year had very little grilling in it. It was about my son, Finnegan. Thanks Heidi for this. It was the highlight of the Grillin’ Fools year:

2013 has started off well. I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal and then we got nominated by the RFT as one of the best food blogs in St. Louis. I don’t know how it would be possible to top 2012, but 2013 has started off so well that it just might be possible…


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