About a year ago I took a position that was close to my home in South St. Louis County and no longer had the trek to Creve Coeur west of the city. I don’t miss that mind numbing commute, but I do miss the culinary and libation variety that is utterly lacking where I live and now work. Other than Roberto’s there’s not much in terms of fine dining here in SoCo. And if I want a wine selection beyond what my local grocery store stocks, I had to drive 20 miles. But then I stumbled upon the Bottle Cellars at 6039 Telegraph road while filling a prescription at the Walgreens next door:

I went in a couple days before Thanksgiving and was assisted by Patrick whom I asked for a good recommendation for the upcoming holiday. I mentioned to him that part of our tradition as a family that day is to drink some fantastic wine. I expected him to take me over to the Pinot’s and show me something in the $50 range, which is not out of the question in terms of budget for a bottle of wine for Thanksgiving for me. The rest of the year, I rarely spend more than $15 on a bottle, but I splurge for Thanksgiving. The first bottle he showed me wasn’t $50. It wasn’t $40. It wasn’t even $20. It was $10. He didn’t know that I had this website, and that fire is sort of essential to what we do and thus we appreciate it very much:

How perfect is that? The Garnacha de Fuego is now the official wine of GrillinFools.com. How could it not be? It’s fantastic, has flames all over the label and is very affordable. It’s a very robust wine that stands up well to a lot of what we make on this site.

One of the other bottles I bought that day was this one that I also highly recommend:

All told, I bought three bottles that day and spent less than $40 and every one of them was fantastic.

I liked the Fuego so much that I went back to Bottle Cellars and bought all they had left. Don’t worry, they have more coming soon. And even when it’s gone, they have a fantastic variety of wines and the staff that can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

I really appreciated the fact that Patrick didn’t try to gouge me for a big event like Thanksgiving as some other wine stores might do. I was willing to spend as much as I did that day for one bottle and wound up with three, and since I’m rehabbing my house, I need as much bang for my buck as possible. And the fact that each bottle was amazing tells me that their wine knowledge was outstanding. I gave them a little about what I like and they nailed my taste to a tee in about ten seconds.

And they do more than just sell wine, they have craft beers and a nice selections of whiskey’s and scotches.

They also do wine tastings. For those new to wine, I can’t recommend a tasting enough. It gives you the opportunity to sample a wide variety of wines to find out what you like rather than having to find out a bottle at a time what you do and don’t like. It’s also a great way to gain some knowledge. If there’s something in a particular wine that tastes really good to you and you can’t quite put your finger on it, the staff at the tastings can help you pinpoint exactly what that is so when you go to dinner or other wine stores, you know how to tell the waiter or the sales associate what appeals to your particular palette. You can check the wine tasting schedule on their website (where I stole those last two pictures from because they are outstanding) or on their Facebook page.

I’ll be making a trip there shortly to pick up my New Years Eve beverage. Something white to go with the crab legs and something bubbly for the midnight toast.

You can find Bottle Cellars next to Walgreens at:

6039 Telegraph Road
Oakville, MO 63129

They are open 10:00 am – 7:00 pm Mon-Thur and 10:00 am to 8:00 pm Fri-Sat. Closed Sundays.

By the way, Bottle Cellars in no way paid for me to write this. I had a great experience there which was followed up by two more excellent visits and thought I would share that with you.


Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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