The Hardware

Now to get to the hardware and the winners of the coveted trophies from Ken Lowe over at St. Louis Trophy and Engraving near Olive and 170.

Special thanks to Shelly from Rolling Divas and the Havana Cigar Room for presenting the awards.

4th place for chicken goes to Bill Grenko:

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels lock in a 4th place for Chicken

3rd place for chicken goes to siblings Dan Devereaux and Erin Devereaux Rickman:

Infamous BBQ taking an award two years in a row now!

2nd place for chicken goes to Joe Palazzola:

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Rub get’s a Hunka Hunka big trophy

1st place for chicken goes to Dave Hoffman:

Southside Grillers can grill on the east side, west side and north side.

4th place for the mystery ingredient of tri-tip goes to Brannon Sebastion:

Last Minute BBQ also taking some hardware home two years in a row

3rd place for tri-tip to Erin and Dan:

Infamous BBQ making quite a name for themselves. Some might call them Infamous!?

2nd place for tri-tip is Bill Grenko for his second trophy of the day:

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels may have only had one barrel at the event, but they have two trophies

1st place for tri-tip goes to three guys who’d never grilled one before – Smoke N’ Sirens:

Quick, somebody call a cop. These three Grillin’ Fools are about to steal a trophy from 24 other teams!
Smoke N’ Sirens with their hardware

4th place in ribs goes to Bill Grenko for his third trophy of the day, placing in every single category:

Bill thinks killing two birds with one stone is for wussies. He killed three categories with just one grill!

3rd place for ribs goes to the Smoke N’ Sirens crew again:

Smoke N’ Sirens doing it again

2nd place for ribs goes to Pig Bandits:

Pig Bandits placing in the appropriate category

1st place in ribs goes to the winner of Best in Smoke last year, Alan Bowman:

Canadian Bakin’ winning again
One proud little boy

And finally best overall which is the combination scores from the all three categories.

3rd place overall goes to Smoke N’ Sirens:

Smokin’ the competition!

2nd place, reserve grand champion and reserve Best in Smoke goes to Infamous BBQ:

Does Erin looked excited?
Infamous BBQ with a 2nd place overall

And the final trophy, which is nearly as tall as the woman awarding them to our winners:

The coveted Best in Smoke trophy
It gets even taller when raised like this

Grand Champion and Best in Smoke is Bill Grenko:

Lock Stock came loaded for bear and took home four awards including the big one, congrats to Bill

These three Grillin’ Fools give out heartfelt thanks to all involved for our best Backyard BBQ bash ever:

We may be fools, but we aren’t idiots. That’s a very fine line to walk

You can see a recap of the day in a pictography here.

Now time for some fun and a little more singing:

Where’s the beer table?
Brennan up for one more round on the mike

And here are the links to the PDF’s that have the final results for every team in every category. If you want, you can email me by clicking on this link and I can give you a copy of the entire spreadsheet that has all the scores of every judge.

Chicken Results PDF

Tri-Tip Results PDF

Ribs Results PDF

Best in Smoke PDF

Thanks again to everyone for such an amazing turn out and event. And thank the big man upstairs for the great weather!


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Scott Thomas

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