Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 16

This may be one of the easiest recipes we’ve ever done here, but with many things, simple can be outstanding and this is both.

Prosciutto, Parmesan Wrapped Dates Ingredients:

12 dried dates
12 slices of prosciutto
12 slices of parmesan
12 toothpicks

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 1

Now, obviously, I am only doing 6 in this write up, but you get the idea.  For every date you use, you need one slice of prosciutto, one slice of parmesan and one toothpick.

First thing that needs to be done is to prep the dates.  These dates are not pitted so you need to take the pit out by slicing a slit in the side and popping the little nut like pit out:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 2A

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 3

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 4

And you need to take this little thing off the end if it’s there.  Not all the of the dates have it. All I did was peal it off with my finger:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 5

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 6

Place the pitless date on top of a slice of parmesan and fold the prosciutto in half:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 7

Then place the parmesan and date on the folded prosciutto and roll it up:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 8

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 9

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 10

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 11

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 12

Now time to go in the smoker with some oak wood:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 13

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 14

The temperature was set to 250, but there was no way that was accurate:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 15

The problem was either there was a bad thermostat or this electric smoker wasn’t getting enough power.  Either way, it took almost three hours for these to cook.  I am not recommending you smoke these for 3 hours at 250. I have no idea how hot the smoker was or how long to smoke them for in degrees or minutes.  So how will you know when they are done?  Smoke them until the prosciutto looks like this, because these were delicious:

Prosciutto, Parmesian Wrapped Dates - 16

These were a fantastic combination of sweet and savory and a little crunch.  The dates were sweet, the prosciutto and cheese savory, with a nice smokiness on top of all that.  The prosciutto was a little crunchy around the edges too which added to the mouth feel. This just might be the appetizer that sets your Super Bowl Party above the rest.

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Prosciutto, Parmesan Wrapped Dates
Recipe type: Appetizer
Cuisine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 12
Salty prosciutto, gooey parmesan and sweet dates all wrapped up in smoky deliciousness
  • 12 dried dates
  • 12 slices of prosciutto
  • 12 slices of parmesan
  • 12 toothpicks
  1. Remove the pits and the nub on the end if there are any
  2. Place each date on a slice of permesan
  3. Wrap the date and cheese in a folder over slice of prosciutto
  4. Skewer with a toothpick
  5. Set the grill for two zone/indirect grilling with coals and smoke wood on one side and nothing on the other
  6. Smoke for 250 until the prosciutto is browned and the cheese is melted
  7. Remove from the heat and serve

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