Meat Lollipops - 34

Pin­wheels have received a bit of focus recent­ly on our web­site so I thought about how to kick it up anoth­er notch.  How about 3-meat pin­wheel meat lol­lipops on skew­ers?   I spoke to Scott about the idea and I think he thought I was slight­ly off kil­ter for sug­gest­ing it.  Quite pos­si­bly, I am. And those of you doing the paleo thing, oth­er­wise known as the cave­man diet, well it doesn’t get any more cave­man than this — meat on a stick cooked over fire! Paleo indeed!

***Editor’s Note ~ Stay tuned at the bot­tom for a bonus cook­out of the­se meat lol­lipops we did the week after we made them the first time***

Here’s a pho­to of me stum­bling into the kitchen after a shop­ping trip to the meat mar­ket.  That always seems to bring a smile to my face.  I’m like a kid on Christ­mas:

Meat Lollipops - 1

Meat Lol­lipops Ingre­di­ents:

2 thin bone­less rib eye steaks (1/3 to 1/2 inch thick)
½ lb ground sausage
2–4 slices smoked ham

I picked up sev­er­al steaks as I planned to do addi­tion­al lol­lipops lat­er.  The meat cut­ter had thin-sliced steaks ready and wait­ing at their ser­vice coun­ter:

Meat Lollipops - 2

The steaks are placed on a cut­ting board and cov­ered with plas­tic wrap while I wreak hav­oc on them with a ten­der­iz­er:

Meat Lollipops - 3

This is not to ten­der­ize.  This will flat­ten the steaks yield­ing a larg­er sur­face area and make it eas­ier to roll.   Remem­ber, we’re doing lay­ers here.

Notice how the flat­tened steak has spread out com­pared to the non-flat­tened part­ner:

Meat Lollipops - 4

From a dif­fer­ent angle you can see how much thin­ner the flat­tened steak is:

Meat Lollipops - 5

Snug­gled side-by-side:

Meat Lollipops - 6

Notice the place­ment of thin­ner end to wider end and vice ver­sa to give a more uni­form out­er lay­er.  Be sure the steaks are tight again­st each oth­er, a slight over­lap might not be a bad idea. Here are both steaks flat­tened:

Meat Lollipops - 7

A half pound or so of ground sausage will be lay­ered on top of the steak:

Meat Lollipops - 9

Sausage was approx­i­mate­ly a quar­ter inch thick, but you could eas­i­ly go a bit thin­ner:

Meat Lollipops - 10

Meat Lollipops - 12

Great off-the-bone ham. We did a bit of snack­ing on this stuff while doing our prep:

Meat Lollipops - 13

I’m only using 2 slices for this effort but would increase anoth­er lay­er or 2 next time around.  Hey!  This is the first time attempt­ing this which is a learn­ing expe­ri­ence, much the same as it would be for you:

Meat Lollipops - 14

***Editor’s Note ~ In the bonus cook­out below, we less­ened the sausage and increased the ham to four slices. Being a week apart between tast­ings, nei­ther dad nor I could deter­mine which was bet­ter. Both were real­ly good, so feel free to use your own dis­cre­tion here***

Now the tricky part… rolling this baby up into a log.  Be sure to keep it as tight as pos­si­ble:

Meat Lollipops - 15

Meat Lollipops - 16

Meat Lollipops - 18

Meat Lollipops - 19

Meat Lollipops - 20

I made it!  How­ev­er, I didn’t quite cov­er all the sausage:

Meat Lollipops - 21

Could I have flat­tened the steak more to cov­er?  Pos­si­bly, but the steak can tear eas­i­ly and fall apart if pound­ed too thin.  I could’ve stopped short­ly before the end of the roll with the lay­er of sausage to insure bet­ter cov­er­age by the steak lay­er when rolled.

Cov­er the soon to be meat lol­lipops with plas­tic wrap and place in the freez­er for an hour.  The roll will stiff­en, but not freeze, which will keep all the lay­ers togeth­er after it’s sliced:

Meat Lollipops - 22

Meat Lollipops - 23

Freez­er time is up and it’s on to the lol­lipop part.  I used 6” wood­en skew­ers that had soaked in water for a cou­ple hours to pre­vent burn­ing.  Longer skew­ers could eas­i­ly be sub­sti­tut­ed or even met­al skew­ers:

Meat Lollipops - 24

Here’s my poor over­lap again but also notice the seam made by the rib eye.  This is where you’ll want to place the skew­ers so the meat lol­lipops hold togeth­er:

Meat Lollipops - 25

Skew­ers are insert­ed every inch or so right along the seam:

Meat Lollipops - 26

All skew­ers insert­ed.  Looks kind of sil­ly doesn’t it?  Like bar­be­que acupunc­ture?

Meat Lollipops - 27

Sim­ply and care­ful­ly slice between the skew­ers to cre­ate the meat lol­lipops.  Use a gen­tle saw­ing effort as opposed to cut­ting straight down:

Meat Lollipops - 28

Vio­la!  Raw meat lol­lipop!

Meat Lollipops - 29

The grill is set up with coals to one side and noth­ing on the oth­er.  The lol­lipops were placed right over a hot fire with the skew­ers over the side with­out the heat so they would not ignite:

Meat Lollipops - 31

***Editor’s note ~ If your grill doesn’t have much space for two zone grilling like this, place a fold­ed sheet of alu­minum foil over half the grill to deflect the heat away from the wood­en skew­ers***

Here’s the first meat lol­lipop flipped… look­ing good!  Typ­i­cal­ly, 4–5 min­utes per side over high heat will do the trick but it could vary by grill, size of meat lol­lipop and weath­er:

Meat Lollipops - 32

I’d say Scott, who assist­ed, had a very good bed of coals. Don’t walk away from the­se once they hit the fire. The sausage will send a great deal of fat into the fire and can cause flare ups:

Meat Lollipops - 33

Meat Lollipops - 34

Looks close to being done.  Notice the 3 on the cut­ting board in the back­ground?  They came from the end that wasn’t sealed very well and we decid­ed not to include them in the pho­tos.  We thought they might fall apart so they were set aside.  Lat­er I put them on the grill for my wife who had just returned home from work and the end result came out as great as the oth­ers.  They didn’t look as pret­ty going on the grill but they were great com­ing off in both appear­ance and taste.

Each meat lol­lipop is moved away from direct heat to bake a bit, while we poured the dip­ping sauces:

Meat Lollipops - 35

The lol­lipops are plat­ed with sauces for dip­ping:

Meat Lollipops - 36

The bar­be­que sauce could also be glazed on the pops on the grill.  The meat lol­lipops were great but we agreed they ben­e­fit­ed from sauce.  No rubs or sea­son­ings were applied to any meats for this effort.  Exper­i­men­ta­tion will like­ly incor­po­rate a favorite rub, herb, and cheese to add dif­fer­ent char­ac­ter.  Dif­fer­ent sausages such as chori­zo could yield a spicy pop.  There are many com­bi­na­tions pos­si­ble so please send me your ideas or leave a note on our Face­book Fan Page.  This is a fun recipe that adults and kids both will enjoy and we hope you try at your next fam­i­ly bar­be­cue.

If you are doing the paleo diet, you don’t have to do the sauces. BBQ sauce has sug­ar in it, but the mus­tard sauce may be paleo friend­ly. This recipe is also gluten free.

What were the sauces used?  Here they are, Blues Hog Bar­be­cue Sauce and Trader Joe’s Aioli Gar­lic Mus­tard Sauce — both were out­stand­ing with this:

Meat Lollipops - 37

***Time for the bonus cook­out***

All three Grillin’ Fools, Tom, Scott, and yours tru­ly, gath­ered at Tom’s recent­ly for an afternoon/evening of epic grilling.  You can find a pho­to anthol­o­gy of all that we did dur­ing this lengthy and spec­tac­u­lar grill ses­sion on our Face­book page or check back here to see all the recipes as we put them up that include: gum­bo done entire­ly on the grill; pro­sciut­to and parme­san wrapped dates which is already up on the site; an amaz­ing lamb recipe; goose breast and water chest­nuts wrapped in pro­sciut­to; and copi­ous amounts of wine. We also had a cou­ple of hon­ored guests that would get to try the meat lol­lipops.  Ear­lier in this post I men­tioned that bast­ing or glaz­ing the lol­lipops would be a tasty alter­na­tive and this was the per­fect time to try.

I prepped the meat lol­lipops at home and brought along Crawdad’s Clas­sics Hot Sauce and Crawmama’s Dip­ping Sauce for bast­ing sauces:

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 1

We sam­pled the hot sauce last week and thought it to be very, very good.   Some hot sauce is just… well…hot.  This sauce is dif­fer­ent. It has a qual­i­ty through­out that I call, “hot sauce with char­ac­ter.”  We sam­pled the dip­ping sauce last week served with black­ened steak by Chris Avo­lio of Hot Shots fame.  What a tasty com­bi­na­tion that turned out to be so good I decid­ed to try it on the lol­lipops.

Here they are hit­ting the grill, a brand new Char-Broil TRU Infrared Grill:

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 2

What a great addi­tion to our grilling equip­ment fam­i­ly.  Expect to see a pro­duct review forth­com­ing.

***Editor’s Note ~ Since this was the inau­gu­ral cruise of this sweet grill, I thought I would post a cou­ple of the pic­tures of the vir­gin grill from ear­lier in the day***

New Grill - 1

New Grill - 5

New Grill - 2

***Back to your reg­u­lar­ly sched­uled blog­cast of this fine grilling recipe***

Now the lol­lipops are flipped with some seri­ous grill marks appear­ing.

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 3

A cou­ple are bast­ed with hot sauce:

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 4

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 5

The dip­ping sauce is driz­zled on the rest of the lol­lipops:

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 6

Clas­sic plat­ed shot:

Meat Lollipops - Crawdad's - 7

My wife had shopped that day for a vari­ety of plates for us to use in our pre­sen­ta­tions.  Scott was eager to use one of the new dish­es but in his haste he for­got to remove the manufacturer’s stick­er.  So much for pro­fes­sion­al pre­sen­ta­tion.

If you have any ques­tions or com­ments about either of the­se dish­es, feel free to leave them below or shoot me an email.

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Meat Lol­lipops
Recipe type: Appe­tiz­er
Cuisine: BBQ
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6–8
Lay­ers of meat, rolled up, stabbed with skew­ers and sliced into meat lol­lipops
  • 2 thin bone­less rib eye steaks (1/3 to ½ inch thick)
  • ½ lb ground sausage
  • 2–4 slices smoked ham
  1. Lay 2 steaks out on a cut­ting board, side by side, cov­er with plas­tic wrap and flat­ten with a meat ham­mer
  2. Place a .25 inch lay­er of sausage over the steak
  3. Place 2–4 slices of ham over the sausage
  4. Roll the meat up into a loaf and wrap in plas­tic wrap
  5. Place the meat log in the freez­er for 30 min­utes to firm the meat up
  6. Pre­pare the grill for high heat grilling
  7. Remove from the freez­er and take the plas­tic wrap off
  8. Slide skew­ers in every inch or so
  9. Slice between the skew­ers to form the lol­lipops
  10. Put each meat lol­lipop over the flames and cook on each side for 4–5 min­utes depend­ing on the heat of the fire, size of the lol­lipops and weath­er
  11. Remove from the heat and plate with your favorite dip­ping sauce (skip the dip­ping sauce to be paleo friend­ly)


Awe­some! The Blues Hog is a must!


I would real­ly like your feed­back and alter­na­tive recipes…please stay in touch. You can also post your com­ments, as well as pho­tos, on our FB Fan­page.

Wow very nice idea you brought to us here !
We are going to try this soon also.
May­be gonna try to do it dif­fer­ent, but will report back to you !


Help­ful hint.Soak skew­ers overnight pri­or to mak­ing the lol­ly­pops this will low­er the risk of the skew­ers catch­ing on fire.


Agreed, they seem to work bet­ter when done overnight, although the pics they have show the skew­ers held up quite well… I must be get­ting that cheap Chi­neese bam­boo :)

The­se look amaz­ing, I am late to the par­ty as I just dis­cov­ered your site tonight while look­ing for a a jerk steak recipe. I have found a num­ber of recipes that I am dying to try already. In fact, I may use this recipe, chang­ing the pork sausage to plain ground pork, and use the steak jerk sauce on it! Great site 



That sounds fan­tas­tic. I nev­er thought of adding jerk to it. And you can use plain ground pork…


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