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The 2nd Annual Backyard Bash is over and done.  All that remains is the memories, a few dozen pictures and the smell of smoke wood.  It was a glorious event.  The weather was perfect, everyone was friendly, and the food was great. Here’s a little recap of the events in chronological order.

The first teams have arrived and it’s not even eight in the morning:

Soon more teams start filling the parking lot, back dropped by the changing leaves:

And while it’s not quite eight, some guys are perfectly willing to crack open a beer and have their picture taken with the Best in Smoke trophy.  These two won the “First Beer in the Morning Trophy”:

The first smoke of the day:

Evidently there’s something to that early bird statement, as this smoke came from Alan Bowman’s grill who won Best in Smoke:

A couple hours later the petting zoo arrived:

Not sure if a bunch of calves, piglets, and lambs were a good idea to bring to a BBQ contest, but the kids liked it.  They also loved this guy, the balloon artist:

At eleven,Woody and Rizzuto from the Point showed up:

When they got there, the place really started rockin’ with a steady stream of people all day:

That was on the lower lot, there was also the field in front of the stage:

These folks were listening to Stray Bullet:

And with the crowd came some familiar faces: the Aguirre family.  That’s a good looking group. Arthur is a frequent contributor to GrillinFools.com, competed in the comp last year and started his own outstanding blog, MajorLeagueGrilling.com, and he’s sporting the T-shirt from the comp last year:

My childhood friend, Tim Devereaux, chatting with Dad who insists on sporting the ear piece no matter how much I give him grief about it:

As well as two former coworkers and friends of mine, Jason and Stephanie Diestelkamp and their two beautiful girls:

I mentioned the lower lot earlier, here’s what was going on at the upper lot:

What would you expect when holding the event at Big St. Charles Motor Sports? That was just some of the bikes outside.  Check out inside:

And they aren’t just a Harley Davidson store. They are one of the few places where you check out the Harley’s and Hondas and Suzukis, etc at the same place:

I don’t want to forget our other sponsor: Hot Shots and those lovely Hot Shots girls:

We also had some nice prizes donated by Andria’s Steak Sauce, L’Ecole Culinaire Academy, and Kenrick’s Meat Market who were kind enough to help us out with our raffle:

Don’t forget Ken Lowe at St. Louis Trophy and Engraving for giving us a discount on these awesome trophies:

But let’s get back to the grilling:

Kevin Henderson is getting his grill started with a flame thrower:

Gotta love the banner:

Wire Nutz BBQ prepping their app:

Blow Your Pit:

Jeff Ripplemeyer from Ripple-Que talking with Arthur:

Todd Pittman of the Smokin’ FyrPit team:

Dan Devereaux and Rachel Komeshak from INfamous BBQ:

Aaron Moore passes on the art of garnishing the box to his son, the youngest member of the Big Ole Dang Ole BBQ team:

And let’s not forget the judges:

John Carney takes his judging very seriously:

The aftermath:

Myself, slaving away at entering all the scores into the spreadsheet:

Everyone began breaking down their equipment at this point.  These pictures make me a little sad:

And now on to the trophy presentation:

4th place for apps – INfamous BBQ:

3rd place for apps – Canadian Bakin’:

2nd place for apps – Hot Shot BBQ:

1st place for apps – Last Minute BBQ:

Fourth Place for chicken – Ripple-Que:

3rd place for Chicken – Bad to the Bone:

2nd place for chicken – Smokin’ Piggy:

1st place for chicken – Canadian Bakin’:

4th place for ribs – Canadian Bakin’, these guys look familiar right?

3rd place for ribs – Last Minute BBQ:

2nd place for ribs – Kevin Henderson again and Hole Shot BBQ:

1st place for ribs – Jeff Ripplemeyer and Ripple-Que:

But the best overall for the day, the Best in Smoke, goes to the team from north of the border. BBQ is a passion that knows no country. Canadian Bakin’ took home the big trophy and the prize purse:

All of us would like to thank all of you that helped out with this.  It was greatly appreciated:

All of these pics and quite a few more can be found on our Facebook page.

Last year we gave $500 each to two worthy organizations.  This year, with one less team, but more sponsorship support thanks to Hot Shots and Big St. Charles Motor Sports, we were able to add 50% to that.  Here is the first receipt:

And here is the the Wonderland Camp receipt:

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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