This isn’t grilled cheese on the grill, it’s cheese I grilled.  I’m not sure that makes any sense.  To clar­i­fy, this is not a sand­wich.  This is cheese I placed right over the high heat on my grill and made an amaz­ing appe­tiz­er…

Recent­ly I was at a store/restaurant near my office look­ing for some wine and cheese for din­ner.  I may be the Grillin’ Fool, but I have a sophis­ti­cat­ed side.  After I picked out a nice Caber­net, I walked over to the cheese coun­ter and sam­pled a few vari­eties.  I noticed they had Haloumi cheese which is tout­ed as the cheese that can be grilled and I actu­al­ly did it once, but found it to be not all that good so I nev­er put it on this site.  I men­tioned my expe­ri­ence with Haloumi to the cheese mon­ger and she told me I should try the Brun-Uus­to and quick­ly ran off to heat some up in a skil­let.  I didn’t real­ly want to wait that long and was per­fect­ly con­tent with about four of the cheeses I sam­pled, but she went to all the effort so I stuck around.  I’m so hap­py I did.  It was mag­nif­i­cent: warm, creamy and gar­licky.  And when I got to the check­out with my lit­tle block of cheese and bot­tle of wine, the cute check­er said to me, “Have you had this before?  It’s won­der­ful.”  I told her I just got a sam­ple at the cheese coun­ter.  I nev­er saw some­one move so fast as she rang me out and said, “We have sam­ples?”  She hand­ed me my receipt and was off like a shot to get a bite.

Back to the cheese.  What is Brun-Uus­to cheese? The label says:

Brunkow’s Baked Cheese with Garlic

Juustalepia — in Fin­land and Swe­den, trans­lates to “bread cheese.”

The cheese is baked to form a tasty crust sim­i­lar to toast­ed bread.
The rich but­tery fla­vor is com­ple­ment­ed by the warmth and pun­gent spice of the gar­lic.
Try it served warm as an indi­vid­u­al appe­tiz­er, a top­ping, or stuff­ing.
To Serve: Warm in microwave for 15–20 sec­onds, grill out­doors or heat in a skil­let until crisp.

So, I had to give brun-uus­to a whirl when I saw it could be grilled.  Here it is out of the pack­age and on a cut­ting board:


For my first go round with this, I decid­ed to do half first, so I cut it in half and threw it on the Grill Man­u­fac­tur­er That Shall Not Be Named:


I put it right over the hot part of the grill while two zone grilling/smoking some pork ten­der­loin on the oth­er side.  It was a very cold and blus­tery night and the ket­tle wasn’t keep­ing temps up so I kicked up the char­coal on the hot side right before putting the cheese on.  The heat rose notice­able and after five min­utes it looked like this.  See how it’s melt­ing between the gaps in the grill grate:


And here is the grilled cheese flipped.  See the inden­ta­tions along that side:


So, I left the cheese on the grill, for only a cou­ple more min­utes, but the fire real­ly stoked up and I didn’t have time to take pic­tures as it was melt­ing through the grill grates!  I only had time to pull it before it melt­ed through and plat­ed it.  The brun-uus­to cheese was not all that appe­tiz­ing on the plate with the crack­ers, but it was deli­cious:


I enjoyed it with this Caber­net Sauvi­gnon:


So, I had the oth­er half a few days lat­er at my folks and thought I would show you how good it looks if not put over a blaz­ing hot fire.  Here it is on the Char-Boil 940X:


The temp was pegged at about 250, and the fire was not near­ly as intense, even though I put it right right over the hot coals, next to the meat loaf we did for Feast Mag­a­zine.  There were a cou­ple more inch­es between the coals on the Char-Broil than the ket­tle.  After eight min­utes of indi­rect grilling it starts to melt out the side where I sliced it in half:


I flipped it after eight min­utes:


And then I pulled it after just anoth­er four min­utes of indi­rect grilling and plat­ed it:


This stuff is real­ly fan­tas­tic and is will be a con­ver­sa­tion piece at your next par­ty.  It’s warm, soft and has a nice gar­lic infu­sion that makes it great by itself or smeared on a crack­er or a piece of crusty bread.  Of course, you can do this inside by plac­ing it in a pan with a lit­tle oil as they pre­pared it for me at Pro­vi­sions, but grilling is so much more fun!  I high­ly rec­om­mend this stuff.

Grill grates with a lot of space between the met­al bars aren’t the best with this, and it doesn’t need super high heat as much as it needs to be warmed.

If you have any ques­tions, feel free to leave a com­ment below or shoot me an email.

If you are inter­est­ed in oth­er sides and appe­tiz­ers, click here.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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I thor­ough­ly enjoyed shar­ing the oth­er half you brought over Sun­day. Some may try this sim­ply for the nov­el­ty of the idea but will real­ize it is very tasty. When are you com­ing over again with more?


Just ate some of this myself, and ran to google. It’s amaz­ing.


I pur­chased this cheese at the Cleve­land IX Cen­ter a week or so ago. I kept it frozen and mad some the oth­er night. FANTASTIC. What I’d like to know is where can I pur­chase this cheese. My wife can’t seem to find the busi­ness card that she picked up from the gen­tle­man sell­ing this fan­tas­tic cheese. So can you help by telling us where to pur­chase this won­der­ful cheese pro­duct. Thank you and I’ll wait for your reply. Sin­cere­ly, Ken­neth P. Furia kfuria1​2​5​@​gmail.​com 330–350-1112


I pur­chased some of the piz­za & gar­lic cheese at a fair. We love them! How do we order more?



That I can’t help you with. I’ve only found it local­ly. That being said, Ama­zon does a ton with food the­se days. Start there may­be?


May wan­na men­tion that its not tra­di­tion­al­ly garlic..This was the type you hap­pened to buy. Also, tra­di­tion­al­ly it’s served with jam or dipped in cof­fee or tea. It’s not served with crack­ers, as the trans­la­tion is cheese bread. Just thought that should be cor­rect­ed so peo­ple don’t think its always gar­lic and such.


I work at a local Gro­cery Store in the cheese depart­ment. We car­ry this cheese, and I love it. I espe­cial­ly love the gar­lic fla­vored.



I wish you worked at my local gro­cery store. They do not car­ry it. Very hard to find in St. Louis…


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