I know all of you are awaiting the final results.  This is where I have to man up and admit that I screwed up.  I made a change to the spreadsheet the day of the event and it messed up one of the formulas for the appearance score.  It didn’t impact who won the the hardware, or the top three for Best in Smoke, but it screwed up who was second and third.  Here is the email I sent to each of the teams today that sums up my screw up:

I want to apologize to everyone.  There was a scoring error on the spreadsheet I used to tabulate the scores.  It doesn’t change who won each category or who won Best in Smoke.  It doesn’t even change the top three finishers for Best in Smoke.  But it does impact who came in second and third in each category.  I’m so sorry for this.  I feel horrible.  We had such a great event and then I screwed it up by adjusting the spreadsheet on the fly, and not checking to make sure it didn’t mess up any of the formulas.

The problem came from the appearance score for each category.  The adjusted score was taken from the final raw score I put in rather than the average of all the raw scores for appearance.  Instead of multiplying the average it multiplied by the last raw score, so if that last raw score was particularly high or particularly low, it skewed the weighted score more.  If the final raw score was close to the average then the number stayed pretty close to what it was when properly scored.  Because appearance is weighted the lowest it didn’t skew the numbers too terribly bad, and for that I am very thankful.

Because I know all of you worked very hard, I felt I had to share my screw up with you so you have a true read of the food you prepared on Saturday, as I know all of you want to improve on what you did no matter how you fared because we don’t enter these sorts of events because we’re content with what we do on the grill.  We always want to get better.  I feel bad for those of you that didn’t get your names called as well as those that did but now are knocked back a few notches.  I promise you that I will not make the same mistake again.  I feel so bad about this.  I hope you can forgive me and not think badly of this Grillin Idiot.

…….Scott Thomas

Here are the final results.


Two Pigs and a Rib 24.96
Work of Art BBQ 25.49
Battlestar Grillactica 26.95
Code 3 BBQ 27.21
Big Slick BBQ 27.66
Ficktorious BBQ 28.42
Miss Loretta’s Q Krewe 28.45
Smoke-N-Tha-Garage BBQ 28.52
McLean/Stanton/Fauth 28.74
Smoke N Pigs 29.66
Porky’s Pig 30.11
Swine U 30.30
Two Fat Men and a Grill 30.43
INFamous BBQ 31.31
Pit Crew BBQ 31.40
Wire Nut Smokers
Prairie du Rocher Hawks BBQ
The Man, the Grill, the Magic

Pork Steaks:

Swine U 23.26
Two Pigs and a Rib 25.37
INFamous BBQ 27.34
Miss Loretta’s Q Krewe 27.47
Code 3 BBQ 27.60
Smoke N Pigs 27.79
Smoke-N-Tha-Garage BBQ 28.04
Big Slick BBQ 28.18
Wire Nut Smokers 29.35
Two Fat Men and a Grill 29.36
Pit Crew BBQ 29.53
Porky’s Pig 30.43
Ficktorious BBQ 31.00
McLean/Stanton/Fauth 31.54
Battlestar Grillactica 31.95
Work of Art BBQ
The Man, the Grill, the Magic
Prairie du Rocher Hawks BBQ


Smoke-N-Tha-Garage BBQ 20.56
Swine U 23.60
Wire Nut Smokers 24.17
Two Fat Men and a Grill 25.34
McLean/Stanton/Fauth 25.59
Battlestar Grillactica 25.88
Big Slick BBQ 26.62
Code 3 BBQ 26.76
Ficktorious BBQ 26.97
INFamous BBQ 28.00
Pit Crew BBQ 28.35
Two Pigs and a Rib 29.28
Miss Loretta’s Q Krewe 30.40
Smoke N Pigs 30.87
The Man, the Grill, the Magic 31.02
Work of Art BBQ
Porky’s Pig
Prairie du Rocher Hawks BBQ

Best in Smoke:

Smoke-N-Tha-Garage BBQ 77.11
Swine U 77.16
Two Pigs and a Rib 79.61
Code 3 BBQ 81.57
Big Slick BBQ 82.45
Battlestar Grillactica 84.78
Two Fat Men and a Grill 85.12
Wire Nut Smokers 85.71
McLean/Stanton/Fauth 85.87
Miss Loretta’s Q Krewe 86.32
Ficktorious BBQ 86.38
INFamous BBQ 86.65
Smoke N Pigs 88.32
Pit Crew BBQ 89.27
Work of Art BBQ 91.12
Porky’s Pig
The Man, the Grill, the Magic
Prairie du Rocher Hawks BBQ

I can also send you your individual raw scores if you like.

And as always, you can follow us on the Grillin Fools Facebook page where you can post your own grillin pictures or join the general grillin conversations.  You can also follow us on Twitter.

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

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