Arthur is back for more grillin, chillin and thrillin. This time he’s all about the sausage. Arthur’s the only guy I know that looks forward to a sausage fest after work. But after reading these two recipes, you may be up for one yourself. I’ll hand it over to him for the rest of the write up…

***Editor’s Note ~ Arthur has started his own blog and I’m more than happy to promote his on mine.  His new site is called***

If you’re a typical guy, a sausage fest isn’t something you want to see when you’re out on a Saturday night. However, it has a whole other meaning to a BBQ enthusiast. Sausages are amongst my favorite meats to grill at any time of the year. When it comes to the staple sausage of backyard grilling, bratwurst is king. Fatties are another excellent use of sausage. As for the other types of sausages, I’ll do these recipes with hot links, ground pork and smoked sausage.

This is one of those meals that I thought up only after I got home from work and nothing was defrosted. It was such a nice day out too, I would hate to waste it being indoors and ordering pizza. So, I’m making sausage kabobs. They’re easy and I don’t have to marinate as they are ready to grill. Along with kabobs, I made yellow squash stuffed with sausage.

***Editor’s Note ~ Arthur, your cardiologist called.  I couldn’t tell what he was saying through the sobbing.  You may want to give him a call***

Sausage kabob ingredients:

1 14 Ounce pkg smoked sausage
2 Hot links
1 Green pepper
½ Large white onion
BBQ rub
BBQ sauce

This makes 4 skewers, but you will have left over smoked sausage. Grill them up for some tasty snacking treats. This is how my sons like them.

Don’t mind the extra veggies in the bowl, my wife wanted zucchini with her veggie kabobs. That’s for the next post…yeah right!

Here are the headliners of this grilling session (I forgot to take the ground pork out of the butcher paper):

The first task to do is dice up the peppers and onions into one inch chunks:

Then, slice the sausages into 1 inch cuts:

The hot links are actually not that hot. If you can tolerate mild buffalo wing sauce, you would like hot links. Brats would be a great substitute. You could also venture outside the ordinary with apple brats, chorizo, bockwurst, andouille, knockwurst, kielbasa, weisswurst, etc.

***Editor’s Note ~ You might want to pre cook some of the sausages mentioned above if they are raw.  The recipe calls for already cured or smoked sausages which really only need to be warmed up rather than cooked for hours***

Once that is done, I threaded the peppers, onions and sausage onto the skewers. I do this by alternating the meats and veggies, you know how it goes.

Next, liberally sprinkle your favorite rub on the kabobs. Set them aside for now:

Now for the sausage stuffed squash.


Yellow summer squash
1 Cup ground pork
BBQ rub
BBQ sauce

First cut the stem and base off the squash. Then slice the squash in half lengthwise:

Take a spoon and core out the seeds from the squash. Discard the seeds, stems and bases:

Stuff half of the ground pork into one of the squash boats. Use the rest of the ground pork for the other boat:

Sprinkle the rub on the stuffed squash:

During this process, the kettle was set up for indirect grilling. This means that the hot coals are banked to one side of the grill and the food will be on the opposite side of the heat source:

Now I place all the kabobs and stuffed squash on the grill. I also place the lid on the kettle. The vents on the kettle are wide open and opposite the hot coals:

After about 10-15 minutes I check on the food. When the onions and peppers are starting to look tender, but still firm, it’s time to move them over to the hot side:

Also, at this point the ground pork is not done yet. Keep these on the cool side:

Cook the kabobs directly over the coals until the skewers start to char a little around the edges. Start applying the BBQ sauce to the kabobs with a brush.

After the sauce is applied, put the kabobs back on the cool side and close the lid. The kabobs are done when the veggie’s on the kabobs look tender.  The stuffed squash is done when the ground pork is firm and sits loose in the boat. Brush some BBQ sauce on the stuffed squash.

Give the kabobs another coat of sauce as they come off the grill:

These are waiting on the table as we are setting up to eat on the patio on this lovely late afternoon.

Here is my plate. I got my kabobs, stuffed sausage and a side of Pit Boys potatoes with grilled bacon on top. As if I need more pork to clog my arteries.

I really like the sausage kabobs. I’m going to try different combinations of meats and veggies next time I do them. The sausage stuffed squash was just OK for me. Honestly, I just like the squash grilled straight up, nothing to it. To sum it up, this impromptu outdoor meal was just the thing to help us unwind after work on a beautiful evening.

***Editor’s Note ~ Not every recipe is a home run.  I did sausage stuffed yellow peppers last year.  Added garlic, asiago, shallots, and black pepper to the sausage and put it inside a sweet yellow pepper.  Pretty much the same result.  I loved the pepper, but the sausage was meh***

If you have any questions about Arthur’s sausage fest (or feast), feel free to leave a comment below or shoot me an email and I will get it to Arthur.

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Arthur: Even if the squash didn’t turn out like you hoped. It still looks great. Now I’m hungry.


Arthur: Even if the squash didn’t turn out like you hoped. It still looks great. Now I’m hungry.


Looks great! I have been doing similar kabobs recently but instead of green pepper, I used red and yellow bell peppers and added some small mushrooms on a few of the skewers (mushrooms and red onions are GREAT with the sirloin beef tip kabobs marinated in Andrias!). My 9 yr old daughter gave me the great idea to use Lil’ Smokies one time when we didnt have anything else thawed out and they were a fun and tastey substitute. So now I have a helper when its time to do the skewers.



Give it a try.

@ Eric…

The possibilities are endles. Good call with Andrias on the sirloin beef tips! Can I borrow your helper? Mine aren’t old enough yet.


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