Arthur is at it again.  This time with a bacon explosion stuffed with a bacon wrapped meat loaf.  And he used Andria’s in the recipe, which some of you already know – meat loaf isn’t meat loaf without the Andria’s.  I’ll hand it over to him for the rest of the write up.  Oh, and this recipe is not approved by any cardiologists!?!

***Editor’s Note ~ Arthur has started his own blog and I’m more than happy to promote his on mine.  His new site is called***

My two sons are picky eaters. But they both agree that they love it when Daddy makes meatloaf. It’s a homerun every time. Unfortunately, this is about the only thing my boys like off the grill. I can’t really blame them, this is one of my favorite meals off the grill and this is the only way I make meatloaf. The process is very similar to making a bacon explosion fatty.

I used the meatloaf recipe off a can of Progresso bread crumbs. I’ve made some tweaks to the recipe to make it better. And for the first time, I’ll be using Andria’s steak sauce in this recipe. When I decided on making smoked meatloaf, Andria’s seemed like an obvious choice to add some great flavor.

Maybe I should mention that I bought my own bottle of Andria’s because I’m a fan of the Grillin’ Fools. I didn’t receive anything in return except some great flavor in the meatloaf.

With that said, here is the grilling recipe for my Andria’s style meatloaf:

Bacon Wrapped Meat Loaf Ingredients:

2 lb ground beef
1 cup milk
2 tsp chopped fresh basil
½ tsp sea salt
½ tsp ground mustard
¼ tsp pepper
1 tbsp garlic powder
1 tbsp worcestershire sauce
1 egg
¾ cup of crushed saltine crackers
¼ cup diced onion
½ cup diced green pepper
¼ cup Andria’s steak sauce
14 slices of bacon
BBQ sauce

Here are the diced peppers, onions and chopped basil:

And to make this meatloaf even better…I smoked it wrapped in a bacon weave. You know how it goes, everything is better with bacon.

Now, the first task is to mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl except for the bacon and BBQ sauce.

Place the raw meatloaf in the refrigerator and get out the bacon. The next step is making the bacon weave. If you have never done this before, you will only need these steps to get the idea:

First, lay down 7 strips of bacon vertically, side by side.

Second, fold every other bacon strip in half (it does not matter where you begin).

Third, take the 8th strip of bacon and lay it across the middle, horizontally over the vertical strips of bacon and just below the bacon folded in half. Make sure the horizontal bacon is real close to the folded strips of bacon.


Fourth, unfold the bacon so all vertical strips are in their side by side position.

Fifth, fold the opposite strips of bacon up over the horizontal strip of bacon.

Sixth, place another horizontal strip of bacon and repeat the process until complete.

Now, take the meatloaf and pour it in the center of the bacon weave. Form the “loaf” on top of the bacon.

Carefully roll the bacon weave over the meatloaf.

While the weave did not come apart during this task, it may have been easier if I would have used saran wrap underneath the bacon weave to roll the bacon over the meatloaf.

Make sure the bacon overlaps each other and the ends are rounded off too.

***Editor’s note ~ While that doesn’t look all that cool considering it’s in a bacon weave, realize that the loaf is actually upside down at this point.  The underside of what you see here will be the top of what you cook***

I found that thin slices of bacon work better for this because a thicker cut of bacon would result in a loose weave, which tends to come apart on the grill.

Speaking of the grill, I set up my smoker at 230 degrees with cherry and hickory wood chunks. This recipe also works for indirect grilling too. Another thing, I would usually add rub, but I wanted to try without it first to get a taste for the meat and the effect the Andria’s.

When the grill is up to temp, I gingerly place the loaf on the grill, opposite of the charcoal.

As always, the vents are all the way open on the lid. In addition, the vents are placed directly over the bacon wrapped meat loaf to let the smoke pass over the meat and escape out the vents. I do this because trapped smoke can make meat taste bitter. So now it’s time to cover the lid and check on it in an hour.

After an hour in the smoker, the bacon has turned a light brown and it has taken the shape of the meatloaf.

The bacon weave looks really good right here. I check the water level and add more wood chunks before I put the lid on. I tend to use Scott’s advice to do as much as I can while I have the lid open, so I don’t have open it often and lengthen the cooking process. In another hour the meatloaf will be done.

An hour passes and the internal temp of the meatloaf is 173 degrees. Anything over 170 degrees is well done for beef. However, before I plate it, I fire up my gas grill to high heat. For just a few minutes I grill the meatloaf over the hot grill to crisp up the bacon. Otherwise, it comes out of the smoker soft and slightly chewy. In the last minute on the grill, I brush on some BBQ sauce. Now it’s time to plate it.

Total cook time was about 2-1/2 hours. This turned out to be my best looking bacon wrapped meat loaf. The bacon is done and the BBQ sauce is thick and sticky:

Even with the crappy knives I have, the bacon holds intact with a clean slice. It doesn’t tear or pull the rest of the bacon when I cut into the meatloaf. And look at that smoke ring!

This was some great BBQ and it was every bit as good the next day when I made a meatloaf sandwich. The Andria’s steak sauce definitely added some unique flavors. When making your next meatloaf, try it instead of ketchup or BBQ sauce. You may get the pickiest of eaters to actually like something you grilled.

If you have any questions about the bacon wrapped meat loaf, feel free to leave a comment below, or shoot me an email and I will forward it to Arthur.

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Poor Arthur… Boys don’t like food from the grill??? where are the next generation of guest posting Grillin’ Fools going to come from.

Love the weave look, and a great tutorial!

Well done


Thanks YOTG.

I’m not worried about them just yet, they’re still toddlers. I’m easing them in with hot dogs, burgers, etc. Before for you know it, they’ll be full fledged grillinfools.



How much are you willing to pay? HA!


Made it today, right after reading about it. Other than using Italian bread crumbs sted saltines and adding some Andria’s in the last-minute bbq mop, I did it as described.
My wife asked if I could make it every other day. Win.


This looks AMAZING. It’s too bad you guys don’t sell what you make, I’d be all over something like that :)


I made this last night and it was delicious! My internal temp got to 165 when I pulled it, but the bacon on the bottom of the meatloaf didn’t get done and was mostly raw (meat was well done), the rest of the bacon was perfect! I cooked it on the “Grill manufacturer that shall not be named”. I’m definitely making this again!



After smoking the meatloaf, the trick for bacon is to cook it on high heat and directly over the coals until the bacon is crispy. Move it around often so it doesn’t burn, when it’s done remove off the fire. Then brush on the sauce. This would eliminate the chewy rubber texture of the bacon.

Glad to hear your successful story! This has become one of my favorite meals. A big ol’ slice of meatloaf and a mound of mash potatoes mmmmmm……..


Heard about the site from woody and rizz. Saw this recipe and had to try it. Decided to make two loafs each coming in at just over 2lbs. Followed directions up until the grill I wanted to try just indirect grilling no wood. Used a chimney and started coals until all were white at top of chimney. Poured them around perimeter. I felt chamber temp was not going to get hot enough so I added more coals right in the pit. no chimney just on top of the hot coals. Very very carefully placed the two loafs in the center of grill. closed lid and was hardest hour of grilling ive ever done I wanted to lookkk. Chamber temp got up to about 250-265 used thermometer and cooked another 15. i actually took a chance and flipped them both over to sear the bacon Let that cook another 30Total cook was 1hour 45. internal temo got up to 200 little high I guess. removed from grill covered with foil. The bacon was crispy just right. brushed some sauce and served. Huge hit everyone loved it and wanted the recipe. I sent them to your site for all the info. You guys are a huge inspiration to the average backyard grillin fool I felt like a champ today thanks guys.
Clay S.



Congrats on being the hero! That sounds like a perfectly cooked meatloaf to me. You did everything a pit master is suppose to do…you made adjustments to cook it how you like it. Everybody has different tastes, grills, styles and techniques, pit masters adapt to create some great Q. I appreciate the kind words and we look forward from hearing from you again. GrillinFools nation continues to grow everyday!


Arthur..after seeing this recipe,I’m dying to try it!(meatloaf is a favorite of mine)Is the ground meat you use like an 80/20 or do I need to use something leaner since there’s so much bacon?Thanks for all you share with us!


Sounds like a great meatloaf, I’ll be dping a baon weave covered one this weekend for the first time. My suggestion would be instead of saltines try ritz crackers. I was out of saltines once and used ritz and will never go back. The buttry taste just kicks up the flavor.


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