This interview aired on a radio show in the Houston area called Your Livable Garden on 7/3/2010.  Michael Shawn Kelly and Blinda Ann Kelly, owners of Mirror Lake Designs and winners of five international landscaping awards, host the nation’s longest running landscape architectural radio show which currently airs on KSEV AM 700 on Saturday mornings from 6-8 and Sunday mornings on KPRC 950 from 8-10, both out of Houston.  They discuss all aspects of outdoor design and living including our favorite subject – outdoor cooking.

The grilling discussion doesn’t start until about the 2:13 mark.  Until then you can enjoy some good country music, or you can fast forward to the start of the audio clip with the corresponding pictures.

Link to the Clip with Picture by Picture Instructions of the Processes as I explain them

Keep in mind that when we did the two posts below the notion of “high heat” smoking was something of a fad.  Now it’s much more mainstream albeit a bit misnamed.  High heat means around 275-325.  That’s really more of a medium heat to medium low.

Here is the link to the step by step, pic by pic writeup of the pulled pork discussed in that clip, including video of smacking the meat in the ziplock bag.

Here’s the link to the brisket done in that clip and here’s a clip to another brisket recipe.

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Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas

Scott Thomas, the Original Grillin’ Fool, was sent off to college with a suitcase and a grill where he overcooked, undercooked and burned every piece of meat he could find. After thousands of failures, and quite a few successes, nearly two decades later he started a website to show step by step, picture by picture, foolproof instructions on how to make great things out of doors so that others don’t have to repeat the mistakes he’s made on the grill.
Scott Thomas

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